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I resheduled my breats reduction until Oct so I...

I resheduled my breats reduction until Oct so I could lose weight first. I was @ 210lbs and im now @ 200lbs hoping to be between 170-180lbs by the time my surgery comes around. 5'7 40DD Im so excited and cant wait to enjoy my new body. Things i do think about... Will they be to small for my fame? Will i ever get the sensation back in my nipples? Hope im making the right decision and they finish off health and the same size? Can't wait just to be able to exercise without the extra weight and wearing two bras (exhale)

pic of my 42DD but im sure there larger





excited, can't waig

Im sooo excited and can't wait for Oct to come. My boobs are irritating my stomach where they hang due to it being so hot. My back is hurting so bad and my neck is killing me. One of my cuzzins had hers done last month and she had a minimum of pain. Every day i get dress i push them in and picture myself with smaller ones. Dresses i just put to the side and wont wear again until my bobbies are small and cute. I was look at cute little bars yesterday like oh my God. Yes at first i was stuck up on if i dont lose this weight im not going to do it. Im still trying to lose the weight. But if im not at my target goal by Oct. im still going through with it. Anything smaller than these DDD will be better. Im hoping I end up in a C cup. Anxiously waiting!!!

:( i want it all gone

I wish so much i was getting lipo on my love handles, flanks, under my arm, tummy tuck. Then take all that fat and put it into my prefect booty. A girl could wish right. Going to do my research tomorrow

a lil over 4wks left

So today i went to the gym for bootcamp. Can u say heavy!!! I had to run around the gym and do jump in jacks. Im trying to complete this by holding my boobies with one hand. The trainer tells me to just turn around so i could use both hands. The problem wasn't people seeing them bounce. The problem was there to heavy to be jumping. I CAN NOT WAIT TILL NEXT MONTH!!! The more weight i lose the more my back hurts. I'm down 23lbs @ 187lb, 17 lbs before surgery to go. I think i can i think i.can... I believe my goal is 160 ~ almost down to one month left I'm just wondering should i be seeing my doctor this month any. I'm not schedule till next month a couple of days before the surgery. Is that normal? What kind of questions should I be asking. I so can't wait to be on the other side. Come on tummy u can shrink

Post-op Monday ~ Okay so im really on the count down :-)

Oh my God im really this close. Im excited because i have losg 23lbs going from 210 to 187 and i know my boobies kind hide the weight i've lost. But i also has down 2 cup sizes. From a 42F (which i found out i was) to a 38DD fitting easy. But my stomach, back fat, and fat under my arms is still there. Im so nerves do to.the weight lost there going to be so small and the rest of me is going to be so round. & i have no butt lmbo... Well either way im still going on to adventure off to theother side. My back.is really killing me now due to them being more saggy now. Exercise has become more of a struggle. The things i should be worried about is not botherine me right now. But im sure after Monday which is my post-op. I'm sure things will change. Any question i should surely ask? Oh this count down is real :-) excited. I will take pic of me in some dresses thats in the back of the closets and some bras so we will have before and after pics. Pray for me yall as I'll continue to pray for us.


Omg i am so excited. I havent seen my doc for my surgery since last yr. I am so excited right now my stomach is tossing and turning. I've wroten down a couple of questions so i wouldnt forget any thing. I cant believe this time wk after next i will be crossed over. This morning was the first time i could feel that i've lost weight. My smaller boobies are going to even things out. I so can not wait. Another thing im looking forward to is the sleeping and relaxing part. Oh yes i get a break. I pray everything goes well and my boobies come out perfect.


I did the Culver City stairs and hiked yesterday and all i could think of is this time next wk my girls will be much lighter. I am sooooo excited. Going to get my bras maybe tomorrow. I will post up when i do find them. Oh yesss count down. I so jope they come out perfect

a few more hrs... yesss

ok so I went in yesterday for my markings. i've been so excited all day. 7hrs from now i will be crossed over. I am to report in at 5:30am and my surgery is at 7:30. i did not buy a sports bra because i didn't to get one to small or to big. Just looking at the markings i am already so happy. OMG... i can't believe this day is really here. i've put this off so many times. I started at 215lbs and my final weight is 186. 6lbs to my goal but its cool because after i cross over and heal up im on. Fatten this belly and tone up... oh yessssss

Must be up in 21/2... hrs ok im out

tired now so i will post more pic tomorrow if im feel like it. if not i will post and put ofhter pictures soon

drains removed

got my drains took out today. yes it did hurt for my lefty tube was really long. im really tired so i will update tomorrow
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