New pics 10 days post op- loving my new booty!!

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Hi everybody :) like many others I am soooo glad...

Hi everybody :) like many others I am soooo glad to have found this website to help me on this journey!!
I've been on Realself the past 5 months reading reviews, pictures costs the whole nine yards!!

I come from an Asian ethnic background, have always had a flat butt. No one in my family has ever has a big butt.

I'm not the average, skinny Asian girl. I definitely am bigger built than most petite short Asian girls.

I'm 5'5, 160lbs. I'm almost a D size cup and definitely thicker in my legs & tummy. Wasn't fortunate to be thick in my booty though! Lol

Here are some pictures after my yoga class. Side view you see my stomach sticks out and butt is very flat. Also from the front view I have very wide and flabby stomach.

Date booked for May 22nd!!!

I went in this morning & had a consultation with Shailee at Athenix in Belluvue WA. She was nice & very helpful. She explained Athenix used micro body contouring to remove fat & it's a lot invasive way than regular liposuction. I wouldn't be under general anesthesia and would be awake the whole time.. Also also down time is a lot shorter than regular Lipo.... I WAS IN LOVE!

She drew up a quote for me and how much it would be...
I'm going to get my lower, middle, upper adomen, hips, and back/arms done. Fat transer all to my butt, I'm hoping post surgery won't be awful but I know it's something I'll overcome.

Obsessed with these wish pics

Pre Op appointment

Less than a month before my surgery, I am soooo nervous/anxious/ excited!!

Time is flying by quick, I have my pre- op appointment set for Tuesday May 13th at 9:30.
I will be meeting with Dr. Bullis for the first time and just going over everything and any questions I had. One of the ladies on the phone said he will tell me about a kit that has vitamins I can take before my surgery that will help me heal better? Idk

I feel so unprepared. What're some things I can add to my shopping list before my surgery???
Or vitatmins I can take that wil help??


I cannot believe how fast time is flying by.... I am having surgery in two days!!!! It feels so unreal. I'm anxious, nervous, excited alll at the same time!!!! :) :) :)

I had my pre-op appt last week with dr. Bullis. I arrived early filling out my consent papers. Moments later I was called back. I sat down meeting with Nicole, she was very sweet.
We went over everything. My check in time was at 2pm, what to eat before, all the vitamins I was taking, the areas being lipoed, what to expect, what to eat before, what to wear..

Upon checking in I should eat breakfast and then a light lunch. I am not going under general anethesia, just local. Nicole says I should be awake and aware of everything going on. That makes me a little nervous but as long as I don't feel anything I don't care lol.
Moments later dr. Bullis came in, he was also very nice! They had me change in a black lose bra thing and loose black panty thing they use for patients. He asked what I was having done, I told him my whole stomach, my hips, and arms all into my butt.... He said "oh we want that junk in the trunk huh?" LMAO i said yes!

I stood up and he started to feel the fat on my stomach, I was a little nervous if I had enough fat, he said I should be good.... He said hes going to take out as much fat as he can.. Hopefully more than 1 liter. Dr said my age definitey had an advantage and just praying that all this fat stays. I expressed how I just wanted a big ass and lots of projection. I know it wont be perfect, I just want it to be better than it was before. He brought up that we could lipo my thighs and in between my legs there was fat, but that was an additional $2,000 that I would need up front so I couldnt do that :(

Nicole had brought up that they offer the supply pack that I could buy. It included the soft tissue pack, traumeel, ortho-biotic (to help me heal better) and biocorneu- Which Nicole said was the best at getting rid of any cellulite, scars that I might have... They were averaging about $70-$100 each thing by itself so I bought the pack of all 4 which totaled to $200. The Dr. also prescribed me medicine. One of it is Oxycodin, and the other two are nausea medicine and I believe the last one was also suppose to help me heal faster.


A couple more

Today is MYYYYY day!!!! :)

I'm soooooooo excited!!! Today's my big day!!!!!! :) it feels so unreal. I started taking my medications yesterday. The supplement pack, one was orthobiotics, and the last one I believe is to help me heal faster. This morning I had eggs, sausage, bananas and strawberries. Then for lunch I had a small ceaser salad. I also took measurements this morning... My arms are 12" both around. Waist-34" hips 38" the upper part of my butt is 40" and the lower part of my butt and legs is 38". Can't wait to see improvement. I also took some photos this morning I will post. Prayers would be nice, thanks bbl sisters!!!!

Before pics!!!!!

Front body pic

I survived!!!! New booty nowwww

So happy

Surgery went incredibly well. Will post more tomorrow. Above are a couple pics right after he finished. Thank you dr. Bullis.


Ahhhh it's one day post op and I'm not feeling too bad!!! Yesterday morning I got there signed a couple more consent papers then was called back. I met with Melanie, super sweet nurse. She took pictures got my weight and blood pressure. Then she put an iv in me, she said it was for the relaxer but she didn't put anything in me but I ended up snoozing off for a little.. Then dr. Bullis came in and started drawing on the areas we are doing. He is Soo funny, we were all joking about how I'm going to be bootylicious and we should start playing booty jams to get in the mood hahahaha. He drew all over my stomach my hips and butt. He asked me to lift my legs so he could see where my ab muscles were so could make them more defined!! :)

Minutes later we went to the operating room it was super chilly but the sweet nurses put heating Blankets on me. Then Melanie put the thing in my iv that made me relaxed and it felt like I was drunk I remember I was saying and asking silly things hahaha then dr. Started by numbing my stomach, I believe I passed out a little because I don't remember feeling anything. Then when I did wake up he was already starting on my arms! I didn't feel a thing. After he finished my arm, he was going to start putting the fat in my butt. At this point I was a lot more conscious and awake. He used the numbing all over my butt so I could feel it. I think it was hard to get all parts because at some point it felt really uncomfortable like a quick sharp pain but only for a few seconds. I remember when he was putting the fat in I felt it most when he was going under the muscle. It wasn't too bad though. They ended getting almost 2 liters of fat out of my stomach. & 420 cc's in each cheek. He wanted to do more fat but the fat started squirting out. My butt still looked really good!!! :) the nurses then put me in the garment and rolled me out.

After pics

Morning after

I woke up around 4am, feeling a little nauseous. I took the nausea medicine and the Oxycodin the doctor prescribed me. I woke up around 9 again feeling fine.. Really really sore though. It was tough to get outta bed. Peeing wasn't too bad except that it was hard to bend my legs to pee lol. Other than being sore this process after wasn't as bad I expected. Every few hours I eat, take my medicine and sleep. Bed walking around fine. Just can't bend over too much. Like everyone else am really nervous about losing volume. :( oh! Dr. Bullis called me earlier too follow up. Asked how I was doing. Told me I can shower but be careful cus I might faint from the compression being so tight with the hot water. Also alleve would help with the soreness while the Oxycodin is more for pain. I told him I'm nervous that the volume will go down and he say it will a little but it's definitely going to look a lot better than it did before. Am sooo happy he gave me such an hour glass figure. My waist is soooo tiny!!!!! It's hard to tell how big my booty really is with the garment so we'll have to see what happens!! :)

10 days post-op with pics!! Love my new body :)

It's been 10 days post surgery and I am loving my body more and more everyday!!! :)
The first few days were okay, I just slept a lot lol. Dr. gave me oxycodin and I would be out witihin 10 minutes hahah. I really didnt think it was that bad. My stomach was really sore though.
4th and 5th day were okay too, just really sore. I was already walking around a lot so I could be comfortable.. but the 6th and 7th morning after surgery was probably the most discomfort. I woke up and my butt was soooooo sore. My butt felt like it was beaten up a million times hahah it was so sore, I could barely get up to pee... traumeel helps a lot but its not instant.

I showered I think my 6th day after surgery, gross I know lol but I really didnt want to take my garment off too soon. I LOVE MY BODY! Dr Bullish did such a great job on my stomach, he really defined my abs and made me such an hour glass figure... my ass is also a really good size. I kinda wish it would stick out a little more the side but its more noticeable when you look at it directly from the back. I know its really swollen right now but I hope it doesnt go down any further.. Will post pics in next one.



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