Vaser Upper, Middle, Lower Stomach and Lower Back - Bentonville, AR

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I am 30 years old with a 5 year old daughter. I am...

I am 30 years old with a 5 year old daughter. I am 5'8" and weigh 170lbs. My BMI is 25.8 (overweight is considered 25-29.9, so not too far from a good weight for my height). My stomach has been an issue since my c-section. I've decided to have the vaser lipo done because I am tired of looking pregnant! I will be having the procedure done in August (happy birthday to me) and will have my upper, middle, and lower stomach done as well as my lower back (to help with the muffin top). I'm a little nervous and ready to just get it over with at this point. I am also still trying to figure out how much time off of work I will need to take, so any suggestions on that are more than welcome!

5 weeks until the big day!

Alrighty, it's getting closer to the big day. I have about 4 weeks before my pre-op appointment. I am still hoping I can get back to work quickly after, right now I have 3 days scheduled off so I hope that's enough!

Pre-op appointment

I go in today for my pre-op appointment. I'm nervous, but the big day will be here soon. I'm posting some before pics today.

4 days left!!

I have 4 days left before I go in for my surgery!! I'm really starting to get nervous!

Today's the Day!

Well today is the big day! I'm at the office waiting for the happy pills to kick in and then we will get started! Wish me luck!

Night of

Won't talk much bc of pain meds. Procedure went well I think. Lots of drainage.

Day 1 Post

Ouch. Not going to lie, there were parts of the procedure that really hurt but overall the procedure wasn't that painful. Right now is another matter lol. I'm pretty sore. I haven't made it for my first shower yet. I'm also a little peeved at the nurse. She put together a package of pads to replace the ones I have on for after my first shower but she did not give them to my husband when he came to pick me up (and I was out of it so I wasn't thinking of it at the time).

Day 3 Post

Still sore and now a little bit itchy. I'm really nervous about going back to work. My doc said some people do well with lymphatic (?) massages. Has anyone had any experience with these?

Week 1

Well I'm almost finished with the first week after my procedure. I went back to work the past two days and I was miserable! My stomach feels very strange. Sometimes it burns and tingles and other times it's really painful. It hurts when I try to go from sitting to standing and I'm already really tired of the swelling and wearing the garment. I'm also worried about the extra skin. My doc said I have to be very cautious about keeping everything flat so the fat won't deposit in a line where I had the excess skin. Right now I guess I'm just feeling discouraged and hoping this was all worth it

1.5 weeks or so in

Alrighty folks, let me just tell you that I am only 1.5 weeks post and I am already sick to death of wearing the garment and having all this extra fluid sloshing around. It's really annoying how much swelling I still have. I can freaking hear the liquid sloshing :/ I'm really ready for it to be absorbed or whatever. I still have a wonky area on my stomach that some of the fat that wasn't sucked out seems to want to gravitate to. My doc wants me to wear a cutting board under my garment to make sure I don't have any garment defects in how the skin settles. Let me tell you how not fun that is. I've been trying to find a massage therapist in the area to do lymphatic massage bc I've heard that helps with the liquid absorption but I'm not having much luck. My doc also is helping me with weight/fat loss by starting me on a ketosis style diet. I wanted to do this to help with other areas of my body I didn't do the lipo on as well as help with any fat that may be under my organs and whatnot. I am DYING for Sunday to get here so I can have my cheat meal!! It's not really that I'm hungry, bc I'm not, but I'm already tired of the strict limitations I have for the beginning and it's only day 2!!! I may need some prayers/ good thoughts for my sanity in the upcoming weeks! :)

More pics

Well I still have a LOT of swelling. It's very sloshy and it hurts to sleep on my side. Things are looking a little better but very far from what I was wanting.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Today I tried out a lymphatic drainage massage for my abdomen. I've read things here and there that suggest it can be helpful for the extra fluid. I've never had one before so I didn't really know what to expect. First off, it uses a very light touch. Normally I'm a deep tissue kinda gal, so that made it different as well. I've also never had my stomach done so um yeah, weird. It was surprisingly relaxing. I only went for 30 minute since we were focusing on such a limited area. I am going to try and schedule another one for next week. Hopefully it will do some good. I'm worried I may have a hard time scheduling one around my work schedule. There are a very limited number of people in my area who are certified to do it so that can also make the scheduling difficult.

New garment

So I decided to order a second garment. 1. I was tired of washing the one I had every night and having it be somewhat damp by the time I needed to put it back on. 2. I wanted a garment where I could wear my own bra and that was a little smoother. I wish it was a little tighter, but overall it seems to work.

Getting there

Well, exciting news. I finally feel like this whole weight loss program with my doc is starting to pay off. I'm down 10 pounds (depending on what time of day I weigh lol). I'm looking forward to getting back to my workout routine and adding back in more carbs to my diet. Today is a good day bc I get to have my cheat meal...Mexican food here I come! :)

New Pics

So here are some new pictures. My clothes are fitting much better. I still have lumps and bumps (with one side more lumpy than the other). I have been wearing my new garment during the day which smooths everything out under my clothes.

Missing my massages

So I was getting a lymphatic massage once a week for a while there but I haven't had one in about 3 weeks now. My massage therapist hurt her shoulder and hasn't been able to work. I didn't realize how much I missed having them done until I couldn't have them anymore. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of therapists in my area who do them so I'm out of luck until she gets back. They have really helped with swelling. I know some have mentioned that they find the massage painful. I have found mine to be very relaxing and not at all painful. All of the research I've done says lymphatic massage should use a very light touch (which has been my experience). Here's hoping I can get started back with them soon. I still have some lumpy and uneven areas but overall my clothes are fitting much better. I'm actually goin to have to purchase some new jeans soon!! On a side note, with the diet program I'm doing (with the same doc), I've lost almost (but not quite) 20 pounds!!! Yay!!

1 month or so

Dr. Earl

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