44 Year Old --Eye Lid Retraction Repair, with Fat Re Positioning and Fat Grafting for Hollowness. Bellevue, WA

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I originally sought advice on fillers for the...

I originally sought advice on fillers for the hollowness and bags under my eyes and was persuaded after consulting 4 different plastic surgeons to repair my lower lid droop with a retraction repair (skin taken from roof of mouth) to support lower lid and fat re positioning and fat grafting for the hollowness. Two of the plastic surgeons actually turned me away and referred me to an oculoplastic surgeon because in their view a specialist was needed for my case. Nine months later I am thrilled with the results and would do it all over again-- totally worth it!

I still rate Dr Amadi - 5 stars

I received a comment asking why my 5 star rating was removed. I have no idea why it disappeared and within this update there is no place to change/update star rating. My rating is and always will be 5 stars!
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. AJ Amadi in Bellevue WA after doing research on this procedure (which btw there wasn't alot of information online). Overall my experience was very positive. I had a few complications over the first week and Dr Amadi returned my call immediately and actually had me come into his office on a Sunday outside of office hours to check out an infection I had in my eye. He was very knowledgeable and honest particularly about the pain which I was most worried about. Ironically there was very little pain with eye surgery-- it was the graft from the roof of the mouth that was the worst pain-- which he told me would be the worst part. He also told me to give it a good six months before I decided if the results were to my expectations. He was right...at 4 months I was not as satisfied with the results but at 7 months I am thrilled and feel it was well worth the minor pain and suffering at the time. I would highly recommend Dr. Amadi as his bed side manner and expertise with respect to the delicate eye area were top notch.

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