27 Years Old, No Kids, 5'3, 54kg, 280CC, from 34AA to Hopefully a 34C. Berlin, DE

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Hello everyone. I got my implants on Monday, 280cc...

Hello everyone. I got my implants on Monday, 280cc anatomicals under the muscle. I was always flat chested and wanted this like 15 years ago already. Finally I did it! But I think I got the boobie blues... I was so happy to get them done like already months ago, RS helped me a lot to and the Vectra 3D showed me a beautiful outcome with these implants and the PS suggested this size as the optimum. My friend also got 280cc and has beautiful boobs, but the PS told her that 245 would be perfect, 280 would be the max! I like the way mine look but kind of regret not going bigger because of the side angle. I don't know if the bigger would have been too wide for my frame, more sideboob probably and not really more projection? I don't know... I'm kind of sad how the look like right now. Will they go down and have more projection when they drop and fluff?
Hope to get lots of feedback here.

2 days post-op

I hope there will be more volume on the side-view once they settle? Sorry for the bad quality & dirty mirror.

Still on painmeds but feeling better

I can even stand up on my own with a little help of my stomach muscles and legs. I am actually starting to love them! They look beautiful even when they're still swollen. Like to have cleavage... The muscle ache is almost gone but still the stitches under the breasts hurt because it feels like the sportsbra is ending exactly where the stitches are.
What bothers me the most is the strange sounds my implants make from time to time. I've read that several women had that on RS, so I guess it's not that strange?


Look at this, I was so symmetric before my surgery and now they look completely uneven! Please tell me, is this normal? Is one dropping faster or will they stay like this? I know it's early to tell but I'm scared that the right one is bigger because I use my right arm more than the other?

Loving the size but please don't shrink!

From time to time I forget that I have boobs now, as they don't look that big in my surgical bra and in clothes... but when I shower, I feel so good because they look just amazing. I really hope that they won't shrink anymore. They're only allowed to get bigger haha! Will have my 10 days post appointment this Friday and can't wait to see my scars the first time. Will ask my surgeon if he thinks that they will shrink a lot? Seems like they got bigger 7 days after surgery compared to the first and second day. Not on painkillers anymore, just feeling very tight.

Nights are the worst....

During the day I am not in need of painkillers but I wake up around 2 or 3 am and have to take some because they feel so heavy when I lay down. Standing up is the worst because I feel so stiff. Will update pics today!

I have cleavage in a simple bikini top

Can't believe this is my body, still not used to it. Do you guys think that they are still very swollen? I hope not because I like this size very much.

Worried about the fake-round look

I had anatomical implants but my boobs look very round and kind of fake? I kind of love the way they look but is it normal that anatomicals look that round in the beginning and start to form a few weeks, months later?

2nd consultation: Received my implant card & still worried about projection

and my steri strips were changed and the PC was very happy with the results. He said they will drop a little more and get softer in a while. I told him I was happy with the result but actually I still think about the projection...
I received my breast inplant card which says that I have anatomicals with moderate profile... Do you know why he chose those and nit full projection? Do they look more natural like this in the end?
Don't know how I feel when I can finally switch in real bras and not having to wear the surgery/sportsbras! Maybe they will appear bigger in the profile when I wear real bras?

The pain is back and started to using band aids to cover my nipples

The last 2 days I did more than the days before because I felt back to normal but that was a big mistake. I tried to drive my car for like 5 minutes and was so sure afterwards, I had to take some painkillers... in the evening I got a little intimate with my boyfriend but was very very careful not to hurt my boobs - but it was another mistake. I felt very sore afterwards and had to take more painkillers. As I have to go back to university tomorrow, I am afraid of carrying my laptop and stuff, even if my PS told me that nothing can happen at this stage, should just do whatever my body tells me is okay. But I feel like this is not okay at all....

Can you tell me, when is it okay to drive a car (not automatic) and carry bags that are not too heavy? What about sex? Thank you so much for your answers!

Hard time with boobie greed

It's horrible. Everyday I am thinking "Why didn't I ask my surgeon to go for the maximum he would go?" I feel like I missed this opportunity on the day of surgery, because I was absolutely sure to ask him on the day of surgery, but in the end I was probably just scared of being to big and overwhelmed with the situation just before the surgery.
He was like: "So I guess the size is clear with 280cc?" and I was like "Yes, as you recommended it as the optimum for my body". I had my pre-appointment like 6 months before my date of surgery and I was sure not to go with 280cc, rather with 210cc or 245cc but now I get very greedy. When I look at myself, I just wonder, how the biggest would have looked like! Maybe like 45cc more...like 325cc but I guess with moderate profile this would end in some sideboob?

Will upload a picture of my whole body in a swimsuit later, so you can see my proportions. Wanted a natural look that suits my proportions perfectly, that was my goal. But I'm still jealous when I see women with bigger boobs because I just wish I looked like this. I read that a lot of women increased in size when their boobs dropped and fluffed, I hope this happens to me so much!

Some bikini pictures, so you can see the proportions

Still angry why I didn't ask for like 45cc more. Do you think they suit me well? Have to work on my legs when I can... when I gain weight, everything goes to my hips and tights. Can't wait to work out again!

Here are some much wished Before-Pictures and the pictures from the Vectra-Simulation with 280cc

So this is where I came from and the suggested "best size" from my PS, which is 280cc under the muscle anatomical silicone. Wow I just realized that it is huge difference when I see my before pictures and my actual result 20 days PO! They look even better than in the Vectra-Simulation, bigger actually! What do you think?

Some lingerie shopping because I just had to!

I am still not allowed to wear other bras besides my post op bra for another 3 weeks but look at those cute bras without any padding and I fill them out!

Tomorrow is my 5 PO week mark!

Can't believe it's already 5 weeks PO tomorrow. I feel so much better, car driving is fine, belt hurts a little but it's bearable. They feel softer on top but still hard on the bottom, but that's where my implants have more volume (anatomical implants).

Yesterday I tried to work out my legs in the gym on the stairmaster but it felt weird because of the going up and down so I used the stairway-machine (don't know the word in English).

Today I tried on a bikini my best friend gave me from Victoria Secret, which is a 34C but it's definitely to small!!! My nipples would jump out as soon as I move haha, so I guess that means I am a 34D at VS, crazy... but I think VS is a little bigger sized as there is no AA? I think I am still a C in European bras. As I got to wear my surgical bra for the next two weeks and then switch to other sports bras for a few weeks I guess. I see that they are still shaping, fluffing and dropping so I don't want them to stop doing that just because I wear a bra with underwire (don't want to spend money on bras I can only use for a few weeks).

I had such a hard time with boob-greed for the first 4 weeks but now I am so happy with my size. They look so good in clothes as I managed to wear some really thin paddings in my surgery bras to cover my nipple area. Not speaking of how good they look in bikinis!

Tanning bed after 6 weeks PO when covering scars?

I feel so pale and I am used to go to the tanning salon once every month... So I am thinking going to the tanning salon next week, which would be 6 weeks PO. Of course I would cover my incisions with bandaids, extra clothing and a bathing suit because I don't want to risk any damage on the scars.

When did you guys go to the tanning salon after your breast augmentation? Should I wait and use a self-tanner?

Child pulled my arm, did I destroy my results?

Yesterday I was with my godchild and suddenly she pulled so hard on my right arm (she is very strong) , it hurt soooo bad in my breast, I was almost crying! It have still some discomfort now. Can something happen at 5.5 weeks PO that would have an effect on my breastshape or results? I am so frustrated....

New bralette

40 days PO

Almost 3 months Post Op

Feeling quite well besides I still can't sleep on my side or on my stomach, feels so uncomfortable!
Will I ever sleep like that again? I don't know...
Bending over is not cool either. Hope this feeling goes away soon.
Took some pics, will have my last appointment with my surgeon in 2 days.
I think my boobs dropped a lot, actually more than I wished for! They look very low if you ask me. But I am very happy with the results. I hope they fluff more in the next weeks. Can't massage them because I have textured implants.

Received my before & after pictures!

Unbelievable where I came from, I am so happy that I did this!

Strange feeling lying on stomach and therefore scared of Chiropractor appointment

I am 4.5 months post op but it is still soooo uncomfortable to lie on my stomach, is this normal? I tried it twice since my BA but hell no, thats not a good feeling at all!
I had to book an appointment with my chiropractor nonetheless.... so I am scared that it hurts me or my implants.
I hope someone can rely and give advice?

Besides this I feel back to normal, although I feel my implants when it's really cold (when I freeze because my muscles shake) or sometimes my bra just doesn't fits me right during the day... but I love them so much!!

6 months post op but still not feeling Underwire-Bras!

I don't have problems laying on my stomach anymore, sleeping on my side is not as comfortable but it is better than a few months ago. I wonder why it is still weird for me to wear underwire bras? They just don't feel good. I bought a Victoria's Secret bra with underwire but it hurts so much after a while because my boobs are close together and the bras wires are a little wider. My boobs get softer and softer, right one is softer than the leftie but getting there. I don't like to sleep without my sports bra, just not feeling safe haha!
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