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I go in this morning for a full avelar tummy tuck...

I go in this morning for a full avelar tummy tuck with micro contouring of upper, mid, lower abs, bra back flanks and hips, I have many before pics and will post them sometime during post op.

I have two teens, am 46, 5" 3 and 155 lbs Pre-op. my goal is to be down 2 sizes post op and after my second procedure which includes outer and inner thighs in about 8 weeks.

I am on a waiting list in case of cancellations but I don't foresee me being ready for the second procedure until at least 5 weeks out to give my body time to heal.

Before pictures

So now that I have more time and am not so drugged up, here are my before pictures. I had an issue today where I had more than pink tinged fluid coming out. I think it was from a cough I have because I have mucus on my bronchial tubes. So next I will post my one day post op since they changed my dressing while I was there.

One day post op

Here I am one day post op. I feel more bruised than I look. I can't believe the difference so far and I am still quite swollen.

Okay, I have a few more pictures to share

Some of these are more Pre op and two post op today. I guess it would be post op day 1,

Day two post op

I'm really tired today, but I have been able to go to the bathroom by myself.. I look a shower today. It felt great but I was a bit nervous to take all my bindings off. Plan a full hour for your first shower to enjoy and time to fully dry before putting the compression garment back on with the bind. I have also been able to get myself up from the couch and bed without too much assistance. Super tired today so that's all for now.

3 days PO

I'm still really tired. I feel so bloated and swollen. I still have this cough that brings up phlegm from my chest and that is the most uncomfortable part. I can't wait to take a show in a bit to take all this off and see how swollen I really am.

PO Day 3

I am getting up out of bed with less pain and am down to one Vicodin ever 6 hours; I'm still looking for a replacement that won't tear up my stomach. I still have phlegm coming up when I cough and it hurts more than anything else. I just make sure I am sitting upright and cross my arms over my body to support my stomach stitches.

PO day 4

Oh, the swelling! Please tell me it will be better soon. My CG was creating a blister by the zipper due to too much swelling, so I've resorted to the binder with some compression syle panties and I feel better. In addition I've put on yoga pants and feel pretty together right now. I think that I should have bought the extra garment one size up.

PO day 5

Finally after laxatives I've had a BM. I hope now some of this swelling will go down. Has anyone had an iss above the belly button swelling?

My BB close.up

My belly lying. Down

PO day 7 or 8

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I have bruising, swelling, and hardness both above and below my belly button. I am glad that I am finally seeing my PS tomorrow for my 1 week PO visit. I am concerned it my be excess fluid, or, worse ripped MR during some of my coughing fits although I tried to anticipate them so I could sit down and place a pillow at my belly to get the phlegm up. Wish me luck. I will write more tomorrow about my experience and what I've done to try and prepare for the best results possible. Three nights ago when the bruising came up I was all weepy and my hubby didn't know what he could do for me, thanks for being there and all your support.

PO day 8 what I've learned at the office

I made the right choice to go up a CG garment size three days ago; the CG was too tight and made issues worse. My healing scar is looking good but it looks like I do have a hemotoma in my upper belly area and my Dr said it is best to leave it alone and let the healing process work to allow it to be absorbed by the body. I definitely have two distinct bubbles around midline one above and one below with dark bruising but he said he can see it is starting to heal. He has recommended benedryl cream to massage into my skin where it is blotchy and irritated. Everywhere steri-strips touched you see raised red skin. I did this once I got home and my skin feels So much better. :). Ah, the relief. Also, he recommended that I us oral benedryl for the itch and can also take Zantac at the same time to give a boost to the itch prevention.

I forgot to include the front shot

PO day 8 more swollen and bruised in the belly than day 2 but almost all bruising elsewhere is gone. I am still tender from lipo but started to massage myself today and it feels so good!

BTW ladies, I can't wait for lipo on inner and outer thighs and knees and BA

Then my mommy makeover will be complete; scheduled for October. Happy healing everyone!

My belly one day PO

Sorry, I thought I posted these. Well, I'm off pain meds and taking Tylenol extra strength about every three hours.

I'm thinking tomorrow I am going to attempt to meet with my PS

So, the fullness and bruising has done little to diminish and the midline of my Betty seems ro be bulging more, more pronounced and hard. Did any of you have this kind of swelling with hematoma? I'm scared. I may post a collage of belly picks and ask the doctors.

Day5 - 8 - 10 comparison

Compare these to post op day 1.

How long did you take stool softeners?

I'm still taking them and an occasional laxative.

Update: I've been cleared for regular day to day activities. I am aggressively massaging myself and it feels so good. I think I have some feeling coming back because I've been so itchy. Taking Benadryl and Zantac in combo at night is really helping to keep the itching at bay and helping me sleep. I thought I was going to be on pain pills for ever, but I have four left over from the 30 that was provided in prescription. Yay! I switched to extra strength Tylenol and TylenolPM at night and as of three days ago haven't been on any pain meds. I used the tremeel pills and cream recommended by my Dr and feel it has done wonders for my bruising. I am also taking vitamin c, bromalain and turmeric (450 2xD), trameel pills 3xD, zinc, vitamin D (I'm low so I take 5000ius). Hope this helps ladies!

Day 17 pictures

I've been up and about more and went to the gym today. Yay! I was able to get 30 minutes in on the eliptical machine. I don't have today's photos but am posting day 17 PO. My belly looks much better and I am wearing my first post op garment.

My second surgery is moved up -- 17 days and counting

I'm so excited that a new date has come available for my second surgery and it is happening on 9-26. Here are some updated pictures for 26 days post op from my 1st. My BB needed a little help so I picked up a pearl that looked like the right size. I think my BB looks better now.

Scar away, scar guard pr something else

I've been using the scar away strips for two weeks and my belly was itching in areas around where they were, a
I also have scar guard recently and I don't have the itchiness like before, but does it work as well? Here are my latest pics.

Two days until my 1 month follow up - pics to be taken

Hi ladies, they are combining my one month follow up appointment from my first surgery with my fitting and PS consult for my second surgery which will be in a week from then. I hope to get them to send me my before and after photos so that I can post side by side comparisons instead of my best try at representative photos.

I am excited and and nervous about my second surgery. I hope it goes well and am looking forward most to the reduction in my thighs which is where I've always carried my most weight. My hope is that it gives me that hourglass shape without being too bottom heavy like I am now.

See my other review which where I will post details about my second surgery

From here on out I will just be postimg updates on my progress. I want to lose more weight by working out and eating right with my goal of getting to 135 and a size 6. I will have to put this plan on hold until I recover from surgery #2.

Picture time!

I am so excited to share my one month results! I don't hacve befores From the doctors office yet so I just used mine as a side vby side comparison. I am still quite swollen below my belly button and in my flanks and hips. They told me that I should be thrilled by my 3 month appointment as much of the healing and swelling should resolve by then. I loved my results so much that I am having my thighs done when I get my BA; only; 3 days and a wake up!

Sorry for the typos

I really need to put my contacts in, lol...

Scar progression

Hello ladies, some of you have been interested in how my scars are progressing. I feel that my TT scar has gotten worse since my second surgery probably due to swelling; I have a "w" starting where before it was a thin straight line. I've attached a collage showing the day after, 1 mo, 1 1/2 mo, and at the 3 month mark. I've been using the Bio cream about once a day and while I like how smooth my scar is, I would like to see it fading more. Perhaps I should up it to twice a day? I wish my skin was less sensitive then I could us the strips which would be quicker! Any tips for supplements I could take in conjunction to the direct scar treatment? As for how my tummy feels, I have some days when my tummy is soft and flat and others when I feel a hardness between my belly button and sternum. Also, some days when my stomach feels normal again and others where i feel tightness and some numbness. I am going to use vela-shape to get rid of some cellulite on my legs and work on breaking down residual scar tissue. I hope you are all well and/or healing! A call out to Sissy48, thinking of you in these difficult time (hugs). cheers to all
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