*POST-OP* 19 Year Old, 5,6", 112 Lbs, Slim, 34 AA to 34 DD with 345cc Natrelle HP Silicone

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I've found this page so helpful in showing me what...

I've found this page so helpful in showing me what to expect after my OP and not totally freaking out when i first see them :)
About me: I am a 19-year old girl from germany so excuse my grammar and spelling.
I weight 112 lbs (51 kg) and am 5,6" (1,70m) tall.
I will be getting 345cc Natrelle Round Silicone Textured Full (High) Profile implants through my breast fold.
For the some of you really reading everything, here's my complete story:
I went through two consultations and went with the second doctor.
The first one just rushed through some types of implants and after two seconds of examining me, he told me that we could even go up tp 600ccs if I wanted to, because I told him I was concerned about the size of the implant because I have little breast tissue. The consultation probably lasted 10 minutes. We didn't even discuss the size or tried sizers or anything, because he told me "we need to do that some weeks before the OP, because otherwise you'll change your mind". What? I will have those implants for at least 10 years so I wont change my mind if I choose the size two months before my OP!
I felt much more comfortable at the second PS' office from the beginning on. He really took his time with me, did some markings, told me how big I could go and gave me sizers to try on. He was shocked when I told him the other doctor told me we could go up to 600 cc, because I have quite little breast tissue and he would never go more then 375.
He gave me lots of information material and I told him that I will come back at him when I know when I'm through with my exams.
I tried 295cc's and 325's and chose the larger ones. After thinking about this long and hard and looking at pics, I was concerned this would be too small for what I wished for (a moderate to full C cup) so I called in for a second consultation and we agreed on 345cc's full profile and then I signed the contract and set up the surgery date: 26th July.
But then, two weeks after that, my boyfriend won a trip to New York to see one of our favorite band in concert - and I'm going with him! I was so exited, but then I noticed that this was only two weeks Post OP, and I really don't want to take such a long trip just so shortly after, besides it will be pretty rough at the concert - it's a rock concert, so I would've bumped in many people and that certainly wouldn't be good for my chest.
So I postponed the OP to the 30th August and I just cannot wait. It's just 4 weeks more but it feels like a eternity. I am so exited and can't wait to finally feel good about my breasts and not always covering my boobs whenever I am naked. Even when I'm changing and my bf isn't even there.

Wish Boobs

More Before Pictures

Contemplating about Implant Size

Like most ladies on here, I am pretty unsure which size I really want to get. My PS said we could go up to 365cc, which i tried on and felt pretty big compared to the 345's.
But as lots of ladies who had a BA said they would have liked to go bigger and I only saw like one or ladies who, in the end, found their implants too big.
I am really afraid they'll be too small and i'll be disappointed, so i kind of want to pick the larger ones, but on the other side, i have a really small frame so I am equally as afraid for them to be too large on me and look hideous.
I attached a pic of a fellow realself member, she got 385cc's full (high) profile natrelle inspiras which I personally think look too large on her, thats what I'm afraid of.
But if my PS says this is the biggest he would go, because everything bigger would look too large, this has to mean the 365cc's would still look good, right?
I also attached to chart where to sizes are listed. Between 345 and 365 there is only a difference of 25 mm in diameter which can't actually be that obvious.
Will probably stick to the 345cc's because I'm too afraid of them being too large for my very small frame :(

Few last Pre-OP photos

Just a few last pics I took pre-OP. I was on vacation and sunburnt myself pretty bad :/

It's done!

I went through with it and everything went pretty smooth. I arrived at 7 am, got dressed in my OP gown and anti-thrombosis stockings and at 8.30 i was brought into the operation room and my PS did his markings on me. I got a sedative and can't remember anything from this point on.
I woke up all strapped down with some pain and lots of pressure and my tubes in.
I stayed overnight and left the morning after to see my PS once again in his office to check up on me and then i could finally go home.
To be honest, I really underestimated the pain. As I read from most ladies that they only felt some discomfort and pressure I was sure I would too. But the pain is quite strong :(
I got pain meds to take three times a day but as I don't really feel a difference after taking them, I stopped taking them. Along with them I also got antibiotics.
I can't really move my arms too much and the compression bra and the strap really kill me :(
They are super tight and hurt and as i can't stretch my back or sleep on my side I have quite strong back pain.. The boobie blues is real :(

Update day 3 post-OP!

Update 5 days post-OP

I feel better now. I love them more and more every day!
I already know it was worth it :)
The pain is more managable in the daytime but still quite strong often times and very strong at night. They still feel very firm and tight.
I am able to do more things on my own, like changing clothes and putting on shirts.

One week Boobieversary!

1 week pics didn't upload

2 weeks post-OP

right incision didn't upload

3 weeks update!

Now at three weeks I've been feeling a lot better :)
I think the boobie greed is (mostly) over and I start to really enjoy them.
I have almost no pain (expect for after getting up in the morning on my incisions) and they are a lot softer and squishier and the skin has stretched, but they still don't really move around too much.
For the first time I can look in the mirror and not see a 10-year old girl, but a beautiful woman!
I am really glad with the outcome so far and that everything went perfectly smooth and that they have been no complications at all (*knocks on wood*) haha.

I'm still wearing the compression bra and strap for another 3 weeks and the strips come off in about one or two weeks. After that I will be wearing ScarAway silicone scar strips I got in NY when I was on vacation there :)

Some before&afters at 3 weeks post

Some bra pics :) - Only two more weeks until real bras!

Update at 5 weeks PO!

Hello ladies! I haven't been around for a while, but here I am, feeling awesome at 5 weeks post OP :)
I very rarely have any pain, the skin isn't oversensitive anymore (like it was the last two weeks or so) but the nipples still feel the same, which means the left is oversensitive and the right one undersensitive, and I have no sensation from my nipples down to my incision.
I started wearing the ScarAway strips and change them weekly.
I also mostly wear sports bras now and sometimes an underwire one, although I am supposed to wear the compression bra and strap for another week, but oh well haha!

Quick update at 2 months post!

Video showing movement progress, as requested :)

Explicit - Click to view

Hello ladies!
I'll make this quick, because I gotta head off to work in 30 minutes :(
So, to answer some of your questions, I haven't gained sensation back since my last post, I attached a pic :)
I have no pain whatsoever, but I don't have cleavage in most clothes, even with push up bras :(
I know it looks different in photos, but not in real life.. I just hope that this is due to me not having loose skin prior to surgery, as I'm still young, and that the skin will loose up a little and create more cleavage.
I'll also attach a video of the movement and squishiness as requested by veryhopeful!

Has it really only been 4 months? (+ some before and afters)

It feels like almost a year has come and gone. Anyway, not much to say besides not much has changed. They do feel a little softer and move a little more than two months ago, but as I said, I expect the skin to stretch and loosen up in at least a few more months to a year.
I massage them every day as often as I can. The numbness hasn't improved, I honestly don't expect the sensation to come back tho. Would be great if it did, but I am quite sure it won't.
Dr. Jiri Blazek

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