26 - 125lbs - Need Fat GONE for a Vacation in July! Bellevue, WA

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Backstory: I have had "weird fat" since I was a...

I have had "weird fat" since I was a little girl (thanks for the genes mom and dad!) but still on the petite side. Fat upper arms, chubby tummy, and love handles. But skinny. Does that make sense?!?!? I have somehow managed to never wear sleeveless shirts, bikinis, or anything that might give my secret away. It's so terrible hiding parts of your body all of the time. I just want to feel free and comfortable! My normal weight is around 115, but I'm in a relationship with no anxiety so I have gained a little extra winter weight. No matter how much I exercise or diet, I still have my "weird fat". But I'm done with it now. I am going on a long, romantic, vacation on the Caribbean sea in early July and I need to look my absolute best. I figure this is probably one of my last years getting this opportunity to have the body I feel comfortable in. Then comes the kiddos. That being said, I'm eating clean, cutting all alcohol and sugar, doing barre 4 times a week, and getting some extra help in my problem areas.

The Treatment:
So, I've done countless hours of research, went to a CoolSculpting consultation, heard terrible things about it, then heard that a new laser was coming out...SculpSure! There are only two offices that have it in Washington State right now so it was pretty easy to choose one. I went with the office with the board certified Plastic Surgeon, and not the OBGYN (?!?!?) I scheduled the consultation with ease, but this laser is brand spanking new, they got it in one month ago. I asked how many people they've done it on and that number was 10...including their staff...so...I just trusted my research skills and went for it. When I went in, I could definitely tell it was new for them. The nurse was perfectly nice but had me complete the consent forms before ever discussing the procedure with me? No biggie...just weird signing your body away before making any decisions. Changed into a gown and the world's most unflattering underwear. Purposefully cutting into the love handles. Took some pictures and discussed what I wanted. My main priority is my arms, but so far I haven't seen any good results with arms and Sculpsure. The doctor confirmed he didn't know if I would get the results I wanted. Bummer. So I decided to do my abdomen, wait a couple weeks to see if I see any changes, then do my flanks. If anyone has any recommendations of my arms, please let me know! I might just have to go for the CoolSculpting. They laid me down and strapped me up, I was getting nervous because I heard there was some people who had really bad pain. Turned on and...felt quite nice actually. It got warmer and warmer and got to a point where I felt a little tingly, but still fine. The nurse and doctor were giving each other looks when I asked to "turn it up!! feels great!" - went up to a higher level and relaxed for 25 minutes. I'm almost worried that because it wasn't at all comfortable that it's not going to be as effective. Made a 6 week follow up appointment and went home with a smile on my face. It's now been about 2 hours since the treatment and it feels...squishy maybe? Maybe that's swelling? No tenderness, just maybe a bit of bloat. I will continue to update, because that helped me so much in making my decision to go through with this being that it's so new and there is so little out there in terms of real patient testimony. Thank you all that reviewed! You are saints! I am including my photos, I took most after I already had the procedure so there might be a little bloat included. I'll try and take more with better lighting.

Oh! Also, I did 3 applicators on lower belly and one right above my belly button.

I really still want to rid of my love handles (make me look so wide) and my arms (not proportionate to my body) so any advice would be loved.

3 week update

It's officially been 3 weeks - the time is really dragging! I don't think I'm seeing any differences, I was really hoping to be one of those lucky folks that started seeing some results early! Still 3 more weeks to where I *should* be seeing something. I can't help but feel a little disappointed, I was hoping for a bit of a clue that it would actually work. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I had no pain, tenderness, or soreness after the procedure. I wonder what that means? Nothing? I guess in some cases you don't experience any discomfort. I actually decided to do CoolSculpting last week for my arms, since there are NO SculpSure arm pictures to be found. It wasn't bad at all. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance? I didn't think I did, but I'll take it.

I still need to do my flanks but I am torn between SculpSure and CoolSculpting. Hopefully I see some changes soon and can choose then.

4.5 weeks

So - I got back from a weekend out of town and am having the worst hormonal bloating of my life and feel extra large around my middle. It honestly feels like there is any less fat down there, sometimes I think there might be more than before, but I took some pics and they look like something might have worked? It's weird because the pictures make me look skinnier now, but I am actually an inch bigger around the belly button? I'll let you all be the judge. Next Thursday is my 6 week mark and I am PRAYING I see a significant result. Right now it looks like maybe like a flattening or redistribution of the fat without actually losing any? I can still pinch the same amount :( Drinking water like crazy! I feel like I am seeing more of a change in my arms that I CoolSculpted 3 weeks ago than the SculpSure of my abdomen 4.5 weeks ago.

7 week update - pretty dissapointed

So it's been 7 weeks officially and I have to say I'm pretty dissapointed. I did 3 applicators on my lower stomach below my belly button and one horizontally right above my belly button and have seen absolutely no fat loss in the areas treated. I have been eating EXTREMELY well and working out like crazy and have dropped 7lbs - my waist is smaller (as you can see) but that's where I lose my weight. Still same fat rolls and volume in the area I treated. SO sad about this as I really, really wanted to finally make at least a small difference in this area. Again, hoping something changes in the next few weeks. Am really happy with how the rest of my body is looking from the diet and excessive, but this is how I always look at this weight.
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