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I attempted to post my review of my experience...

 I'm posting my full review based on my experience with AHS back in July 2013-
Hair restoration with (AHS) was effortless. The ARTAS robotic arm made the process quick, efficient and left behind evidence (of the grafting) that could only be described as road rash. No long scar, no stitches, no horror movie images. Many of the people I’ve walked in front of just 3-4 days after having my hairline restored knew nothing happened. I’m currently 8 months out from my restoration and am beyond thankful to Jerry Davis and his team for their commitment, compassion and professional artistry that is called hair restoration.
AHS’ team is like family. When you meet with Jerry and get introduced to his team, it just feels like home. You become a part of them, and their compassion and devotion to you, is second to none.
AHS is also quite a few steps ahead of the other players in the restoration game. Not only have they been performing the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method for quite some time, but they took that evolution of service e a step further. Utilizing the ARTAS robotic arm, AHS can be more accurate, more efficient and provide even more “artistry” in hair restoration. I know this because I was the first person in the Pacific Northwest to go through this new process. Put simply, I’m a believer.
Going through the restoration process, utilizing the ARTAS robotic arm, is a breeze. If you can go through a tattoo, in my humble opinion, you are already tougher and more prepared for the process of hair restoration with AHS.
If it’d make a difference, I’d be down to talk about my experience to those who are seriously considering AHS and the ARTAS procedure. I’d give a personal referral to anyone who asked me about my experience with AHS, not because I’ve been asked, not because I’m being paid, simply because I’d like to help someone (remember I’m a believer). I know it was helpful for me to hear other people’s stories and personal experience from them, not a write-up or word of mouth. I’d be happy to talk to any of you who are interested in the ARTAS procedure with AHS. You can message me through this site if you have questions. 
Below is a brief synopsis of my background and humble opinion/justification of not accepting the “hair loss” card that I was dealt in life:
In life it seems that so many things are outside of our control. Often times, situations present themselves that affect our personal outcomes; physically, emotionally and psychologically. For me, I was faced with a receding hairline that affected the above personal outcomes (physical, emotional and psychological) each and every day. I began to grow my hair longer in lieu of the short spikey haircut that I had worn for so many years. The longer hair began to mask the fact that my landscape was changing, and, at an uneven pace.
I can remember being in high school and hoping that I was one of the lucky ones not affected by hair loss. I can also remember most of my friends hoping the same thing. I would assume that if you asked a majority of young men whether losing their hair was on their list of things they wanted in life, many would say no. To take that a step further, I would assume that if you were to ask women if balding was on their list of desirable traits in a partner, most would say no.
It seems that for men, and I had this same justification growing up, that if faced with hair loss, we’d just shave our head. Over the years, I’ve met plenty of buddies who face the world rocking the shaved head. Most of the time, the shave is pretty close to the skin, to disguise the sparsity of what’s left. For some, the look seems fitting, others, not so much. A lot of these same guys will say things like, “I like the bald look (meaning a head shaved with a razor)” and “it’s so much easier to have a shaved head.” But wouldn’t you have to accept/like/justify something that you felt was without option? I’m just not sure I buy it.
Listen, I was embarrassed about losing my hair. I can understand that to some guys, it may not be “manly” to consider such vain things, but I consider it manly to fight for things that are important to you. Why accept something that you do not have to? Why not “man” up and do something about it, if you can? What other things can you do for yourself that actually gain value (emotionally, physically and psychologically)? My thought is this, skip upgrading your newest gadget, buying the newest ride, attaining the trickest stuff, sporting the newest clothes for a short period of time. Put that on a brief hold and invest in you. Your new hair isn’t going to depreciate. It isn’t going to outdate. It’s going to rock-
AHS is the ace up your sleeve. It is the wildcard in life’s deck of cards. If you don’t like what you’ve been dealt in the hair dept., contact Jerry. See what a difference the ARTAS procedure can make in your life. I am not an employee of Advanced Hair Seattle, I’m not paid to write this review, I am simply (like I said before) a believer. My hope is that, by me taking the time to write this review, some of you will understand where I was coming from. Some of you will realize there is an obtainable option to hair loss. I hope that it may help in your decision/consideration process. I further hope that the fact that I decided to do something about what I was facing, was inspirational to you.
As I said before, I’m down to talk to any of you who are considering this process. Contact Jerry at AHS who can get you in contact with me, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Dr. Weiss was informative and set expectations of outcome.

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