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I'm a 27year old mom of an awesome 11 year old...

I'm a 27year old mom of an awesome 11 year old boy and beautiful 6 year old girl. I'm 5ft 2in and weigh 115 lbs. Scheduled for a full tt w/ muscle repair and breast lift and augmentation in 7 days and I am freaking out! At first, time couldn't by go fast enough. I was ready and have been waiting for this for 11 years. Now that it's about here I am scared to death! I know I still want this it's just setting in that its no longer a day dream, ITS REALLY GONNA HAPPEN!!!

My story is this: I got pregnant with my son at 15 years old. I have a very small build and he was a 8lb 9oz baby. I got huge! Not only my belly but my poor boobies. I started at a barely B and went up to a DDD! My weight started at 105 and ended at 175! I got down to about 125 when I met my now husband and got pregnant again at 21. And I gained the weight again. Right back up to 175. I stayed this for about 2 years before I was just sick of being fat. I hit the gym at least 5 days a week for 2 hours a day and got down to 110. I was soooo happy with the way I looked (with my clothes on) without the clothes I was a saggy mess :( I talked w/ my husband about getting a tt since I met him. I even had a consultation when I was 22 I was so excited! But life happened and we just couldn't afford it. My husband assured me that it would still happen we just had to wait. 5 years latter I had given up on it being a real possibility. It was a day dream (often voiced) to the hubby, lol. But in my mind just not a reality. Well that awesome man of mine has been saving and HAS made it a reality!!! I went crazy I was so excited.

I had my consult in September and time has flown by! The reviews I have read on here have been wonderful and have answered a lot of my questions already. But I think this is just something I have to experience to really understand. I am so nervous but I'm ready for a new me with confidence. Something I have not had for a long time. Thanks for listening and best of luck to all of you.

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