37yr Old, 4 Kids. 165cm 58kg. Mentor 555cc HP silicone textured anatomical.

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I have breastfed each of my 4 children which has...

I have breastfed each of my 4 children which has resulted in a cup size downgrade from 34DD/E to an empty 34B/A cup. Have booked surgery and am deciding on either 480cc mod plus or 550cc mod plus.

I am a fit and active mum, 165cm and 57kg. My BWD is 13.5cm but I have a reasonably large gap. Hoping the mod plus will help to fill this and give some cleavage. ;)

I have a follow up appointment in November to review my choice of implant so am in research mode from now until then.

Surgery moved forward, had my op yesterday

About a month ago my clinic called me to say that they had an earlier date for surgery if I was interested. Since I was originally booked in quite close to Christmas I was happy to push the date forward.

I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon and we decided on 555cc textured anatomical implants placed under the muscle. I wanted a full look but not over the top.

Surgery date came around really quickly as I was quite busy in the interim. I arrived at the day surgery at 9am yesterday morning and was second on the list for that day.

The nurses were lovely - they fitted me with my gown, filled out all my paperwork with me and made me comfortable in the waiting area. At around 11am my surgeon came in and marked me up then I was taken straight to theatre. I don't remember anything past receiving the needle. ????

I woke up in recovery feeling quite nauseous and very sore, mostly in the back and shoulders. They finished my fluid bag and sat me up - which immediately felt much better. I had a little snack and some pain meds then my lift arrived at around 3:30pm and I was on my way home.

I was relatively comfortable but the pain meds were making me queasy. I ended up vomiting a couple of times yesterday so I'll stick to the 'lighter' stuff from now on.

I'm really happy with how they look so far, keeping in mind it is early days. I'm pretty pleased to be avoiding a lift initially, though we will see if one is needed after they settle in. They are quite swollen and a bit tingly but otherwise feeling good.

I'll add some photos and try to keep updating as often as I can find the time for.

Day 1-4 post op

Recovery is going well so far. I've had to stop pain meds as they were making me very ill but the pain is manageable without.

Day 2-3 the bruising was really coming out with quite significant swelling, however this has started to resolve and I'm starting to see some nice shape.

Very happy with everything so far.

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