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I have always wanted bigger boobs for as long as I...

I have always wanted bigger boobs for as long as I can remember. I have PCOS and I believe this has played a big part as to why mine never grew, I have always been paranoid and had no confidence due to this So I have decided to have my surgery 18/11/2015!! These posts have really helped so I wanted to share my experience with anyone else who was unsure of debating whether to have the surgery. I have been really lucky and had great support from my family and friends and I think it was important, for me, to share how I was feeling over all these years. I was dreading telling mum and dad especially as I knew I would get the 'you are perfect the way you are' that you would expect from your parents but they had no idea how much I was suffering day to day and 100% support me.
I went to a few clinics for consultations and decided to go to belvedere as one of my fiends had been there so I had good honest feedback and her results were amazing!
When I went for my initial consultation I met my surgeon Dr Joffily and we discussed my goals, I said I wanted to be a large C small D but preferably a D, we then looked at my boobs (which are 32a/b I think I kid my self to say B) and I had enough breast tissue to go over the muscle which I was very surprised about, I had never considered this always assumed they were too small, he also mentioned that he would go one side bigger in one side as I had a very small difference and although I can't really tell now I would after, so I agreed and we agreed on 275 and 300 HP overs I left paid my deposit and that was that.
As my surgery was so long away ( so I could save) I really had time to dwell and research on size and I felt that I wanted to go bigger so a few months later I met with my surgeon again, this time taking my boyfriend and told him how I felt. He said he wouldn't go much bigger due to my small chest but we tried on sizers and discussed each one. When I went into this consultation I had my mind set on 350 but I tried this on a it looked a little big, but I liked but then I tried a 325 and it was perfect and it gave the right amount of cleavage. We both agreed to this and said il see you in November!
I'm so glad that I did this as even if I didn't change the size I could never look back and wish I had.
I had my pre op October 30th and we went over sheets and sheets of questions about my Health and any questions, I also had 2 swabs to be sent away for MRSA which would be charged back to me which I wasn't aware of until then, I was told I had to take my SNS nails off - heartbreaker I have grown them so long! But oh well boobs are more important..
I was sent away with sheets of paper to read through and initial to bring back to my surgery and that's that next time il be there will be my surgery!!!

I keep trying to think of things I will need after, if anyone can help me please do!
I have post surgery bras
Dressing gown and slippers for surgery
The painkillers I will pick up on my way home with dad
Bio oil for later

My stats are:
120 pounds and 32a

I will keep you all posted with details and before and after pics nearer the time! 12 days to go woohoo!!

5 days post op

Hi all I am 4 days post op and I am already so happy with the results.
The pain was no where near as bad as I thought and I still can't believe it's all over!
Would highly recommend dr Joffily to anyone.
Dr Marino joffily

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