25 Years Old, Breast Augmentation, 335cc MF - Berlin, DE

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Hello everyone, I have been thinking about BA for...

Hello everyone,
I have been thinking about BA for couple of years now, and today that there are no more hopes for them to grow :P and I finally have the money and courage to do it, I'm going for it :) , my surgery is in 4 days only and I decided to share my experience here with all of you because this website really helped me a lot with figuring out what I wanted by reading, looking at pictures and comparing.. and most of all also encouraging !

as I said , only 4 days for my surgery and I'm starting to feel really anxious but of-course also very excited! As much as you trust your doctor and sure you want this change for you, you still worry about the results and accepting your new look ...

for some proportions: height-170cm weight- 53 kilos bra size- 34A / 75A ... my wish is to go to C cup , something that would look natural for my body , I have a pretty narrow waist (61cm) , but also pretty curved hips (92cm) .

I don't wanna make this post long, I'll keep updating .... for now I'll just attach some before pictures !

On my way

On my way to surgery with my boyfriend , veeery nervous , and kindda feels unreal, But it's finally here and happening ! ... When I woke up this morning and started getting ready , thought of my boobs now , the one that are part of me since many years and now they are about to change for good, then o realized that I never really hated them entirely , so it felt kindda sad to say bye for that part , but on the other hand , I'm getting the boobs I always wanted today!! Yaaay !

On the other side now !! :)

Hello real-self ,
I got to the clinic where i was having my surgery today at 8:30am , saw the dr. , he did my measurments again b drew on me, comforting me saying I will have great results basically because my original form and shape are good , n said I will have a nice cleavage , the breasts will be close to each other and not too far apart ! All that really encouraged me , also the staff there was Sooo kind, from putting in the needle untill I dosed off they were trying to make me smile n relax ... According to my bf , I was in about 40-45 mins... I woke up , he was by my side , apparently I asked him the same questions 7 times :D , n cried a bit while saying I love him ( i have no memory of that but sometimes after I asked a question I remembered I asked it but didn't really remember his answer) ... Anyway , thankfully all went well , I wasn't in too much pain, was basically discomfort , in the beginning after they moved me to another bed I staryed really shivering , she gave me something within few seconds it was gone ...laid there for few hours .. Few times the nurse would come and try to talk me for a walk , did that twice n felt reaaally dizzy n strong nausea! They would lay me back down, give me some water and cookies , and after somethig
to raise my blood pressure a bit until last try of walking which was much better , no strong nausea and I already looked much less pail .. They let us go .. It was 13:30 by then , went home, ate some pizza n drank a lot , then the discomfort was growing , I couldn't ise my arms as much anymore, couldn't really pull my self up from our low sofa, so my boyfriend helped me to bed , took a pain killer n went to bed ! Until now not much has changed, basically feels like someone is squeezing my chest hard .. All in all , until now , everything is bearable! specially with my boyfriend around! I don't know how I would've managed without him !
Tomorrow my check up is at 10:15am , I guess I'll get the first peak the n! So I'll update u after that ! Ciao !

1 day post OP

Last night was no fun , the pain started growing and I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in, had a sore throat but that was no concern, was horrible! This Morning I woke up with strong pain, and nausea.. I took pain killer n felt better after a while , went to my check up where I thiught the dr. Is gnna take off this thing wrapping my chest so tight ! But unfortunately that's only day 4/5 post OP ... This time he only took out the tubes / .., however they are called, that were in there to take all the blood out... They were put in from a spot between armpits and chest, taking them out didn't feel so much painful rather than disgusting and weird , then he disinfected it with some spray that burned but only for few seconds !
Having those tubes out lessens the pain definitely , but I still can't manage on my own , my arm movement (even when it's only low) still very restricted and I can't lay down my back n get up without my boyfriends help ! If I try on my own it's 10 times worse the pain! Once u take the pain killer, lay down in a comfortable position , n there's isn't something special going on , the uncomfort is bearable ..

Day 4 Post OP

Hi again!
It's my fourth day post op, my second day was tough , first 3 nights were tough , but now things luckily got really easier ! I had a check up today , the doctor took off the wrap around my chest and I finally I could breathe again and have my first peek ! Doctor said everything looks really good for day 4, not much swelling although my left is still more swollen than my right , also still more numb ... I think I like the result , n the size so far , I'm just hoping it starts dropping soon enough so I can really see how they look like !

Got my next check up in 4 days , next Tuesday (my op
Was last Monday) to take the stiches out .

N finally some first peek pics:

Day 6 Post OP

Thats how its looking in day 6! Pain is almost all gone, can finally sleep without waking up every one hour from back pain (also from not being used to sleeping only on my back) for the last couple of nights ! ... Arm movement still restricted ofcourse , can't avoid using these muscles entirely (hurts when sneezing / laughing...) but nothing too bad !
Can't wait for them to drop and fluff and see how they're really going to look like !!

day 11 post OP ! My new bikinis are here

My new bikinis are here ! Was excited to try them out !!
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