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I've been dreaming of having a tummy tuck since I...

I've been dreaming of having a tummy tuck since I was 20 after my son was born and I never got my body back. 13 years later I'm finally doing it! I met with Dr Egrari in Bellevue, WA and set my date that day.
I decided to have a lift and implants done as well. I have my pre-op 3 days and surgery in 16 days. It's all happening so soon! I still don't know what size I want to go for my implants. When I first discussed it with my ps he said 275-300 but most people wish they had gone bigger. I'm thinking maybe 330? I am having a hard time deciding but my lift will take away most of my breast and I don't want to be smaller than I am. I also don't want to be too heavy and have my breast make me look fat so I'm just not sure if the right size and will probably let my ps give me his best recommendation and use that.

9 days and getting so nervous

I started to panic last night. I really appreciate all the feedback and info from this site but I know I have a long recovery ahead of me from all the stories I've read. It also seems I will have some doubts in my future after the surgery, as it seems almost everyone does. I just hope it's worth it. I have lost weight and I'm happy with the way I look with clothes on. I get compliments on my breast which happen to be real right now. I have always hated my stomach but my boobs are fine. They sag and all but they don't bother me much. Having all this work done when I'm pretty content with my body and knowing I'm going to be dealing with recovery for months... I'm just freaking out!!
I also know that I haven't given myself enough time to rest. I'm going back to work a week after surgery. I wish someone would tell me that it's not that bad.

Adding my first pic... Hopefully I'll get comfortable enough to add other pictures for before and after. They have helped me so much in this site. Belly shot; my least favorite body part. My belly button has two scars from gall bladder surgery. I hope that can be somewhat fixed.

I did it!

Yesterday was my surgery. I never used to think of plastic surgery as a real surgery. Oh my gawd, I was so wrong. I can't wait for them to take the bandages off and see the results. I had a last minute change of hear and told the doc he could go bigger on my implants as long as they oil good and don't make me too heavy. I was told he went 360cc instead of 280cc like we had originally discussed. I'm really excited to see them and hope I don't look boob fat. I trust my doctor and I know I will be happy with his choice. (Fingers crossed)
I will as some un-bandaged pics tomorrow.

Day 2

I had my surgery yesterday. I went back and forth on the size of cc's I wanted and initially we talked about 280-300 but at the last minute I told him I would be comfortable going a little bigger as long as it didn't make me boob fat and top heavy. He's such a great doctor I left it in his hands. He went with 360cc and I'm so happy he did. I know they are swollen and will start to look different in the next couple weeks but I'm soooo very happy that he went bigger!
The tummy tuck is so wonderful- my sister cried when they unwrapped it. She was so happy for me. I couldn't be happier!!

Day 5

I thought I'd update because I've made it 5 whole days inside my house without going completely crazy...kinda...
Yesterday was the last day on Percocet and now I'm supposed to go down to something more mild which is fine because the pain is less intense. My breasts feel like they are getting bigger but maybe it's just because i'm feeling them now. I still haven't seen my stomach since Tuesday and I'm dying to see it! I've been doing a lot of sleeping in my chair with my legs up in these leg compressor things. I go back and forth with my emotions on whether or not my breasts are too big and basically I just need to get over it. It is what it is and they look good, even if they are bigger than i initially wanted.

7 days post-op

Today was a big day. I went back to work today which was exhausting and then I had my one week follow up and I got my drains out. I feel like a new person. I also got to see my stomach for the first time since Tuesday and I'm in love!!! The nurse says I'm still pretty swollen... Wha???? I think I look like a whole new person!!

And 7 day breast pic.

They are healing so well, I never expected it to happen so quickly. I had stretch marks already. None of these are new. The nurse said its time to start massaging them. 4 times a day- ten minutes each time. So time consuming!! I like where they sit, I hope they don't drop too low.

I am so happy with my decision to have Egrari as my surgeon. I had a consultation at the end of June. At the time I only planned on getting a TT because I was nervous about the thought of implants but he put my mind at ease. I have decided to have a TT and BL w/ BA. I was able to schedule for the end of July. Since the consultation I have sent two emails that the doctor has replied to and answered all my questions. I was able to have my pre-op appointment on the phone due to an inflexible work schedule and that was great. Things have been seamless so far and I am hoping the procedure and recovery will be just as wonderful. I have complete confidence in my choice. The staff is professional, friendly and available to answer questions and address any concerns.

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