Belly Thermage

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I just had my thermage done yesterday on my entire...

I just had my thermage done yesterday on my entire stomach area. I've had a tummy tuck but that still didn't help with the skin texture, it still appeared loose. Also I have two pads of fat under my rib cage that stick out, and a little bulge on the right side below the belly button that I wanted to go down. I'm trying thermage as an alternative to having it redone.

The pain as not bad at all and I am a wimp. The dr gave me a pill for nerves and a pill for pain that I took about an hour before, they also used some kind of cooling gel. the spots that are close to bone tend to be the sensitive ones and it feels like you burnt yourself with the curling iron, except that it's very brief and does not continue to sting.

i hope my results are good but it's way too soon to tell, full results are not supposed to appear for 4-6 months as your body produces more collagen to firm up the skin. you really have to be patient with this one. i am also using a cream called Body of Knowledge that was suggested ($120).

Before I had it done I questioned the Dr. about the mixed results that I had heard. Age plays a factor. I'm 35, if you are too old to reproduce collagen then you are not likely to have good results with thermage. The area you have done makes a difference. The stomach tends to respond well, the butt and back a much harder. Not sure about the face (but he recommended portrait plasma for mine, not thermage). Last he told me that some dr.'s go in with the highest heat setting, but the best results are achieved by going over the area many times at a little bit lower setting (3.0-3.5 was used on me).

Will post again in 3 months.

Charlotte General Surgeon

The esthetician and Dr were wonderful. The entire procedure was explained well, I was made comfortable, and really felt any questions/concerns were answered and there was no feeling of sales pressure.

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