Buffalo Hump / Neck Fat Patch Removal - Bellevue, WA

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Since there is very little reviews on here for...

Since there is very little reviews on here for liposuction of buffalo jump I've decided to document the experience. I went to two board certified plastic surgeons in Bellevue,WA. They were both great and prices were similar. I decided to just get it over with since I've hated it my whole life and thought there wasn't anything that can be done until I saw Dr. Pimple popper on Instagram post a picture of liposuctioning one out. I've even been to a chiropractor and was told he could "improve it" with many many chiro appts. After researching it, there's really nothing you can do besides suctioning out! I had my pre-op today. They took vitals and gave me some prescriptions to fill. I will be awake with oral sedation and local anesthesia. I was prescribed some pain meds, antibiotics, and nausea meds. I'm scheduled for surgery in 2 days! I'm excited but nervous! I'll keep you all updated :)

Night before

I have to be up in 6 hours to get ready and head out. Can't sleep.
I'm more nervous about the results more than the actual surgery!

Send good vibes :-)

Surgery day & pics of my bunny bump/buffalo hump

Today went pretty smoothe, I wasn't allowed to eat anything before the procedure just in case i get nauseated. The whole procedure was about an hour. I was awake the the whole time so it was worth the 2950 with all that was involved. When I got to the office I took some Xanax and pain meds. I was a little loopy but very aware. I kind of just layed there as if I was sun bathing after a few cocktails haha. (Very relaxed) and then the worst/painful part came! The NUMBING!! In my head I thought it was going to be a few shots of local anesthesia but I was very similar feeling to get a tattoo. Little.Painful.tattoos. They probably do about 10 total around my bunny hump and shoulder near my neck. Next- He poked the cannuala in the lower center of my bump and started going back and forth and I can feel stuff loosing up and then getting suctioned out. I think he used power assisted and vaser? I don't know I took a picture of it. I'm happy that I chose to stay awake because I got to ask questions and listen to my favorite music :) Other than that I came home and fell asleep for 8 snoring hours. (My husband recorded me) lol anyways here same day before and after and I'm happy with the results and it'll get better in the weeks coming :)

Day 1

Hi guys!
After I got home I literally slept for 24 hours, only waking up to my husband feeding me gelato and he said I asked him "what is that?! It taste funny but kept eating " lol
Anyways it's about 3pm day after surgery and I feel 100%. It just feels a little tight and little sore but I don't need pain meds. I'm also not leaking fluid anymore. The hump is almost completely gone. There is some swelling but even with swelling it looks amazing and I already feel 1000x better about it!

Day 3 post op

I feel great, a little sore but I could go back to work day after if needed to. I'm little swollen but the results are amazing!

6 days post op- super swollen

Swollen, numb, bruises are 90% gone
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