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Although I have a pretty decent body, there were...

Although I have a pretty decent body, there were areas that I've never liked and that have gotten worse over the years. Even as a teen ager, I could be described as "all gut and no butt".

Recently, I've hated how I looked in jeans and dresses (muffin top, icky hips) so I decided to dip into my savings for Liposuction I went to Athenix in Bellevue Wa. I started off going there because of a Groupon for Vela Shape. That didn't work for me at all. After much internal debate, I decided I wanted to like myself for the next 30-40 years and made a consultation appointment.

I'm bad with names, but the gal who met with me was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. She went through all of the areas that I wanted treated (I had looked at tons of before and after pictures) and she gave me a quote. It was more than I had hoped and I decided to think about it for awhile.

I finally decided to go for it and made my surgery appointment. One note here is that you do have to go in for some blood work before your surgery. Mine cost about $300.00 so put that in your budget.

Next I went in for my pre-op. Basically, just a ton of paperwork and a little information about what would happen the day of. One complaint here is that they didn't make copies of all of the forms I signed for me to take home, so honestly I can't remember even a fraction of it. I did have to call to confirm this appointment as I did not receive a call from them. The disappointing thing though was that the receptionist rather loudly announced my balance due. There were several people in the waiting room and I was uncomfortable with them know just how much I needed done.

I had my procedure yesterday. The nurse that checked me in - Katie - was great. She joked just enough to be appropriate, put up with my nervous rambling and put me at ease. My doctor, Dr Bullis came in and drew his magic lines all over me. I asked way too many questions but he was happy to answer them The check in was fast! I was in the OR room within 30 minutes.

The procedure was OK. It was NOT painless. Some areas were but there were places where the numbing drugs did not work and OUCH. I kept telling myself over and over that it was worth it and just put up with the pain. They did show me the amount of fat extracted and frankly I was pleased to see a big bag of gunk. The nurses, Katie, Bonita and one more were very comforting and found a extra warming blanket for me when I started to really shake. The "happy" drugs didn't really work on me either and I felt totally awake and aware the entire time.

Post Op was a little awkward. All of a sudden it was just over. The Dr. had disappeared and a new nurse came in to push out what fluid she could - yuck, I know and put the dressings on. Then, the got me into my compression garment which I thought I would hate, but 24 hours later I am very thankful for. I am anxious to take a show (I'm pretty icky) and was that before I put it back on. I was wheeled to my care takers car although I'm sure I could have walked and off we went.

Although I felt fine immediately after the procedure, once the OR meds started wearing off I had a couple of really tough hours. You WILL need a caretaker. The pain was pretty bad there for a while. Take your pain meds - it's not worth trying to be tough. I went strait to bed and basically was there until this morning. I couldn't sleep so that was a bummer, but I think I staying in bed too much. I became very stiff which on top of the pain is not a good thing. Getting up, even rolling to my side was tough! On top of that, even though I've been drinking a ton of water as suggested, I cannot urinate. I sure hope that wears off soon.

It has only been not even a full day, so I don't know if the procedure was "worth it", though there is no way I can't look better after seeing what they took out. I just hope it is close to what I'm hoping for. I will post again with my progress.

48 hours post procedure

Yes, the first 36 hours were tough. More so than expected. Sleep, because of the pain, was impossible the first night.

The first day after the procedure it dawned on me that I should have been using Arnica from the start (maybe even before) and picked some up. It does help with the pain and swelling and hopefully will reduce the bruises also. I am very bruised mostly on my sides and thighs.

I'm off the prescription pain killers. I only used them a few times as I was itchy head to toe when on them. I've switched to a combination of Tylenol and Aleve which seems to keep most of the pain at bay. I would say my pain has decreased by about 30 percent since yesterday.

Dr. Bullis called me at 4:00 yesterday about 30 hours post procedure. He was just checking to see how I was doing and asked all appropriate questions and answered mine.

I walked yesterday and today (24 and 36 hours post). The walks were not too difficult and it felt nice to get out. I am hoping to continue those daily.

So far so good! Anxious to see how I look at the 30 day mark. I feel pretty confident at this point that I will be pleased.

Four days post procedure

I was a bit sad yesterday when I took off my compression garment and looks much bigger than I had on day one and day 2. Hopefully, it is just swelling that will go back down. My bruising is still significant and I think it will take weeks to go away. I really liked what I saw 24 hours post procedure and am not as happy now. I must be patient.

The pain continues to decrease daily. I'm still uncomfortable especially if I don't use pain meds but it is much better. I head back to work tomorrow, so hopefully that will go well.

My main complaint at this point is constipation. Is it the pain meds, a result of the meds during the procedure, what?? I'm trying all of the typical things to get back to normal but it has been four days and I don't like that. I'm sitting here typing while my CG is in the wash and it feels nice to be "free", but I'll be good and put it right back on. I am going to do my best to stay in that thing 24/7 for 10 more days. No real issues, just anxious about the final results.

One week in -

Well, it is a roller coaster recovery. I hurt like crazy and was so swollen on day 5, then felt pretty darn good on day 6. Today, day 7 was tough again. I felt like a sausage in my CG all day. Sitting at work does not help. I try to get up and walk when I can which is very helpful.

My bruises, at least on my thighs, are huge! Summer is still a couple of months away so I'm not too worried. I'm trying to rub all treated areas as suggested, but am still pretty darn sore. I do see some improvement (body wise) but am still swollen enough that the final results are not obvious yet.

My procedure was on a Wednesday and I returned to work the following Monday. Unless you are just doing an area or two I would not recommend going back to a desk job earlier than that.

I've cured my constipation. A combination of several things seemed to have finally worked. It's a bit embarrassing to mention, but I came to this sight for the real story, so I'm assuming you are too.

Although there is more pain and recovery than I expected, I still feel I'm going to be happy in the long run. Research your Dr. and the office you choose. This is not a little thing and you want to make sure you go to the best facility you can.

Three weeks and still uncomfortable

Uggg. I am so frustrated in regards to the ongoing "shingles" like pain. Pins and needles everywhere I had lipo. I'm down to 12 hours a day in my CG which helps a lot - I really hate that thing. I absolutely hated sitting at my desk all day in it. Talk about uncomfortable. I don't sleep well in it either, but it is much, much better than having it on while at my desk job.

I'm so anxious to feel entirely and completely normal and getting some exercise. I know that will make feel better.

One last note. I do have some pretty serious lumps. One just under my breast bone and one on each of my sides. I'm messaging them daily and hope that they will go away.

Still on the fence about whether this is entirely worth it. The investment is not small and the recovery much more difficult than you are led to believe it will be. Fingers crosse I

So far, love Dr. Bullis. I'll either still love him if I'm proud of my body in a swimsuit this summer or will be a little bummer if not.

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