Never Had Braces Before, Decided to Try Invisalign at Age 25 - Berkeley, CA

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My teeth are crowded and I have very prominent...

My teeth are crowded and I have very prominent fang-like canines. I actually generally like my unique smile, but my dentist told me that my teeth are moving and my eye teeth will continue to move forward. He said that the crowding could make me more likely to get cavities and need crowns and even dentures one day. I decided to *bite* the bullet, haha, and put the money and discomfort into straightening my teeth now, instead of having terrible/expensive things like crowns and root canals in the future.

I decided to go to the orthodontist with the best yelp reviews in my area (Berkeley, CA.) She has an amazing reputation and has been able to straighten some very crooked smiles with invisalign. My case is a complex one and she is confident that she can succeed at straightening my teeth, but only if I am a very good patient. I am going to do my very best to be diligent about wearing my trays and rubberbands.

I had my trays put in a couple of weeks ago and it was HORRIBLE. The trays were cutting up the inside of my upper lip terribly and my mouth swelled up like I'd been kicked by a horse. I went back in and my orthodontist said that this is not how it should be. I had these big hooks on my upper trays above my canines where my rubber bands hook on. That is what was cutting my lip up so bad. She filed those off and put a little slit in the tray a bit farther back for the rubber bands to hook into. She filed all around the edges of the trays and gave me some orthodontic wax. Now they fit and don't cause me any pain at all. I am really relieved because I was strongly considering calling the whole thing off. Now I understand that you are not supposed to have bad sores from invisalign. If you have bad sores, talk to your orthodontist right away, don't try to suck it up like I did. Listen to your body.

Another part of my treatment was to have my upper two wisdom teeth removed. I just had them out yesterday morning and all went well. In fact, I am on vicodin right this very moment so if his review is not very coherent... that's why. :) My orthodontist explained that it's very important that I wear the trays and rubber bands now, immediately after the procedure, because while my mouth is healing we can get good movement. I can tell she's right because my trays don't feel as tight today as they did before the wisdom removal.

I am feeling really good about the treatment right now. I think it's kind of like having your house remodeled. It's loud, you can't use the kitchen, there's dust everywhere.... but you know at the end of it, your going to have a great house. We just have to hang in there.
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