53, Ready to Wake Up These Tired Eyes - Bellevue, WA

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Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty w/Fat repositioning...

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty w/Fat repositioning and Facial Fat Transfer- I guess I always had Puffy upper eyelids which didn't bother me too much. Then Menopause hit and it felt like all hell broke loose! The puffiness got worse and now all of a sudden there were bags under my eyes as well! I wore glasses most of the time and felt like it wasn't as noticeable- but then I started wearing contacts and I was appalled at how tired I looked, it didn't help when people kept telling me I looked tired and asking if I'd been up all night, Thank-You very much! I thought I could age gracefully, but it turns out I'm going to be fighting tooth and nail to maintain a more refreshed look that's more in line with how I feel. I did my due diligence here on RealSelf- looked at scads of before and after pics and read hundreds of reviews. I met with 2 PS, one in Tacoma, highly rated but barely spent 5 minutes with me. I told him what I wanted, to look natural but awake and refreshed- He said yes we could do an upper and lower Blepharoplasty, any other questions and then I was given a quote for about $4800. I felt like I would just be another number even if he was highly rated. The second PS, my chosen one is Dr AJ Amadi in Bellevue. My consult was almost 45 minutes long, he suggested some additional procedures ( the Fat Grafting ) to get the best outcome by restoring lost volume. Although the cost is more than double the first consult, I have complete confidence in Dr. Amadi that he will give me a great natural rejuvenated outcome. Tomorrow is the Day!!

So Far So Good!

Day 1 after a long wait in the office due to earlier procedures running late- I had mixed emotions about that, although it was a drag, I felt that meant the Dr was giving as much time as necessary to his patients as it took to do a great job. I finally got in and it was a breeze- the Valium before hand was awesome, to tell the truth I don't even remember getting my IV or what the procedure room even looked like. I woke up in recovery feeling fine. I was goofy from the drugs and feeling no pain. My husband drove me home and I camped out on the sofa by the fireplace. I had some soup for dinner, tried to drink a lot to get rehydrated ( it was after 7 pm) and I'd had nothing to drink since the night before. I took a Vicodin, some Arnica and a Valium to help me sleep.. I used refrigerator cooled gel pads on my face- they work fantastic and are cheap- they can be cut to size, conform to your eyes and felt good, I also used them under my eyes. I had an upper and Lower bleph with fat repositioning, it was Transconjunctival, so no lower exterior stitches. I also had fat transfer to my temples, nasolabial folds and cheeks and tear troughs. The fat was harvested from my inner knees- I told the Dr to give me skinny knees :) he took out about 50ccs, he said he put about 30 ccs into my face, doesn't seem like much, but he is conservative and would rather add more later than overfill and get an overdone result. My knees are wrapped in compression bandages so I haven't seen them yet. They are a little tender but not much. I actually haven't seen my eyes yet either. I read so many review about people freaking out after their procedures I thought I would avoid that by covering all my mirrors. I told my husband to take care of that for me- LOL what I saw when I came home was comical, see Pics above.
Day after, today I took Arnica, a Vicodin and a stool softener just in case :) also had my husband clean the crust off my eyelashes with a Q-tip and apply the eye ointment . Some bloody oozing from the eyes but not too much. They pain is very minimal, according to hubby, just starting to see some bruising. I have been using the gell pads and chillaxing on the sofa, had some fruit and yogurt with granola for breakfast. Vision is a bit blurry from the eye ointment so forgive any typos :) Thanks for all the well wishes, will post some Pics soon :)

Day After

SX at 3:30 yesterday, 12:30 Day Afte

3rd day Post SX

Less Swelling this am than last night,, not much bruising! I can tell already it's going to be a good outcome, pleased so far, not too much pain. My vision is blurry from the eye ointment and my eyes are blood shot, but overall I feel like it's healing well. Forgive the typos- I can barely read this tho.

Day 4, looking good

Still a fair amount of selling but hardly any Bruising!! Going a little stir crazy at home, hard not to be active and working out! My vision is blurry, seems like a thick ain't jelly like clear goo in the eyes, makes it almost impossible to read or see up close. Post-Pp visit and stitch removal on Tuesday, so I'll see what the Dr says about it. Otherwise progressing well.

More Pics 4 days post

5 days out

Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Amadi was kind, patient and very thorough. He answered all of my questions and I felt at ease with him and confident I will have a natural outcome. He stressed the conservative approach to avoid an overdone end result. He has an excellent demeanor, very down to earth and caring. The office staff were all kind, positive and competent.

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