U.K 28 Year Old Mum of 1, 170lbs 5f7" 450cc Natrelle

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Hi Ladies, I've been on this site for a while and...

Hi Ladies, I've been on this site for a while and my op is in 4 days! Thought I would leave a review of my journey throughout as some have been really helpful. I breastfed my daughter for 8 months and so lost a lot of fullness from my breasts, she is now 4 and I'm pretty sure I won't have another so feel now is the right time to finally go ahead with it. I had my first consultation at Nuffield Bournemouth which is a private hospital that was just under £4K but unfortunately had to cancel as I needed to buy a new car instead! I then found a deal for Belvedere clinic in Abbey Wood, London which was £2850! I Had my consultation with the surgeon who is doing my procedure and he was so much more thorough than my first one, I told him what I was aiming for, (I don't want the fake look or to be huge, I am wearing a 38c currently but don't fill the cup anymore) He then gave me the implant to put into an empty bra I put on and he was spot on, he matched them to my frame, I wear a size 12 but am tall and have wide shoulders so with the 450cc he suggested I will be around a DD possibly E but as I said with my frame I shouldn't look 'big'
I got taken into another room afterwards where a lady goes through all the finer details of the contract, she then offered 100% full implants as apposed to the 95% full which would cost an extra £850. These are supposed to reduce things like rippling etc but I figured as I already have extra skin etc to start with that it shouldn't make too much difference so I paid my amount in full and chose my date. The lower cost was an offer and the deal behind it is that you have to pay in full and wait 4 months for your op date which was fine for me. My surgeon is Dr Gabrielle Bourghini which I have read a ref positive reviews on and am not worried about his level of work. Not much else I can say at the mo, heading to London on Monday ready for admission at 8am Tuesday morning. It is jut a day case so I am staying in a hotel in London overnight and travelling home the following day, (my friend is coming with me and driving me home) I have my Macom Bra ready that was recommended and that's what he will put me in before I wake up. Not sure how to feel at the
moment, I am just eager to see what I will look like after I guess...

1 more sleep ????

Admission is 8am tomorrow, not sure if I'm excited or just nervous!

So frickin happy!!!

Had my surgery today, just got home. Will do a proper review tomorrow!

More pictures day 1

Day 2

Morning ladies! I am at home in feeling great! So surgery went like this..
Admission was 8am, I got shown to my room, the nurse came to admit me and do all my checks, blood pressure temp etc and go over the paperwork confirming and recent meds and health. She explained the op would be about an hour after the surgeon came to see me, I changed into my gown and disposable knickers!
The surgeon came up and took my pictures, cracked a few jokes and did all my body drawing (hope it comes off) An hour passed and the nurse walked me down to theatre about 10am, they then confirmed my details once again, I had to put a hair net on then walk into theatre (a little daunting)
I went in and laid on the bed, at this point I was freezing and they put a hose between my feet that blew warm air into the bed, that was lovely!! The two male nurses then went to work on my drop which was where you have blood taken, that was a bit fiddly as they always struggle with my veins, so that was a bit tricky. They were yapping away to me then said lets see it work its magic, didn't say expect to drift off or anything. I just laid there looking up at the big over head lights which started moving like I had double vision, that was the last I remember.
So I woke up to the nurse calling my name in the recovery room, it is so damn hard to wake up!! She told me to take deep breaths from my oxygen mask (she had been trying to wake me for 35 minutes!) I didn't feel any pain, just discomfort and just wanted to sleep, I was shaking like mad but I always do this after anaesthetic! I got taken up to my room about 12 and had to move across to my bed, they try and keep you say as upright as possible. I drifted in and out of sleep for half hour then was nicely awake. The nurse came in on and off doing vitals, temp and blood pressure. I had a bit of stinging on and off from my left incision and asked for pain meds about 1pm, I was quite comfortable yapping away to my friend I had with me (try and have someone with you as its a long wait start to finish, I was in the room 10 hours in total)
They came up about 3 and gave me toast and a coffee (which I was desperate for not being allowed one in the morning) I managed that absolutely fine, they give you anti nausea meds during surgery. I then got up for a wee, you have to eat drink and pass urine before you're allowed to go. More checks were done during the remainder of the afternoon, the surgeon then came to see me before I went and said he will see me in a week. I felt a little nauseous just before I left but I think it was a build up of air in my ribs from being so stationary but the nurse brought me a tablet and I was good to go. I live 3 hours away and was honestly more than comfortable two while journey home in the car, my friend would get me in and out at the services and would open the car door etc, bare in mind this is 10pm and I hadn't had meds since 1-3pm and I was fine!! I got home and into bed, a little tricky putting weight on your arms, I took 1 co codamol before bed and my antibiotic (they give u a prescription for 5 days of antibiotics to prevent infection and a box of pain meds which is 2 every 4 hours but I have only taken 1 before bed and 2 on waking this morning.
Last night I was fine, I woke once as I had moved onto my side which isn't allowed but woke up fine, not in any pain at all laying here it's just when you get up its uncomfortable, my boobs are rock solid, still numb. Forgot to mention you cannot feel your nipple area and around it at all, something to do with the nerves I guess but it is literally numb. No pain from my incisions at all which after a c section I though they would be really stingy but I honestly cannot feel a thing from them. I am so bloody happy with my results, I was expecting them to look horrid straight after but I actually don't want them to change at all!!! I will keep you ladies updated but so far so good!!

Day 2 pictutes

Still solid and swollen, middle between breasts is swollen, slight brushing starting, boobs are very warm and still no sensation

Day 3

Day 3, not long woken up. I sleep all night which is really surprising as I am a tummy sleeper and thought I'd really struggle. Yesterday was just a chill out day, thought I'd let my body rest. Have woken up today very tight as expected, my left boob is slightly softer than my right, I have extremely minimal bruising as my friend advised I take Arnica which is working its magic.
My boobs are still numb, I am sat with an ice pack on them but honestly can't feel it what so ever, it's sore when you first sit up in the morning or turn etc when the implant moves, I have taken minimal pain meds, only taking 1 3 times a day, I figured if you numb yourself you will do more than you should and it's not pain you feel just stiffness. The dreaded bloating and constipation is annoying me, I am sensitive to it anyway and as I'm not really moving too much and you can't lay on your side no air is leaving my body. I have taken x2 soft laxatives both nights before bed but haven't had any luck in 3 days. Today is another day of lounging around as my little girl is with her daddy for a few days (we recently separated and she shares her time between us and we lives minutes apart so all is good)
I would definitely say to make sure you have help the first 3/4 days if you have children, I get help first thing sitting up in bed and a coffee bought to me which I a bonus! Will update again later and see how the day went
* I had red patchy skin yesterday but I assumed it's blood flow, also if you make movements with your arms your implants make a horrid poppy water sound, it's not fun...

End of day 2 after surgery

This recovery is far easier than I thought ladies, not sure if it's because I've had a C section previously and was expecting similar wound pain but I've barely taken meds and have only take one lot when I woke 14 hours ago and nothing since, I've done housework, been out in the car, had my hair done and washed over the bath by a friend. I find I'm more comfortable when I undo my Macom bra, the only thing bothering me a the weird sloshy noises my boobs make when I move in certain positions but I've read it's just air that absorbs back into your body...

3 days post op

So it's been three days since my op and I am honestly finding it easy, I pretty much took about 6 pain meds in total, only when I first wake up as its honestly not so bad at all. I have added some pictures which show my bruising which is only really in the middle, my right boob is still pretty numb and can't feel my nipples at all, my left boob is settling quicker and so I get weird crampy twinges every now and then, I want to have a good scratch under the bandages so somethings going in under them, healing well hopefully. I am still so much more comfortable when I take the Macom bra off although I know I have to wear it. They are much less swollen and so feel so much smaller so I'm having the I wish I was bigger thoughts although they look bigger when I see them in the mirror, in clothes I look no different than wearing a padded bra before hand so I could easily get away with it, I am nice and mobile, the only thing I struggle with is putting my hair up as I don't want to push it too much, I have good movement in my arms though. Yesterday sucked a little as I had such a bad headache from the moment I woke up til gone midnight! Nothing got rid of it but then I realised it was a tension headache and my shoulders/neck were rock solid so expect that in your recovery where you have tensed up and don't go idle it as you'll end up with the idea of a post surgery blood clot moving to your head! Haha... Eek
I am going a little stir crazy, day three of being home alone and not being able to go out and about in my car is frustrating!

1 week post op

So tomorrow is the day I travel to London to get the stitches out and bandages etc removed! They are really annoying me as they're slightly tight and itchy and as they're still very tight it almost feels like you're wearing a bra when you have taken it off. I am most looking forward to having a full shower and a nice hair wash, my boobs are still great, I feel very lucky that they've looked perfect since I first woke up after surgery. I think I was lucky in the fact that I had breastfed and so had loose skin and a perfect place for an implant to sit. I'm hoping they really don't change too much, just settle so they aren't so tight, but it has only been 7 days!! I am still finding myself much more comfortable out of a bra, I am just wearing a Lacey type crop top bra, my £40 Macom bra just isn't for me! It's too much pressure on them. I am struggling with head aches which I've found are a common query on this board so I'm not too worried but it is annoying, especially as I don't feel like I've had a 'a great sleep' not being able to sleep on my side/front. I will update tomorrow with my bandages odd, very curious to see what my incisions will look like ????

10 days post op

Hi Girls, so it's been 10 days though feels like forever ago! Had my appointment with the nurse that I had to drive three hours for and it was literally 3 minutes long, she peeled
Off the White bandages, replaced the Steri strip along my incision and booked my next appointment for three weeks time which is the final one with the surgeon, can't believe they wouldn't let me get that done at my local gp surgery down the road! I didn't really have any questions other than when can I lay on my side (which she said now!) woohoo, and can I have a full body shower and hair wash which I could that night. That was enjoyable!
So I will add some pics to this one so you can see what they look like under the bandages, the itch relief when she peeled them off was interesting.. They have been so itchy under the incisions, can't really feel the incisions, haven't through this whole process! My boobs are still feeling right though they are physically a lot more squishy, still tighter in the morning and by the end of the day, I git measured in Victoria Secrets to a 36dd which is what I wanted, they could possibly drop into an E but I was advised Gummy Bear are pretty good at holding shape
So I shouldn't change too much which is great! Hope you're all well x

2 weeks post op

Hi ladies, so it's two weeks tomorrow and am nearly back to work. Right boob is still numb, left has full feeling and a slightly sore sensitive nipple. Have come to upload a picture of my incision that I got a peek of when changing the Steri strip. Sleeping is pretty much comfortable now on my side, still loving them and can't believe I didn't do it sooner, I feel better in anything I wear and can still fit all my clothes which is great, they still get tight over the course of the day and I can't wait to take a bra off when I'm home so they have nothing over them but I guess it will still be like that for a few weeks, will update again in a couple weeks when I see my surgeon for my final appointment

1 month post op

So it's been nearly 5 weeks. Had my follow up appointment with my surgeon. Was about 5 minutes long! Took my tops off right at the start, he asked me to stand sideways and front on for after pictures. Asked how recovery was, made a joke that I should have paid more as they looked so good. (the joke everyone gets I Presume) Then wrote in his diary that he will see me again in 6 months if no problems before hand.

I am very happy with them, would have gone bigger if I'm honest as they are still very much my boobs just full, however he has given me exactly what I asked for, so I really can't have any complaints

6 weeks ????

Quick 6 week picture update, cannot wait to start gym classes back up this week!

Three Months Post op

Hi Ladies, can't believe it's been three months already! Will include some pics so you can see how they have healed. They look so natural, I do wish I had gone bigger as I am back in shaped wired bras and I had hoped I wouldn't need any type of padding etc, also as they are so natural i don't feel too different to before in terms of bras and clothes. However I really appreciate them out of clothes, I really do still love them, but I'd say if you are debating between two sizes then opt for the bigger as they really do reduce in size once swelling goes down. However I cannot fault my surgeon at all, I said I wanted to still fit my clothes and look natural and that's exactly what I got ????

6 month update

Hi ladies, thought I would put my final pictures on here, am coming up to 6 months post op. I still wish I went bigger as they are so natural and great naked but I still wear underwired padded bras which I thought would be a past habit after surgery. But it's the best thing I've done and you will not regret it at all, the recovery was pretty easy too!

6 months post op cont.

8 days to go and poorly!

Only 8 days to go holy hell... Full of bad throat and snot currently, why does it always happen before an op?! I'm sure it will pass but what bad timing. Hoping to hear back from my coordinator today as need to book private transport that will put me back £220 but I have no way of getting there as I'm on my own. I managed to get a free second hand recliner yesterday online so I will give it a good spray and just put a duvet over it but that's one less thing to worry about. Have bought a few snack bars etc for easy consumption after. I feel so unprepared! I guess you can't prepare yourself when you don't know what you will be like afterwards. I also got a little child's stool to raise my feet in the car (thanks mumoftwins for the tip)
Did anyone else get ill before their op? X

9 months post op

Thought I would just pop some final pictures on here 9 months after. Still so glad I did it! Still wish I went bigger so I didn't have to wear underwired padded bras though I like them bra less in pj tops etc, quite a few stretch marks now but that's just my skin type I guess.
Gabrielle Bourghini

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