From 32H to a New Me.- Bellingham, WA

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July 28th is getting close. I am finding myself...

July 28th is getting close. I am finding myself trying to get ready for a surgery that is still a couple weeks away. I'm not really stressing about it though. If I start thinking about it, I tried find a solution. For instance, I started thinking about my hair, and whose going to wash it?

When I thought about it, I decided to set up three appointments to get my hair washed and dried at the beauty salon. When it came to what bra I would wear after, I started reading what others wore, and asked the PS. He told me to take the underwire out of my old bras. I want to make sure there was someone there if I needed help, so I talked to my husband, sister in law, and niece. I have to take my earrings out at the time of the surgery. My husband thinks I should take them out the night before, and leave them out, but one set of holes are only a couple months old. I made my niece promise to get them back in my ears if I can't. I know I can't be completely prepared, because I just don't know what to expect. I have found this website to be helpful in that respect, but I still have to figure it out on my own...everyone's different.

Now I'm taking last minute summer trips, because I know I will not be up for it for at least a month. It also keeps me preoccupied, which is always a plus. I am going to Ireland in September, and part of that trip will be spent in Scotland. The PS doesn't think I will be healed up enough by then, but the tickets had already been purchased way before I went to see him. Also, he had initially scheduled the surgery for June 25, but I think he kind of forgot. No matter, it is what it is, and all I can do is pray I heal fast.

Here's my story

I am 47 years old, 5'2", and currently a 32H. I'm not sure what size I was growing up, but I do remember being a DDD by the time I was pregnant with my last child (over 20 years ago). From there gravity just kept pulling them down. I could tell within that the last few years that it was taking a toll on me and my self esteem. Although, on the outside you couldn't tell, emotionally or physically, it was beginning to be a problem.

I'm very private, and no one really knew that it bothered me, but every time I'd go to clothes/bra shopping I would leave the store depressed. I'd be smiling when I went in the dressing room, and leave unhappy. Finding a bra was the worst. 32H bras are hard to find. Unless you went to a high end store it is virtually impossible. When my sister started noticing how sad it made me, she encouraged me to get it done. I have two sisters who have already had BR's. Eventually I listened to them and went for the consult.

I was told by my sisters, and a friend who recently had a BR they were going to messure me, take lots of pictures, and I was told to tell them that I have divots in my shoulders and my back hurt. My friend told me not to be surprised if our insurance denied me at first (we both have Tricare) and that I needed to be persistant. Well, I got the referral, went to the PS, he asked me what size bra I wore, what size did I want to be, and took two pictures. He then had me sign a consent form, and they told me it would know in three weeks if I had an approval from the insurance...and I did. Woohoo!! I called the insurance to see what my cost is, and I have a $25 copay with no deductible. I was surprised, and asked the gal to repeat that just so I got it right. Again, woohoo!!! Now I wait.

My sisters say I will be so much happier, my self esteem will change, and I will carry myself differently. I will start buying clothes that I never thought I would buy (always afraid I'd show too much, and how big I am). This will be a new day for me, and I'm looking forward to it.

I wonder

Lately I've been finding myself staring at myself in the mirror. I'll lift them (the girls) up and wonder what I'll look like after the surgery. Will I be able to find my waist again? I went to the store and stood straight up instead of being my hunched over self, and wondered if I will stand straight naturally it will I have to work at it. Will i see a difference? I think the most recent thing I wonder is: will I be happy? Does anyone feel the same way, or is it just me? I imagine I'll be wondering a lot before the big day. What are you wondering about?

On another note; I was talking to my Sister in law and told her I needed to find one if those Genie bras. I had heard that some woman have used those. I was told to take out the underwire from my old bra, but I don't want a reason to be frustrated because I can't get it snapped right, or my husband can't snap it right. Well, it just so happens that my sister in law had a few of those bras. She lost one of her breasts to breast cancer, and she had reconstructive surgery. Now I have three or four of them, and it's one less thing I have to think about.

What if I'm not the right size?

Every once in awhile a little voice insider head asks "what if your not the right size? What if you are bigger than you want to be? What if it's not what you expected, then what?"

It kind of stresses me out. I try and push those thoughts out of my head, but they keep coming bac when I least expect it. Am I the only one who thinks these things?

Starting to think about my cup size

I try not to think about stuff that I either have no control over, or can't fix this this very moment. But, I can't help thinking about my new cup size. I asked the PS at my last visit if I will be a B or a C, and said I'd be more like a C. That's great, but what does that mean? Am I going to be a C and level off at a D, or a small C and level off at a full C? To tell you the truth, just thinking about being anything excel a C scares me. I don't want to be a D or anything higher than that ever again.

On the day of the surgery I hope he asks me if I have any last requests, cause I am going to say"yeah, don't make me a D or anything above it!", and I hope I get it out before I fall asleep.

Woke up at 3am

I had too much sugar before going to bed last night (1am), and I couldn't sleep. I am one of those people who can close their eyes, and not wake until morning (about 7-1/2 hours), but not last night. I just tossed until 3am, I was thinking about everything. I was calling out to God asking him to please let me sleep. Please just let my mind rest, but it didn't. I have been getting myself ready, but there are things I won't be able to do myself after the surgery. Who will take ca re of me? My husband will be here, and so will my niece (she lives with us), but will they help me? I am so used to doing things for myself, will they take care of the things I can't? Then I started thinking about my trip to Ireland a month after the surgery. Will I be healed enough to go? I was an emotional wreck. I was thinking about canceling the surgery that way no one has to help, and I will able to go on my trip without worries.

My sister was up fortunately, and she was able to talk me down. She told me not to worry, don't cancel it, because you'll regret it. Then I opened my email and saw a comment from LozzaC, other comments from other members, and I felt encouraged. After reading the comments and talking to my sis, I was able to settle down, and go to sleep. So thank you, your comments help.

Trust in The Lord

Trust in The Lord with all your heart, and lean not in your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge hi. And he will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

This is my favorite scripture. Over the years I have had to live by it, always trusting that he will take me out of whatever I'm going through. In my life, I have endured two surgeries on my foot, ear surgery, and that was before I was married. My parents had to put their trust in The Lord. After I got married I two c-Sections, and I have four sons. Two of my sons were born with a skeletal disorder, and died shortly after birth (they were born a year a part). I had to trust Him all through this, because I couldn't go through it alone.

I tell you this, because in my life I have had trials, and it had to learn to trust in Him to get me through every situation. I know that even with this BR adventure that He is with me, and why I should I worry? He knows what I'm doing, and where I'm going, and I shouldn't worry about anything...the Lord's got my back, just trust.

I will be a better me when all of this is over. Just keep moving forward. In the mean Tim; my hubby reassured me that he will help me, and my niece will make sure I get my earrings back in my ears. The Lord will take care of the rest, so I'm good.

One more week

I just realized I only have one week left before I have the BR. In Monday the countdown begins. I think I'm starting to get nervous.

Found it

I went on a quest and today; Me, My, and I went on a hunting trip. We were on the hunt for pjs that don't look like pjs, and zip or button up. Walked into Sears and there they were - Joe Boxer sleepwear, zipper top and on sale at 50% off.

I don't like being stressed or uptight about things, so I like to plan ahead, so I have no reason to be those things. Now that the clothes I'll wear afterward is checked off the list, I can start with the next thing. Tomorrow I meet with my advisor at the college to pick classes for the fall quarter. Classes start September 22nd, but I won't have the time or energy to sign up for classes, and I am going to Ireland the first week of September too. I get my hair beautified on Wednesday, and I need to find some earrings. I have fairly new holes in my ears, and I need to find earrings that are easy to put in. As it is, I am worried the holes will close before the earrings get put back in. I wish there was some way I could my earrings in, grrr


Sorry for the typos, auto correct fails me all the time

Six more days

Only six more days until my BR, can you believe it. My biggest concern right now is size. I want my PS and I to be on the same page, and I think we are for the most part. We've both said "C", and I'm hoping its a small "C".

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done,so I can look pretty for the surgery haha. Ok, it's really for me. On Thursday, I'll work my last couple Weight Watcher meetings for a couple weeks, and I hope to keep myself busy the rest of the week. One question I have for the people who have has their BR; Did you lose weight right away? I have to weigh in a week or so after the surgery, and worried about the scale.

Almost time

I went back to Walmart to look for one of those Front snap bras. I went the other day, and left the store frustrated, because it didn't fit. Today, I stood in front them and thought about my first experience, but decided to buy it anyway. The bra doesn't fit me right now, cause I have big, huge, astronomically large boobs. Well, I may have exaggerated the size, but they look that big to me lol. I hope when I finally get to wear it for reals, that the bra will fit perfectly.

By the way, three more sleeps, whoop

Today was tha day

Had the BR today, and now I sit comfortably at home. This is how it went down:

Went to bed last night as midnight, and woke up at 5, took a shower and left the house at 6. We ended arriving early, so they started early. We found out we were the only appointment. For the day, so I wasa little spoiled. They first brought me to the preop area where I had to change in to the operating garment then I went and sat on a recliner, with blanket that heated up when a hot air was pumped into it. The doc then cam in and with a sharpie marked me up with a diagram , so he knew where t make the incision. my hubby watched this part if it, then he and the doc talk talked shop (my hubby is a plane caption for a navy training command) while I was went back to being heated. The the nurse tried to get my IV in, but I don't have good veins,so ahewaited for the anastegiologist to do it. They then had me walk in the operating too, lay down on the bed, and that's all I remember. I work up in the recovery room with my bra on. Not sure how I got them. I had a hard time waking up, but I did it.they gave me a diet coke and saltine crackers, and my hubby tried to help with that part. They helped me get dressed, and I headed home. My hubby said after the surgery was over he cameoutto greet him, and came was smiling the PS took out 418g from my left breast and 470g from my right one. He said he thinks going to be really happy. It was lot less than I thought, but if I wear a C bra I'm ok with it.

I tired and sore, but otherwise I'm great. My hubby will have to clear the drain, andon Saturday he'll take them out. Not sure when I have to be at the docs! I guess I will try and call on Monday. I. Glad this is over,and now I look forward to new bras and smaller shirts.

I'm sore

I slept a solid 5:30 hours last night. The only reason I woke up was because I was laying on my back too long. I would still be sleeping if it weren't for my back.

The first thing my hubby said to me after the surgery was "you're going to be happy". I hope he's right, cause I looked down with my old bra and it still covered me, and I'm kind if sad. The only difference I see is I'm not as round. Before I felt like a slinky right out of the box (or bra). When you take off the bra, there goes the slinky. Now the slinky is put back in it's package, and I hope it stays there.

I hurt

Tonight I hurt. I try to take the Vicodin every 4 hours, but not sure it's helping. I just feel drowsy. I mostly hurt under my boob, and a little on the sides. Maybe I should put an ice pack on it.

A funny thing happened

I was in the recliner with the foot up, and everyone left the house, and I couldn't get up, and I was in pain. I couldn't figure out how to get out of the recliner, and then by chance my son stopped by, and he saved me...haha

Finally got to see the girls

Took a shower, sort of anyway. We had to put on a different bra. The other one was all bloody. I must say, they look pretty good, nice and round too. It was nice not having the slinky affect when the bra came off. I am looking forward to the day when the swelling is finally gone. I am still sore, but I am doing alight otherwise.

Feeling better today and I'm excited

I'm feeling better today. Except for this morning, I haven't felt nauseous at all. I was getting a little uncomfortable with my bra, so we unsnapped it. Later, my hubby asked if I ad another bra to wear, and I did have the Walmart front snap bra. It doesn't fit yet, but it remembered my sister-in-law gave me some large sports bras, and they fit. I didn't like the whole "large" thing, but it's a lot more comfortable to wear. I put on an old tank top too, and it fits better. I feel so much lighter on top, and it makes me happy.

Drains are out

Drains are finally out, and I'm not going to lie it hurt. Not horribly bad, but it still hurt. The left side came out with no problems, other than my hubby was supposed to warn me and didn't, and I cried, and he felt bad. The other side gave him problems, bacause the tape was sewn into the stitches, so that took some time to fix before taking out the drain. I took an after picture, and boy can I tell the difference. Now I'm going to lunch with my main squeeze. See ya for now.

6 day post op and feeling good

I'm on my 6th post op day, and I feel good. I keep finding myself staring in the mirror with clothes and without. I think I've said that before, but I can't help myself. I like the way I look. Last night, before going to bed I was telling my hubby that I couldn't wait until to wear cute nighties, and I remember I had one in my drawer. My sister talked me into buying it a long time ago, but never felt sexy enough to wear it. I tried it on last night and It looked really cute on me, and my hubby was smiling. I had him take a picture to show my sister, and then he pretended to take more pics while I did fashions for him, silly guy. It did make me feel really good.

I am still swollen, but it's only been 6 days, I am taking the Bromelain, and pain killers. I don't feel nauseous, and I can move my arms really well. I have to remind myself not to lift them up. I weighed myself yesterday, and I've lost 4lbs since the surgery, partly from the surgery and partly from not eating (nausea). All in all, I feel good.

1 week post op

Feeling self conscious, I had my hubby to look at my boobs last night and I asked him if they looked normal, and he chuckled and said they don't look normal (cause they really aren't, but I was thinking normal for what it is) then I lost it and started crying again, and he felt bad. Physically I'm better, but emotionally I'm a wreck. I feel like a leaky faucet; I'm weepy and I can't turn it off. Is that normal? I'm not sad, or happy, but the waterworks just start flowing out of nowhere. I do not like it at all.

On another note; I work for Weight Watchers, and today I have my official weigh in for the month. I weighed in about five days before my surgery, and I believe I have lost at least 3 lbs. I hope this is right, cause I'd hate for it to be the same after what I just went though. I'm crossing my fingers.

Pedicures make it better

This morning I put on a cute cami and carnigan and I am at the nail salon on a date with the hubster. Sitting on the massage chair, getting a pedicure is relaxing, hanging with my man is relaxing too. I think this going to be a good day.

Body issues

I have a confession to make; I don't have a bad back, and my neck never hurt. I did not have to the PS, because I was never asked that question. I have a body complex. I don't find my body sexy, or attractive, and when I looked at myself I would get really sad. I know some of my friends and family may not understand that, but when you are only 5'2" carrying an extra weight in front of you it makes sense. I hated looking in the mirror, I know some of you understand this.

Since I had the BR I look at myself all the time. I will slowly walk by a mirror just to get a glimpse at how I look now. It nice not carrying the extra weight, but that it's nice I can smile at myself again. It's only been 10 days, but it can already see a difference in how I carry myself. Can anyone else relate to this? I am looking forward to the future, and to see how I will change now that I on the other side.

I don't get a lot of comments on my reviews, but I wanted to. Give myself something to look at when I get to my one year post op. So thanks for listening.

13 days, first post op appointment

Went to my first post op appointment today. My PS is so pleased with his work. He says I look fantastic...and he was all smiles. He took off the old tape, and put on fresh tape too. He set up an appt. for the 2nd and if I'm feeling good, then I can cancel it, and see him when I get back from my Ireland trip. I told him about the website I go to, and after I told him the name if the site, he told me that he went to a conference in Seattle where the guy who created the site was speaking.

After I left the appointment, I thought of all the questions I was going to ask haha, oh well. At least I look good, right? ;-)

Feeling big

When I start feeling like I am still big, I try on something that was snug before, and it reminds me how small I really's a good feeling.

I have a rain jacket that fit snug around my boobs, and when I put it on I found that I tons of room. Yay!! It's a simple reminder of where I came from, and where I will never again.

I'm sore

I'm really getting tired of being sore. It seems like the last few days have been the worse, and I'm wondering if it will ever end. I keep changing bras thinking maybe the bra I'm wearing is too snug. Today I put on a less form fitting bra, and I'm just as sore. There's no getting away from the pain's just a constant burning sensation that won't go away.

The other thing I find myself doing is changing my shirt. If I don't think I'm small enough in the shirt I'm wearing I'll change it maybe two or three times. I'll stare at myself at all angles just to make sure, is that weird? I'll ask my hubby if I look or am small enough. He will look at me and say "you're just as small as the other 100 times you asked" I tell him "I know I'm small, it's just a psychological thing". I can't wait until I'm secure enough in my size (I know I'm small, just have to believe it), so I can go into the next thing.

In the mean time; did I mention how sore I am???

Another before and after pic

I know I'm smaller, you can really tell in the blue dress. I just need to wrap my head around that.

Drain removal instructions, PS art

Here is a picture my PS drew of the incision I would have, and the instructions for the drain removal that was given to my hubby.

Comfy Bra

Found a really comfortable bra

Tape off

My PS told me that when the tape started to pull up I could take the tape off by getting the tape wet in the shower. Tonight decided to do it, and I'm not going to lie, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. It didn't feel good either lol. Now I finally got to see what I look like. The area around the nipple is swollen, but he did a great job. I thought I'd be more excited about the tape being gone, but I have to wrap my head around the way they look. I know this isn't forever. They will look normal eventually. :-(

Make Wise Choices

Today I didn't make wise choices, well just one, well maybe two.

Confession #1: I wore the wrong bra. Yep, I decided to wear the bra I sleep in (a clean one). Not the smartest decision, cause the bra lacks support, and when I took it off I look funny. Looks like I'm wearing my surgical bra tonight.

#2: Stayed too long at the mall. I live on an island, and have to drive an hour to get to the mall. Meeting in clothes with a not so supportive bra wiped me out. I could be out having fun right now, no, I'm in my pjs at 6:30 pm.

#3: ok , there's no #3 yet, but the night is young. I still have time to make another bad choice.

I can wait to feel normal again.

Feeling pretty good

I'm feeling pretty good today. It's amazing how different you feel each week. I am swollen and sore on some days, but each day it gets better. The areoles on the right side is a little puffy on one side. I can see it when I look down at it, but not when I look in the mirror. My hubby says it's because I'm still swollen, but I'm not sure if that's the case. They look great though, so I can't complain.

In my quest to find the perfect bra, I've discovered, at least for myself, that bras are not created equal. Every bra is different, and my boobs look different too. I didn't want to fall into the cup size trap, but I am guilty of it. It should be enough that I am way smaller than I was before I started this adventure. I'm happy with my size, and my hubby is happy that I'm happy, that's all that matters. I can look at myself, and carry myself differently, and I can finally smile.

So at 3-1/2 weeks I'm the happiest I've in years, and it's a good feeling.

Anniversary Date

Tonight I got to dress up, and go to a fancy schmancy restaurant for my 26th anniversary. I tried on at least 4 dresses in my closer before I found the right one. The reason I changed so much wasn't because of my boobs this time. It was because of my belly, which makes me think I need to get back in the gym lol. We had my sister-in-law drive us to the restaurant, and afterward walked home in my cute dress and low healed shoes. I think we walkes about 2 miles. Not sure if that was a good idea since I am only 3-1/2 weeks post op, but I did have a really nice time with my hubby. I did take an ibuprofen before I left, and depending on how I feel before going to be, I might take my last Vicodin. Right now I feel pretty good, so we will see.

Feeling Frustrated

I'm sore where the incision is, and I can't tell if it's an itchy feeling or something else. It's kind of bothering me. Last night I was checking my incision and I realize it wasn't as clean as it should be from all the sweat, so I got out the dial soap and lightly washed under my boobs. I also stared at myself a long time in the mirror, and realized one boob seems bigger than the other, and they don't look normal to me. They looked beautiful after the BR, they were nice and round. Now they kind of look like a cone, and they point out instead of center. My right areole seems lopsided, and puffy on one side when I look down at it, but I don't see it when I look in the mirror.

I'm going to Ireland in a week, and I'm hoping the touristy stuff won't get to me at the end of the night. I thought about asking the PS if there was something I could take at night, cause that's when I'm usually the sorest. Taking Ibrupofin at night doesn't seem to help. Not sure if he will give me something, but I could ask.

I'm really getting tired of being sore all the time. I just want it to stop. I want to look and feel normal again.

So many changes in 4 weeks

I am 4 weeks post op. It seems like just yesterday I was using a pillow to drive, swollen to the point of being uncomfortable, red, numb, zingers, chaffing...oh wait, that's still happening haha.

About the swelling: I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she told me to take Bromelain in the morning with water and no food for 30 minutes, and that made a difference. About bra size: I don't think, in my opinion, that you can you know your true cup size until the swelling goes down, which isn't for months. I have been trying to figure out what size I am, and I'm finding it depends on the day. I need to be patient. I need to trust in my PS.

I have come a long way in 4-weeks, but I still have a way to go. Looking forward to seeing the changes in the next month.

Being brave

Ok, so I'm going to be brave and post a pic in my bra. I am a modest a person and a bit of a prude lol, but I like the way I look this morning. I can't believe I was an H in my previous life. #onedayatatime #lookinggood

Surgical Bra

Here's the surgical bra I wear. Super comfy.

Today was a good day

Today I went to Macy's, and I found the bras I used to buy. I friend on a 34H, a 34D and a 34C, and the only one that fit was the 34C, whoop!! After I left there I went to Victoria Secret, and got a fitting. I am a 34C, I could go down to a 32, but the cup size is a D, so I opted not to do that. The gal told me that 32D is the same as a 34C, I am not sure how that equates, but I'd rather go up a band size then go up a cup size. So today I bought my first ever Victoria Secret bra, and it feels so good.



5 Week post op

I went to my 5-week post op appointment today. My PS says I look fantastic, and my incisions look good. I asked him about bra size, he said I won't really know what size I am until the swelling goes down, which won't be for a couple months. He said not to invest a lot of money on bras right now, because they are still changing.

5-1/2 weeks post op

I'm 5-1/2 weeks post and I'm on my way to Ireland. Spent the night near the airport, and so far I'm doing well. I changed my bra (of course), and put my the other bra in my carry-on. I'm hoping I'll be comfortable enough, so I don't have to change the bra on the plane.

This morning was fun: my SIL's (sister-in-law) got to see my new boobs. One of my SIL's wishes she would have seen them before, so she could compare them lol. I was really modest and embarrassed by them, so no one got to see them. Now I don't care who knows. Well, that's not entirely true. I wouldn't show the mailman (I live in a small town, don't you know haha).

Good luck to everyone who is going to have their surgery while I'm gone. You'll do great. Happy healing.

Plane ride, was it too much?

Well, the airplane ride was fun and exciting. I decided not to wear the surgical bra the first part of the trip. I figured I could change it when we got to New York, but that didn't happened. We landed late, then we had to run to check into the next flight, and one thing lead to another (misplaced baggage check ticket and passport among other things), and we almost missed our flight. Fortunately the gals at the gate were nice and waited. As soon as we got in the air I ran to the bathroom, well walked fast with bra in hand, and changed. Although I'm in a Bette bra, I am sore from walk/running fast, sweating, and whatever else. Ugh, I am miserable. I'm so glad I have Tylenol #3, I really hope it kicks in fast. Not sure how much I can take.

Well, we finally arrived at 5:30 am, and boy am I sore. Not sure traveling when you are only 5-1/2 weeks post op is a good idea. I'm thankful for pain meds lol. We rested a bit, then took a train to a castle. It's about 5 pm now, and our day isn't over. I did change bras (what a surprise), hope it helps. At least we're having fun.

All is well, but my boobs are sore

Man are my boobs sore today. I didn't sleep well last, and I just woke up sore. I can tell a tell is either trying to make it's way up, or I have an irritated scab that bothering me.We went to Mount Usher Garden, and I felt like I needed to hold up my boobs to releave some of the pressure off the bottom of them. Now I'm hanging out in the room while my sister and SIL's walk down to the strand (beach). Tomorrow we are flying to Scotland, and I'm hoping I won't be as sore. Maybe traveling so soon, wasn't a great idea. I can't wait until I feel normal again.

BTW, thank you

Most people on Facebook don't know I got a boob job, so thank you for letting me share my trip, while complaining about my boobs. Haha

Still Vacationing.

We went to Scotland for a couple of days. There are cobblestone roads here, so the the roads are a bit uneven. The first day I wore my purse across my chest, and by the end of the night I was really sore. The next day I decided to leave my purse in my room, and carry the backpack instead. I really did make a difference. The first couple days we walked everywhere, and on one day we walked about 8 miles. My feet hurt more than my feet on that day lol. We walked down to the Royal Mile, and up to a castle. Then we walked to other way through a cemetery, and up to Carlton Hill Park, and back down to our room. I was a little uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad. I figured out that I am more uncomfortable when I'm overheated, and sweating. Today I've had some zingers, and that's about it. I did change my bra, but not my shirt, so I'm getting better.

One more week and we will be heading home. We are supposed to see a castle, go on a two day bus tour, go to the Guinness factory, and shop. I think I can make it as long as I have my ibuprofen where I can get to it. Here's to hoping.

At the end of the day my boobs hurt

Took a two hour ride to the Waterford Crystal factory. It was a lovely drive. We saw sheep and rolled hay (or as I call it, toasted marshmallows). There was a festival going on, and we had a good time....but with all the driving, and with my boobs bouncing around my boobs hurt. Fortunately, we didn't do much tonight, so I turned in early. I took my last Tylenol #3 (bummer), and I hope I wake up refreshed, and ready to go.

I have noticed the last few days, that my boobs have softened somewhat. I still have swelling where the lipo was done, but my boobs are bouncing. I know that's a good sign. Maybe I'll be able to find a real bra when I get home. Let's hope anyway.

Going home, feeling good

Well, I'm heading home tomorrow. This trip has been fun, and I really haven't had any real bad days. I do think I need to find a more fitting bra than I have for my day use. The one I sleep is a Bali U Comfort bra which I love die night time, but doesn't work for the day. I had a bra that fits, but it's padded, and I don't like the padded bras. They make me look bigger, and I don't want to look bigger. Other than the bra thing, I've been fine.

I've noticed I am more bouncy now, and my boobs have soften a lot. I can tell the swelling has gone down a lot, and only some days I feel it. I'm really starting to feel normal again, and I hope it gets better as the days pass.

Thought I was turning a corner

I thought I was turning a corner or over a hump in the healing process, but then something happened. I'm not sure what, but my boobs are swollen and sore to the point of tears. Not sure if it was from the bra I wore, or traveling home from Ireland, or the drive home from the airport. I just know I hurt, and to think I was finally starting g to feel normal. :-(

Thanks for the concern

Thanks for the concern everyone. I think southernswingers is right about the travel. I feel like I went backwards in the healing process. My boobs feel like a peach that is soft to the touch, but is really hard on the inside. I don't know if that makes sense, but that's how I don't know how else to explain it. I change bras (go figure), take Bromelain and ibuprofen, let them hang out without anything constricting them, and it helps a little (and I do mean a little. I didn't know what else to do? I thought about calling my PS, but what good will that do? I just want to feel normal, and not hurt.

Went to the gym

I went to the gym for the first time since my BR in July, and took a Zumba class. I put on my new Victoria Secret Spirts Bra, size 34C, and braved it. It felt good to get back into a class. I am too afraid to lift my arms up all the way, but I did what I could with the arms. I am proud of myself for going, and I can't wait until I go back. I gotta lose my travel weight, you know lol

Going into my 3 month post op

Going into my 3rd month post, I realized a few things: 1. I buy a lot of bras, then I take them back. Why? Because I am still trying to find that perfect bra that I won't change at some point in the day. I wish I could buy bras like I buy try them on, and walk around the shoe department to make sure they're comfortable. 2. My boobs are soft on the outside, and hard on the inside. It's like the peach you just bought, because it was soft on the outside, but when you cut it opened, it was still hard in the center. It could have stayed on the tree a little bit longer. 3. I feel best in the morning. I am the most sore at the end of the day, snce I am a back sleeper my boobs lay flat all night. When I get up in the morning, them are well rested and thank me. Then it starts all over again.

By 3 months post, you should get the bounce back in your boobs. you arent as sore, and you should normal again. The soreness will be minimal, and you won't need to take a pain pill quite as often (some people are don't take pain pills at all). I have a low pain tolerance, so I still take ibuprofen on occasion. All in all, you'll feel fantastic.

4 Months Post BR

I can't believe in almost 4 months since I had my breast reduction. I'm feeling pretty good. The swelling almost gone, and I feel pretty good. I'm back at the gym, and the only thing I hestitate doing is the Superman pose. My boobs are still a little hard on the inside, so laying on them like that isn't comfortable yet. I'm getting close though. I can finally sleep on my side. I am 90% back sleeper, and being able to use the 10% on my side is awesome.

Today I got bikini top in the mail (already had the bottoms+tankini). I used to wear a bathing suit with underwire. I am glad I don't have to wear it anymore.

Life is good

6 Months Post and Loving it

I am about 6 months post BR now, and I feel great. I can't believe that 6 months ago I was a 32H. It's hard to imagine I was ever that big. It is so nice to be normal. Every once in a awhile I look at myself and think "am I really that small?" It's amazing!

I am a 34C now. I was told months ago by Victoria Secret that I was either a 32D or a 34C. I can't bring myself to try on the 32D, so I went up a band size. Lately though, I've been wanting to try one on, but I'm afraid the D will fit. I know it's ridiculous to be afraid of one size, but its a "D". I think this weekend will be the weekend I suck it up, and try it. Heck, I might even try an underwire bra.

At 6 months post I am still a little sore especially is I lay on it wrong. Tonight I trip over the rug, went forward, and my boob landed smack dab on the top spool of a chair. I can tell you that really hurt. Word of advice, don't do that. HAHA Other than that, I am doing well.
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