Sometimes Boobies Need a Little Helping Hand to Grow... 460cc silicone Allergan Berkshire, UK

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I'm 32 with a 12 year old child.. Five foot 8" and...

I'm 32 with a 12 year old child.. Five foot 8" and a size 14-16 . In my twenties i was always a size 34 A and a size 12 till I had my son and my maternity bra measured up to an DD/E!!!! I was very happy (if not also in pain) but I enjoyed them whilst I had them! Of course it didn't last long as I didn't breast feed and soon they shrunk to a AA/A cup :-(

Money has always been the biggest factor for me not going ahead with a BA but this year I decided enough was enough!!

I booked a meeting with a clinic near my home and met with the clinic manager to talk about starting the ball rolling for a BA.

The clinic i found on the internet is with the company 'Transform' and on walking in it felt very professional and clean.. At that moment in time i couldn't believe I was standing in a PS clinic!! What I have been waiting for most my life!!

I discussed financial aspects which I have decide to loan from my bank when I get a final cost and she showed me some before and after photos and I got to play with a Allergan silicone implant..couldn't believe how squishy and robust they are!!!

She booked me for a consultation with a PS this sunday.. I'm too excited!!!!!

Better get some pictures up!!

I'm going to add some wish pics which I will take with me on Sunday when I meet with the PS..
Haha I wonder if it will be like on the show Nip/Tuck and he opens with the line "tell me what you don't like about yourself"...

Is it just me or has anyone else started to browse 'other cosmetic treatments' when they know they are taking the plunge... ????

Real wish pics

Ok here's some pictures of my ideal boobs!
I took some from other members on here ..can't remember everyone's profiles but I did use some from countrylife07...
If you recognise yours please let me know so I can credit you too :-)

Screenshots haha

Just realised those pictures were screen shots from my whole iPad screen the my little pony tabs.. (I collect them) lol!

Counting the days

Only 2 more sleeps till my meeting with my PS..I'm too excited!
I have done so much research on BA's : online and documentaries and also asking friends that have had one their experiences also..
I know i defiantly want it done no doubt about it and I have an idea of what I want the finished outcome to look like I just hope I feel comfortable with the PS and also if he can do it on the dates I'm hoping for ... I'm hoping for beginning of March as this is when I can get 2 weeks off work annual leave (im a nurse) ..its bad enough waiting this long already haha..

I think after this consultation I will wear rice sizers in the same weight implants i choose and get used to them out and about ...

I wil also post some before pictures of myself...

Before pictures

Here are some before shots of what Mother Nature gave me...I like the shape just wish they had been bigger!..36A and not filling the cups.. :-/

Had my consultation

Today I had my consultation with Mr. Lahoud with Transform clinic.
Was so nervous! He called my name and we went in and it was a bit awkward..he didn't really introduce himself or say hello kind of just got straight onto my medical history.
He asked what size I think I am at the moment and what I hope to be and I said I currently wear an A cup with gap in my bras and I would like to be a D cup.
He examined me and said that I could carry a D cup so I was happy about that.
He showed me the implant and he said he would advise high profile allergen standard implants and a size 460g (I'm not sure if that's the same as a 460cc) as I think cc is an American measurement. if anyone knows this please let me know.

He said it would be an hour surgery and I would have dissolvable stitches in .
He said if I'm local to the hospital then I would be a day case. The hospital is the Riverside hospital in London.
The consultation with him was only about 15 mins long which I found a little off putting but then you go in and see the clinic manager who talk about stuff in greater detail.
She asked me how it went and I said 'very whirlwind' and that I'm a bit in shock and she said a few surgeons are like that. I suppose they look at the facts and numbers! I work with consultants everyday so I am pretty much used to that.

We discussed financial aspects and the surgery is around £3800 and that because I am going to pay in full she can get me a £200 discount.

When I got home I applied online with bank and got a loan approved and now have the money for my surgery available!..which means I can pay my £200 deposit tomorrow and secure a bed at the hospital and secure my date I wanted..5th of March!...
This feels like it's all happening so fast but on the other hand waiting the whole of February is gonna kill me haha...

Next step is pre-op medical check with the nurse. And as I'm a nurse I will have to have an MRSA screen done too..(doesn't surprise me) ..hope everything is ok with that!

Place secured!

Just called the clinic and paid my £200 deposit and I have secured the 5th of March!!! Aaaah..everything is falling into place nicely..i really hope I'm not going to regret anything and I pray that everything will go smoothly..
I keep thinking about big boobs.. I'm worried that they may end up smaller than I hoped? What if they arnt a D cup? I would rather they were bigger than smaller!!

Big changes

I woke up today feeling unsettled. I have been thinking a lot since my consultation with Mr. Lahoud and on reflection I don't think he is the right surgeon for me.
I did not like the consultation, I felt rushed and it didn't feel personal at all. This is a mega big deal to me and I need someone operating me to at least make me feel they are interested in what they are doing.
I rang the clinic manager and explained that I would like to see another surgeon.
She understood and checked to see who else is available.
I am quite strict with dates so has to be beginning of March as I have already booked the time off work.
She found me another surgeon , Ms. Fiumara. This is the surgeon who she originally had chosen for me but I was impatient and went with another.
Maybe everything happens for a reason?
I'm hoping her consultation will be a bit more in depth and I will get the chance to show some wish pictures and make sure she knows I am looking for a full D or DD cup..
I read some reviews by other women who had BA done by her and most had 300-350cc implants suggested.. I really don't want to go smaller than the first surgeon suggested (460cc).

I actually like the look of more fake boobs than the natural look...does that make me weird?

So as it stands.. I have my moved my date forward by one day (4th march) and provisionally booked my bed with Ms. fiumara (hoping all goes well in the consultation) . I have asked to be a day case so I can come straight home.
My pre-op nurse appointment is 23rd January and my consultation is 13th February :-)

Secretly glad it's a lady surgeon too :-)

Few more pics


Havent updated in a while..been on holiday :-) glad i had something else to think about than boobs hhahha! But im back now so here i am looking at more before and after pics and reading everyones Stories!
I have my pre-op appointment with the nurse tomorrow eeek.. And i have Managed to catch a cold :( oh well better now than Surgery day or after!
I want to ask about wether i get given a support bra or if i go home just Bandaged then i can do a bit of pre -op shopping.
I have seen lots of nice support bras on eBay not sure on what sizes to buy! But I've also seen lots of sexy bras i will be able to finally wear! :-) :-)
I will update after tomorrow appointment xx

Nurse Check

So I had my pre-op nurse check today. Was really good! Took an hour..didn't need bloods taken which was great?
Feeling awful with this bloody cold though argh!
We went through medical history and then gave me generic info on what to expect before and after surgery and follow up calls.
We did some swabs and health checks and she took some body shot photos.
She explained that my new surgeon has her own pre and post op rules so we ran through those..
No garlic for 48 hours, I can drink water till 2 hours before and no eating at 6 hours before (I.ll be asleep anyway)
My surgeon has suggested Arnica tablets 2 weeks before surgery and I'm not allowed to have a shower or bath for 2 weeks! That's gonna kill me haha
She suggested not to have a shallow bath either because of the steam on my dressings..oh well all for the cause!

I asked her about bras etc.. She said I will have dressings on and I have to buy my own support bra. She said it doesn't need to be front fastening but I'm gonna find one as I'm sure a few close friends are going to want a sneak peek hehe
I've been advised to buy one In the size I think I'm going to be and a size bigger and the nurses there will fit me into the best one.
I'm going to upload some pictures of bras I'm looking at. If anyone has any suggestions please comment below.
She said after surgery try and rest as much as possible upright. I have booked 2 weeks off work so Playstation time for me :-)
I have also told my son he is on cup of tea duty for the week
I am also looking at what support pillows may be nice and comfy for me I,ll post pictures of those too...

I paid the full balance of my op today..ouch! Prob more painful than the surgery itself haha

Post op nurse appointment has been made ready for 7 days after to look at my dressings and stitches

March seems so far away!

Bras I'm watching on eBay...

If anyone has a recommendation for a good bra please let me know x

Pillows I'm watching on eBay

Are these useful? One for neck support for pure comfort, one for sitting up in a chair to nap and a long one to spoon in bed when I can lie on my side (or to keep me on my side)

Online shopping :-)

I love an excuse to online shop and what a good one having a BA is! Hehe
So I purchased a couple of pillows..the V shaped neck and back one and the long snuggle one :-)
My partner has bought me a my little pony pillow as a treat haha..I'm gonna take it with me on surgery day for comfort haha..I'm a big kid!

After reading a few reviews on here Coobie bras seem to be popular so I saw they deliver to the UK for about $15 shipping and if you buy 3 or more bras they have a $20 discount! So I purchased 3 . not too sure on sizing so I went for medium ...they look so nice..I'll add some pics of the ones I have chosen

Can finally say 'next month'!

Hey everyone..
Still super excited about the upcoming BA!
I can finally say 'next month' month eeeek! On this date next month I would have had my new boobies in!
My support pillows arrived and I'm already using them haha! So comfy..I would definatly recommend the V shaped support one for sleeping upright.
I'm still waiting for my Coobie bras to be delivered but they are coming from America to uk so gonna take a while.
I've also been accepted for agency work so I can work extra and get the loan for my BA paid of quicker so I'm happy about that.
I have my meeting with my new PS on the 13th February .. Still anxious about sizing but I suppose will have to wait and see what she suggests. My partner is unable to come with me on that day due to work but I'm glad to go on my own because I don't want any influence on sizing's gotta be all about how I feel and what I feel suits me :)
Off to read some of your stories

Feeling happy..

Yesterday I had a surprise consultation with my new PS, Ms Fiumara.
I thought my appointment was 13th few but I must have got the dates mixed up and it was actually yesterday!

Wow the difference a new surgeon can make!
She called me in and actually introduced herself unlike the last surgeon. Shook my hand and was really friendly.
This consultation lasted about 25 -30 mins..she let me show her my wish pictures which I was happy about. She agreed that they are quite large haha!
My main concern was that she would suggest smaller than the last surgeon..however she recommend 460 HP Allergan CY1 implants. I got to try them on and I also tried on the 525g implants too.. I couldn't see much difference in size between the two.
I had some more pictures taken and she said I should be around a D or DD with this size..maybe DD/E with the 525's.... I have chosen 450 but there is a part of me that wants bigger...

She was so friendly and professional I made sure I told her how comfortable I felt and how better I feel...
I said I look forward to seeing her on the 4th march as I'm already booked In with her! Haha

I'm another note...I had a call from Transform today telling me my MRSA swabs came back negative ya yay! And I'm all clear and good to go for surgery!

Happy dance

Anyone have the same implants?

I have been looking online for any info on te implants they are going to use on me.. Can't find anything.

I'm NOT having Natrelle.. Apparently they are the basic implants high profile 80% filled.. 460g/cc something like C1 or CY1... I just want to read a little more about them..

Can anyone help?


Also forgot to say they are made by Allergan also..

Just over 2 weeks!

Omg .. Only 16 days to go... Keeping myself busy with work.. Looong 13 hour shifts help :-)
I have ordered more supplies online through Holland & Barrett.
I've ordered some bio oil to help with stretch marks and also some Arnica tablets as recommend by my PS.
I am still thinking about asking for the 525cc implants on the day. Just concered about rippling and sagging with larger implants.

Why is February going soooo slow?? :-(


I have started using Bio oil every morning and evening after a shower and before's not cheap but it smells amazing :-)
Also realised I haven't ordered any front fastening bras ..I found 2 on eBay so they are on their way !

Too excited!

Wanted to ask..

What is this 'frankenboob ' everyone talks about...and what's morning boob?


This waiting is killing me haha...I'm starting to get paranoid about getting ill and my surgery being postponed! Every time some coughs or sneezes near me I freak out lol...
None of my surgical bras have been delivered yet :-/ I am still waiting on ones from eBay and also my Coobie ones from America still haven't arrived..
I will try and take some pics without my bra in the next couple of days...

Thanks postman!

Excellent! Most of my bras have arrived now...
I ordered a front fastening one from eBay which arrived. Looks good for £10 in white and nice thick straps. Only time will tell if its comfortable.

My 3 coobie bras arrived ..I ordered medium. They seem small but I'm hoping they will be super stretchy..

I took a picture of my growing bra collection.. Added a couple of t-shirt wired bras i bought to try my rice sizers on but will keep them.
I'm obsessed with bras now!


Finally posting some before shots.. Excuse the 'stars' ....:-)


Getting so close to the date now... I don't know why but I'm feeling stressed and eating everything in the house and quite emotional..doesn't help that I am due on on the day of my surgery :-( and I'm gonna have sore boobs in a few days argh! Worst time it have a period when your having surgery!

*feels sorry for myself*


Getting really close to the date now.. 3 more shifts at work then it will be operation time!

I'm finding it difficult emotional wise... Started worrying about what if I don't like them?! What if they look too big on me.. What if my gf dosent find me attractive anymore.. What if I don't like other parts of my body once my boobs look good... Argh!
I hate being emotional and 'due on too' ...this time next week I will be healing...

Tick tock

All my bras have arrived and childcare for the morning of op has been organised :-/ just gotta get thru tomorrows shift at Work.

Also suffering period from hell... :-!

Last night!

So tonight is the last night in this body! New changes in the morning *cries* nervous.
Had a nice pizza takeaway for my 'final meal' ... Gave up smoking yesterday.. Thought this would be a good excuse to quit now.

I have to be at the hospital for 7.30am..gonna pack a small bag to take.. My pony snuggle pillow lol.. And some lip balm and comfy jogging bottoms, slippers and a zip up hoodie so i dont Have to struggle getting into a t-shirt.

I cant believe tomorrow is the day. It went sooooooo slow this month and now I feel its too fast! Aaaaaaaaah!

I'll update in the morning before surgery!


Pen marks and cold hands!

Well I'm at the hospital in London.. All tucked up in my hospital bed with sexy stockings on and a see through hospital gown and paper pants! Nothing attractive about it lol. Also covered in pen marks as my surgeon has just marked me up... I said to her I was nervous!

I have taken some photos... It hasn't really sunk in yet...

We discussed sizes and I have a bony prominence on my left chest so she may put a smaller implant on that side otherwise the implant might project further..i also said I am hoping for the 525 implant size. But she will make her choice when I'm in there...

Aaaaaaaah! Nervous.. Starting to worry about being in pain after and feeling crappy xx

I cant wait to join the boob gang! Sexy vest tops and dresses here i come!!!!!



In Hospital recovering... Have Managed to eat and drink and been to toilet.. My HR is a bit low so im resting an drinking lots of water... A. Bit tired to type more but to anyone following my review.. Thanks for 'listening to all my past posts' and I hope my boobs look as good as yours xx

More pics

Day 2

Hey everyone...
Day 2 today and I didn't sleep very well back ache from
Sleeping upright all night. I slept downstairs on the sofa so I could be near the toilet.
I have taken a couple of pics of my new girls in their support bra. I love the shape ..I haven't seen them properly as I want to keep my bra on and I'm quite a bit of pain.
When I look down they don't look bigger just wider .. From the side they look huge! Lol

I was sent home with co-dydramol pain relief and a course of antibiotics which are smelly and nasty.
I was really impressed with the medical/surgical team who looked after me. I will write a blog on my day there.. Still a bit tired at the moment x

After pics

Fave pic


Tight and sore today....this bra feels like it's cutting into my arm puts which is causing me the most pain. My partner managed to adjust the straps a little but that's where it's most sore. Also the top if my chest is tight and the skin feels numb which is packs really really are a lifesaver!

I have been sleeping upright on the sofa for the last two nights but made the mistake of trying to use my arms to push myself back in the seat OUCH! The muscles In my armpits /pecs are mega sore!

My incisions are slightly itchy but I haven't taken my bra off yet as I'm too scared lol...that's why I haven't taken any naked pics yet.

My left boob is defiantly bigger then the right. Even tho I'm right handed. My Ps did say my rib cage is higher on the left so I'm hoping as it heals it won't be too noticeable.

I'm starting to feel slightly bloated today. Got wind but no action lol..started taking Senna laxatives.

I'm also taking arnica pills as directed my my PS to help with bruising and swelling. Trying to drink lots of water. Also making sure I stand up and walk around and stretch my back a little from time to time as that helps with the tightness in my chest.

Sounds strange but I also feel like my face is bruised! My cheekbones and skin...:-/ very weird.

I haven't been out the house in 2 days and starting to feel trapped! So tomorrow we are going tot travel to my mums 2 hours away and spend two night there. My mum has recliner chairs which will be nice to sleep on and she has had a BA 15 yrs ago and understands how I feel. I'll get a nice roast dinner cooked for me too!

I might try and take a naked pic in a min..might be nice to undo the front of this bra for a few minutes...


Was brave and took a peek...

Wow.. The undoing of the bra felt amazing!
I did freak out a little ..
My nipples are stretched and don't really look like mine.. ALSO I feel my boobs look small and wide.. I hope they look bigger as they heal.. They are a strange shape above the nipple.. But I suppose everyone's looks like this on day 2!
My dressings are nice and clean so luckily nothing is leaking from my incisions. I'm wondering if this bra is a bit tight. I have another one in black ..
The one in the pic I'm wearing is a 38DD..I have a black front clasp bra 38DD aswell but its a more expensive one so might be more comfortable.

I didn't realise I would feel so tearful afterwards. My partner brushed my hair for me and cleaned some of the surgical pen marks off my chest. She has been so supportive even tho she wasn't keen on the idea of me having a BA.
I haven't attempted a shower/bath yet. My arms are too sore to move too much.
Tomorrow I think I will stand in the bath and my partner will just hose me down with the shower lol..

Thanks for listening to me moan xx

More pics


Morning everyone..

I am craving a bath so badly! And what I wouldn't do to be able to stretch my arms in the air :-)

How is everyone else coping who have had BA's this week?
I'm suffering from really bad headaches for the last two days.. Waking up with them. Just leaves me in tears.
I'm thinking its prob muscular from sleeping upright in one position and I'm very limited with shoulder movements too.

Just feel like I'm moaning all the time at the moment.

I haven't noticed any new stretch marks yet which is nice. And I think the top of my chest is starting to get some sensation back to the skin...still feels a bit rubbery.

On a positive and tmi...I managed to open bowels last night..took a while but that felt better.. I have been just taking 1 senna tablet at night.

Happy healing xx

Slowly but surely

Today I woke up reasonably comfortable..still very tight In the chest. Feels like my bra would actually break free and explode on its on lol
When I walk I feel I have to hold my boobs..I can feel them moving slightly rather then just being big boulders on my chest haha. Tried a little car ride yesterday..any bump in the road was very sore!
I am giving myself a few mins every day bra free...
I will try and get some new pictures tonight.

Headaches seem to have calmed down today. Yesterday was my worst day for headaches by far. Lots of crying yesterday.

Been to the toilet again thank god so that side of things has improved. I'm not taking the co-dydramol painkillers I was sent home with now, I'm only taking regular ibuprofen.

I'm going to attempt another wash tonight with my partners help. I'm craving a hair wash badly :-(


Day 5 post op pics

Just a few pics... Taken this evening. I think i see the difference from my day 2 pics.
Getting slight sensation back in the skin on the upper pole.
I changed post op bras to something a little different which wasn't as tight but I started getting shooting pains in my left breast and pain in my incision.

I keep looking at my pics and thinking I wish they were bigger. Maybe they will appear bigger when the fluff. I just thought 460 would look bigger on me.
What do others on here think?
I don't want to feel like I'm going through all this discomfort for lesser of a result I was hoping for?
I dont think they will be anywhere near my wish pics x



I swear my chest is just getting tighter and tighter! I am having to take regular ibruprofen still and using ice packs a lot today. I really hope it stops soon as I'm ment to be back to work in a week :-/

I am having a bad time with nipples today! Anyone else suffering from super sensitive nipples? Having to ice them and they feel so fat and swollen!
Don't know if its cus I'm wearing a bra 24/7 or because of something else..

Another day...

Ok so today has been great in regards to headaches.. Nothing! Thought I would lay a little flatter last night which was much more comfortable but did give me a bit of neck ache.
I was hoping this tightness would have subsided but it's still here and my nipples are swollen and sore!
I managed to get my hair washed today my partner did it. Feels amazing!
I have my post op check with the nurse tomorrow. I am a little worried about seeing my incisions.. Eeeek!
I'm gonna be glad to take this bra off even for 5 mins tomorrow!!

Post op 6 day pics

Some pics taken last night...
I cant believe its been 1 week today since I had my BA!

A few more pics

Had my check up with the nurse today..
She said my incisions are healing beautifully! Thankgod.. Had the dressings changed and my stitches have dissolved now.
I raised some concerns with my left breast and I have a red area at the top were its tight and it feels hot also. I have been regularly icing it.
She said that she isn't too worried and my skin still looks really tight and swollen but looking at my before photos and the implant size it's still early days.
I can call her anytime if I have any concerns or if I think its getting tighter or more swollen


Stretch marks

:-( noticed a few new thin white stretch marks appearing on the upper pole on my left breast :-(
I was dreading stretch marks. Apparently you can treat them by laser so thats something I might look into in the future.

I'm currently enjoying an hour bra free.. Feels amazing lol!
My poorly nipples just need a break from this bra :-(
They are still so sensitive and swollen.
I am having to resort to wearing plaster over my nipples! Haha

On a brighter note! I asked the help centre on here to change my PS name to y current one as I still had the old Ps on here.. So now I can write a review :-)

How's everyone else healing?

Feel fresh!

OMG.. Took my first shower since my BA!
I feel so clean and fresh :-)
Kept my dressings on in the shower and put fresh ones on afterwards. I managed to get some pictures of my incisions. I don't feel quiet as tight in the upper pole today. I am noticing new stretch marks everyday tho :-/
Still wearing plasters (band aids) on my nipples as they are sensitive still.
I have changed bras and this one is quite tight near my incisions. I am still having to take ibruprofen but not as much a before.

Cutting back on pain meds

Today i only took one dose of ibruprofen . Chest isn't feeling too tight at the too now. Still sore under my arm pits and my incisions haven't been too itchy today. Feeling a bit more positive about everything today. I'm back to work on Tuesday so I have to get in the mindset of work.

I'm posting a few new pics. I'm wondering if I can see a little but if a drop now?? Looking slightly more shapely from the front. Still tight and shiny tho.


Shopping Trip

Couldn't resist a little trip to Marks and Spencer's for some comfy bras. This support one is driving me mad.

I found a lovely black vest top with built in support. Will make a lovely sleeping vest when I don't have to live in these bras!

My incisions are quite angry and sore today due to the and on the bras digging in.

I bought a new sports support bra which doesn't sit up high in the armpit. It's better suited for wearing in the day as I'm back to work Tuesday and there is no way I can survive in my other one!
I'll post a couple of pics.

2 weeks tomorrow

Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since i had my BA..

i also have to go back to work tomorrow as a nurse eeeeek..I'm gonna see if i can take it easy and ask people to get things off high shelves for me, I'm also going to try no to list anything heavy yet.

i have been reading lots more reviews on here and I'm really hoping i see some changes to my shape soon....don't feel like they look like boobs yet compared to other peoples..still look small and wide from the front :/

what do you all thing when you look at the pics?


I have to 2 hours left of my 13 hour shift..I think a long shift was a bad idea for my first shift! Falling asleep and this new sports bra has been itchy all day!
Had to take some painkillers half way through the day as my boobs were aching like mad..
I'm gonna sleep well tonight!

Also today is Day 1 of starting weight loss... Need a nice body for these new boobies :-)


Today ..

Was the first day these actually felt like my boobs belong to me :-)

I tried on my new beige coobie bra.. Its a Medium which would feel ok around the band but its a bit tight as I have put a lot of weight on..
The cup size is slightly on the small side even with the padding removed. Its nice tho and comfy as there are no seams in the cup as my nipples didn't feel too bad today.

I put a tight t-shirt on today and I cant believe I have shape! I feel like a new person.. I feel like I finally have the top half that I should have been born with.!!!

I have taken quite a few pics today so I will load them up.

I also tried on the t-shirt bras I bought or my rice sizers pre-op.
The black one is a 36D and at the moment is Too Tight! Haha *amazing*
The blue one is a 36DD and fits nicely.. ( I want to stay as that!!)
I wonder what the E cup would have been like *greeeeedy*


16 days PO

Pics covered up!!

Nearly at 3 week Mark!

Just an update on the boobs.
Still very red and sore to touch :-/ my left is very sore at the top still.
My incident are quite nicely hidden from a
Straight on view :-)
I still think they could be a bit Bigger?? Still feel the boob greed!
My incisions are healing well.. Slight scabs on them.
I'm not sure if they look like they are changing much :-/

Day 19 PO pics

Little comparison pic

Do U all see a big difference? I'm still not seeing as much as I would have liked .... 3 weeks PO tomorrow x

Update week 4

Can't believe its been 4 weeks since my BA..
They still sore to touch and nipples are a little sensitive but not as bad as they were.
Slight red skin still and they itch at the sides. I have been rubbing E45 itch relief cream during the day and bio oil at night.
I'm still wearing my surgical support bra at night time and only wearing sports bras /coobie support bra all other times.
Unfortunatly i only managed 3 weeks sleepin on my back and now have resorted to sleeping a bit more on my side. I couldn't deal with the neck ache and I was waking up with bad headaches!
I've been spooning my long bolster pillow at night. Can rest my
Boob on it haha :-)

I have a couple of weeks till my 2nd nurse appointment and may is my PS check up.

I feel like my boobs are starting to belong to me and they bounce slightly when I'm driving/walking :-)

I STILL wish they were bigger tho.. But I know they still have some dropping to do.


Hey everyone

Wow I feel like my boobs have change a lot in the last week.. I'm now just after 5 weeks in!

They are less sore now.. Still tender in the upper pole. Nipples are starting I feel normal now.
Still wearing a support bra at night . Did try one night with just a support vest but OUCH.. Next day had pains and felt like I had pulled a muscle in my chest :-/

Haven't been measured yet or bought any nice bras. I did buy one from Ann Summers which is in my pics ... Very padded and not comfortable at all! Infact the 'push up element did nothing and they stayed in the same position haha.. So I returned the bra.

Second nurse checkup is on the 17th April.
I'm starting to really love my boobs. Popped a bit of fake tan on them hehe and my partner has been bonding with them a bit too ;-)

I feel more feminine and y confidence is grown.. Now I wantto buy dresses and I even went out and bought a new car!!
I'm glad i hve had this done now. Very happy however u worry everyday about something going wrong.. It's always in the back of my mind.

Here's some pics over the last week and a half...


True a bra.. Took it back for a refund..

In love with my boobs..<3

Nurse check

I have my second nurse checkup appointment today.
I am happy with my boobs I am a little worried about the fact they are still a bit tender in the upper pole and are still quite firm..
Hopefully she will put my mind at rest :-)
My incisions look good.. The right one is quite lumpy and sometimes feels like it 'pulls' a bit when I raise my right arm up in the air

Official measurements

Yesterday the nurse
Told me I don't have to wear a support bra so I decided to get an official measurement in a lingerie shop called La Senza.
I was wearing a 36A pre op.
I was thinking maybe I was 36D
I was measured at a 34E!!!!!!

so I bought 4 bras!!! Haha I think I could be addicted!

I will post some pics in my new bras and my new 34E babies!

New bras

Another bra!


Tried on a dress .. (With bra) and was so happy with the results!!
Why didn't I buy this dress?!! Was only £13 .i think I felt like everyone would be staring!

Boobs are still sore at the top ..still a little firm. Waiting for my PS post op appointment end of March.

10 weeks post op

Hi everyone.. So it's been 10 weeks since my BA.
I love my new boobs.. But everyday I wake up and worry of today's the day something goes wrong! I think that will be properly happens forever...
I still feel a bit sore at the top of my breast and I have been getting small shooting pains whilst at work in my left breast which makes me want to hold it haha.. Can't really do that in front of everyone :-/

I don't sleep with a bra at night anymore since I had the all clear from the nurse but maybe I should for a while and see how they feel?!
I'm worried my left boob looks like the nipple is facing out too much but I can't remember if that's normal for me pre-surgery?
My first post op with the surgeon is just over a week so I will see what she says.
I really need to buy a bikini .. Went into Holister store to buy a gorgeous one and they don't go up to my size!! Never had that before! It's good and bad haha :-)
Anyone else at the 10 week mark? Would love to know how you are feeling.

Happy healing xx

First time in public

Went to the beach yesterday and it was the first time I had my girls out in a bikini!
Felt strange! I bought a cheap bikini top for £3 in a size 16 as it had bigger cup size. It fitted ok for now.
I have my PS post op appointment in 2 days .

is anybody out there?

I feel like my review is being missed by everyone??
if anyone is reading this and is post op leave me a message and say hi!

it feels so lonely here!! :)

Can't stop buying bras!'s been over 3 months now!
Boobs are bouncing a little bit and are easily 'squishable' :-)
Still numb/sore on the left breast upper pole....
I have started massaging now twice a day with moisturiser as instructed by my PS. Feels strange as I'm worried about rupturing them.. I know they are tough but I think it's a worry lots of girls prob have here lol...
Took a couple of pictures of a cute bra top in M/L from La Senza... Was only £15 and it's lovely to sleep in and gives a little bit of support at night... :-)
I will try and get some more pictures of my new bras too...

Bargain bra!

Hi everyone!
Here's a couple of pictures of my new bra
Can't believe it was only £10 and from Primark and it's very comfortable and I think it gives a great shape too!
I'm really happy that I seem to size up at Primark at a 34E too :-)
*happy dance*

New bra

4 months!

So it's been 4 months since my BA.. I'm very happy still and I wouldn't change it for the world.. Still trying to remember to do my massages with lotion..
I try and wear a support top at night but sometimes I forget.
I treated myself to a cute little Wonder Woman bra-let for nighttime as it's so hot at the moment.
I wore a
Dress to a party and when I looked at the pictures I was so pleased as I feel I look 'normal' now.
Also back on weight watchers and have lost 6lb this week! Yay! I have two stone to lose and I know as my waist gets smaller my boobs will look even bigger .
I'm still wearing a 34E bra..
I have an impressive collection of bras now lol I'm sure many of you have too!
As for healing: my left Breast is still numb at the top but when you touch the top it's like a sharp bruised feeling.. Hasn't got any better since the last time I posted. My right side feels healed now. My incisions are still dark pink.
They feel softer and bounce a bit too haha..
I can squish them together easier too..
I keep thinking about other procedures I would like and I would def want a rhinoplasty in the future..

Nearly 5 months

Just some pictures of my fave bra and in a blazer I bought today... Never thought I would have boobs like this... I love them!

Nearly 3 years old!

I can't believe I had my BA 3 years ago! It was the best decision I ever made.. I have so happy with it... I feel like these are the boobs I should have had all my life!
I still get the odd day of boob greed and want to go bigger but I know they are a good size now.
My scars are practically non existent and I don't get any pain.
I am a yo yo dieter and I lost 3 stone and my cup size went down by half but I only fluctuate by a DD-E...

Comparison Pic

3 years on
London Plastic Surgeon

I can't fault Transform , my nurse, clinic manager or surgeon.. Everyone has been lovely and answered my question and made me feel like an individual and that my surgery matters... I had heard some bad reviews about transform before but I have been so happy. I'm glad I changed PS however to Linda as she made me feel comfortable and even with my unrealistic expectation she has given me breasts that I have fallen in love with and now feel so feminine.. I would def go through this again with the same people and I would consider further treatments with them. Very happy

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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