Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty - Belmar, NJ

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Ever since the day I discovered a mirror I have...

Ever since the day I discovered a mirror I have wanted a nose job. My nose is wide at the top of the bone, thinner toward the middle and then a bulbous tip with a slight droop to the tip. I went to a couple doctors who said they would cut the cartilage out and stitch the inside of my nose and then pack the inside after surgery. S after that point I guess I felt it was normal to do that type of procedure.

I met a girl at work who had a nose job, similar to my type of nose. After a couple weeks her nose looked amazing!! But it didn't completely change the way she looked. She looked the same but her nose was different, if that makes sense.

I was given valume in my iv before the surgery because I was very nervous.

A couple hours later I woke up from the surgery, they took great care of me! And I mean great care!!! They give you juice, crackers, water, whatever you need. You sit in a reclining chair after the procedure for a little while so that they can make sure you don't throw up or have any issues with coming out of anesthesia. The nurses don't let you walk or get up without assistance, they help dress you and make sure you are taken care of after surgery. I felt like royalty!

Same day of surgery I went grocery shopping, I was still high on morphine drip and anesthesia, not much pain. I got home and sat in my recliner. I bought a laz boy power recliner, they recommend you sleep on your back in a 40 degree angle. I'll tell ya this recliner is my new best friend! That day I was able to make food, walk around, use the bathroom, getup, sit down, lay down, basically everything I could do on a regular basis.

Doctor Sparano does not pack the nose, he doesn't believe it's necessary, therefore you are able to breathe through your nose! Love it. I had a hard cast type brace over the bridge of my nose and a couple stitches in my septum. I was able to absorb any blood with a cotton swab and I pulled out the scabs and dried blood on day two.

Day two, mild pain, more discomfort than anything. Hard to put your head down to bend over cause you feel a lot of pressure, so don't tie your shoes!

Day three, most swollen of any of the days. Still not too much pain. Bruising was the worst at day three.

Day four, bruising went down and swelling did a lot also. I have been taking arnica Montana tabs everyday which have helped a lot.

Day five, I've been out to the store, movies, out and about like I normally would.

Day six just relaxed at home.

Day seven (today). Stitches came out, felt like plucking nose hairs. Brace was taken off, that's when the most pain started. It was a lot of pressure. I would recommend taking a couple Tylenol or a pain killer before time. Dr. Sparano gave me time to rest while he was taking the brace off. He is so gentle and caring. Since I have thick skin he put two pieces of swelling tape on the bridge of my nose between tip and bone, helping the healing process. The rest of today has been good. I am still incredibly swollen. Hard to tell results when I'm still so swollen. The thicker your skin, the longer you stay swollen.

I took 3 weeks off of work just because of the kind of work I do, I work in a bar and its crowded so I wanted to make sure I am careful not to let anyone hit it. But a normal job you'd be able to go back in a week.

I will update next week when I see the doctor again and add more pictures.

Just wanted to say if you've ever had a breast...

Just wanted to say if you've ever had a breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty is nothing compared to that. Pain and discomfort was way worse with my breasts.

So two and a half weeks in I was hit with a...

So two and a half weeks in I was hit with a snowball directly in the nose, had to see doctor sparano for a steroid injection that immediately took the swelling down. I see him again at the end of march for possibly another injection. I love the results though so far!!

I just recieved another steroid shot on Monday by...

I just recieved another steroid shot on Monday by the doctor to reduce inflammation from the pervious injury go my nose. It totally helped!!

Almost a year later

I haven't been able to see the doctor, I am currently pregnant, expecting baby in two weeks. Hopefully I can see the doctor soon though because I probably need one more steroid injection. So far still happy

Over a year later

I am happy with my nose to date except for one small boney point on the bridge of my nose, the doctor said he will do another small procedure to shave it off so it's nice and smooth
Anthony Sparano

The doctor I used is Dr. Anthony Sparano in Wall, NJ (jersey shore). This doctor is warm, welcoming, considerate, professional, a perfectionist, has attention to detail. His staff is amazing, especially the medical assistant Karin. I saw the doctor and made my appointment that day. One of my good friends also had her nose done by him a couple weeks before mine. Hers turned out fantastic. So the day before surgery I got a lot of rest. It was done in a surgery center, I don't like the chaos of hospitals. The nurses in the Camis surgery center were fantastic, the anesthesiologist was also great.

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