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I recently did a facial fat transfer on June 10,...

I recently did a facial fat transfer on June 10, 2014. When I was younger I made a mistake of taking out my buccal fat because I had big cheeks, but little did I know that it was all baby fat. SO I WOULD LIKE TO TELL EVERYONE... PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUT BUCCAL FAT UNLESS YOU ARE AT LEAST 40+ years old. Anyways I wanted to give you guys my day to day updates... hopefully this will be useful to other people.

Day 1 of surery : (6/10/14) - I am swollen, but not as swollen as I thought I would be... Kind of worried because I have been told that most the fat that was injected in the area will not last.... hopefully that is different for me.. because I barely look swollen. I can go out in public and noone would really notice. The only thing that was noticeable were the 3 injection dots on my face that had scabs. I ate normally because noone told me that I had to follow a specific diet

Day two : 6/11/14 - I am worried because I am not that swollen and I have no fat in the places I really needed them in. Maybe it looks like that because I am still swollen a little bit.. I mean a really little bit in the places around it? I am really starting to worry in the evening because my swelling is really going down, and the places that need to have fat has none. I don't know, maybe I am just worried. I started to look up facial fat grafting post op expectations, and I get more worried. I saw on the internet that you were suppose to be on a soft food or liquid diet for 5-7days rigt after your facial fat grafting surgery... NOONE told me that. The after-care paper work said nothing about a specific diet after surgery. I litterally start to break out in cold sweat.

You see, I scarificed a lot to pay for this surgery. I am not rich so it litterally was all of my savings... I have been saving for years to get this done.. I have not eatten everything that I wanted to eat.. I had to even sacrafice some things for my first baby girl that is 7 months old. (I know I am a selfish mom) But this was the first thing I have ever done for myself. Also, I am still recovering from baby blues... :( ....

--- So far this is it.. my plan is to call the doctors tomorrow .. please keep your fingers crossed. Thank you everyone.


Fat Transfer Athenix Belleuve, WA

Okay, as you guys all know I got my fat transfer into my cheecks about 10 days ago.

DAY !0: I don't think I have any more swelling, well I hope I don't because then I will be in the same place as I started... which is no fat in cheeck area. I am kind of getting worried because I am starting to look the way that I was before the surgery. I wanted fat in my cheecks so I don't look like a skeleton, so I really needed a lot of fat right below my cheeck bone. But I don't think there was any fat put in there. The plus side is that the doctor did very well on my chin ( I wanted to have a more defined face so instead of a chin implant i got fat injected on my chin,) That actually stayed and looks good. But my main problem is still there. I am afraid to wake up in the morning to see my fat in my cheeks getting smaller and smaller, which is what is happening now. I actually looked better right after the surgery when I was pretty swollen then I do now.

I am meeting with the doctor's nurse tomorrow. I am hoping that they can do the surgery over becuase the problem is still not solved. The doctor said that I had to wait 6 months to have more fat in my cheeks. I am upset that now I have to wait 6 months and also that I might have to pay for the surgery again, which I do not think is fair. I mean, I wish that they can at least give me a 50% discount because the fat was not inserted in the place that I really needed in.

I will give you guys another update after I meet with the nurse tomorrow. Hopefully they can do another surgery without costs. If they do then I will be less upset that I have to wait another 6 months.

Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting Athenix Bellevue, WA

Hello, I am now 2 weeks in recovery from my fat transfer done on the 10th of June. I wanted to post this review and let you know that I got a email and a call from Athenix, which was a suprise. They wanted to let me know that they heard that I was having some concerns about my recent fat transfer. I told them my story, which was that there was no fat transfered into the area that I really needed the most. They assured me that they would help me find a solution to this problem. I have not gotten any promises yet, but I am in hope that they will help me get a satisfied result. I will keep you updated on this issue. Thank you for contacting me about your questions with fat transfer I hope that I can be of some help :)


Sorry for the late update. I have to tell you that so much has changed. I had another fat transfer to my cheeks over 3 months ago, and I have to tell you I am pretty impressed. I think that Dr. Bullis and I had a misunderstanding, but everything worked out and I am very pleased with my results.

I had buccal fat removal years ago... and regret the day that I had that done. and


I am so happy with my results. I finally posted a before and after picture. It is such a dramatic change, it is more noticeable in person. The fat stayed!! It is permanent. Dr. Bullis at Athenix did such a good job. I recommend you go there because it is half the price, but they are very professional. Dr. Bullis is very honest and he doesn't want to ever sell me anything. He is just there to give you the results you want to have. I finally do not look like a Alien. My hollow cheeks and jawline made my face look very abnormally long and sharp. I look normal now and my face does not look long now. Please ask me if you have any questions. Thank you
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