23 Years Old, 5'5, 112lbs.. 345cc high profile unders :)

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Hi, I'm booked in to have my ba next month and I'm...

Hi, I'm booked in to have my ba next month and I'm so confused right now! I am currently a 32b but would love to be a full D, look very natural eg..natural slope, natural gap, natural feel, not fake looking at all. I just had my second consultation and my ps gave me 345cc high profile Allergan implants to try and also said he will do over the muscle as I have some breast tissue to cover implant.... Does this size and profile implant fit what I want to achieve?!? Seriously need some advise :) thanks x

Just over 2 weeks until my BA!!!

Feeling very excited but more nervous and confused!! It's the over muscle that's worrying me. I've been reading about capsular contracture, rippling, visibility of implant and it's making me extremely worried! All more common over muscle...argh :(

Still worrying about the over muscle and I've only got 2 weeks left till the big day!!!

Can someone please help me now I have uploaded a pic of my breast before Ba.... Should I be going over or under muscle?!?! 345cc high profile allergan. Ps said he will go over muscle. But I'm still very unsure of this!

I am now having dual plane placement :)!

So I decided to go and see my surgeon for the last time until my Ba. I explained all my concerns and reasons why I was worrying about going over the muscle, after he listened he said he was happy to do dual plane placement :) also he said if I do change my mind again and want over the muscle just let him know the day of surgery and he will be happy to either on me. I now feel so much more confident about the procedure and so excited to be getting boobies! ( . ) ( . ) lol

4 more days left!! :D

4 more days until the day! Surprisingly I haven't been thinking to much about it but I know when it gets to the night before I wont be able to sleep :/ just wondering what any of you brought with you the day of surgery? And what you took after surgery eg arnica? Thanks ladies x

5 days post op already! Super happy :)

I am sooooo happy with my girls! Still have some swelling to go down but overall even after just 5 days im super excited in how they have turnt out. My first couple days I was uncomfortable and very tired but pain well I've been very lucky! Only been taking ibruprofen. It was my ribs that hurt me on day 1&2 they felt extremely bruised but day 3 was fine. Sleeping has been my worse enemy through all this not been comfy at all. I'm a side and belly sleeper so sleeping on my back elevated is not the one for me :(... Ohh and I still wake up with very tight breast but as the day goes on they start to feel more squidgy! Can't believe its been 5 days already. Now I just can't wait to have my strap taken off from the upper pole of my breasts :) then I will get a proper look... Excited!!

Morning after in bra and strap across

Before & after photo :)

Strap gone :)

Hey ladies! What are you honest opinions of how my girls are looking? To me one is looking better then the other :/

Incisions healing well :)

Nurse said incisions are healing really well but I had a slight reaction to the dressing as my skin was slightly pink when it was taken off... I haven't noticed much of a change with shape,size, dropping or fluffing ect since the day I had them done. I'm 11 days post op, is this normal for them not to have changed at all?? Thanks x

They haven't changed since the day I had them done :/ is this normal?!?

I've had no change since the day I had them done. They look exactly the same. Same position, same shape. They don't seem to be doing much dropping/ fluffing. Numbness is still the same, no movement. I'm a little worried they are not going to change at all :(... Also my right one feels a lot firmer and tight compared to the left. Not so much hard on the outside to touch but inside feels hard and tight if that makes sense... Need advise and reassurance!!

Feeling disappointed :(

So recently I've been feeling quite down and crappy about my new boobs :( I really didn't think I would feel like this after a BA... I thought I would be feeling great! I'm not happy with how they look and with no change since day 1 post op I'm beginning to really think this is them! I hope this is a phase of the healing process but I don't see myself being happy if these do not change.... ????

16 days post op..

So since my last post I've been trying to stay positive and be happy with my new girls.. They are softening up quite a lot which is good. I still have some swelling on my right side on my rib area under armpit but it's slowly going :). Incisions haven't bothered me at all and are healing really nice. Ive been able to sleep on my side without feeling uncomfortable but try not to for too long so lay back on my back. I still get tight boobs in the morning but during the day it wears off. Driving is becoming more comfortable but as I drive manual its a bit difficult getting into 5th gear as I feel it pulling on my muscle and tightening. I occasionally feel little pains in both breast but think it's just my nerves trying to regenerate. I'm still numb around the bottom of both breast and more numb on my right. Hopefully will have some feeling in the coming weeks. Overall I'm feeling quite good still sometimes feel abit down but I think once they soften up and settle and I get to wear proper bras I think I will be really happy! I do believe patience is what we all need :) x

Nearly 3 weeks post op!

Can't believe it's been nearly 3 weeks already! I can definitely say I'm getting used to these and as my swelling has gone down they do feel and seem a bit smaller :( I get little shooting pains on the bottom of my boobs under my nipples nothing bad but a little uncomfortable for a couple seconds. I kind of wish they looked bigger in clothes but I had the biggest my surgeon recommended so glad I went with the bigger one. I'm very petite so I think any bigger wouldn't look as natural. I'm still a little dissapointed with how they look with nothing on... nipples are uneven right one is lower, I have more boob from nipple down on my left, right feels and looks smaller :/ right is also still more numb and is firmer... Does all this sound normal for being around 3weeks or should I be worrying? Take a look ladies and give me your opinions please.. X

Incisions nearly 4 weeks post op

Incisions seem to be healing really well.! So all good and happy with them :)
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