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I had a chin implant surgery performed by Dr....

I had a chin implant surgery performed by Dr. Young in 2013. It was a revision of an implant surgery that I got 5 years previously from another doctor that shifted horribly. My objective was to have the old implant taken out and a new one inserted and screwed in so it would not shift. I wanted the size to remain the same and that was communicated to the doctor. I had the surgery and that's when all hell broke loose. I was really swollen in the days after and there was some redness and fluid build up. Dr. Young identified this as an infection despite not doing a culture and there being an absence of pus or pain in the area. Instead of taking the implant out, he opened up the incision and I began a regiment of packing with gauze until it healed by itself. I packed 3x a day for 3months. Finally the incision closed and I I thought...I always thought the implant was big but I was so burnt out on the whole process that I just let it go. Right after surgery, Dr Y said he made the decision to put a larger implant in because he thought it looked better and that he'd "shave" it down if I didn't like it. Fast forward two years. Since the surgery, my chin area had always been tight and there was still a little redness but in May of 2015, the redness increased....then turned to purple...Basically the implant was pushing through my skin and the nightmare started all over again because he put such a big implant in. I went back to Dr. Y and he cut out the purple, thin piece of skin that was covering the implant and tried stretching skin around it the implant and sewing. That failed and after packing with gauze again for a few weeks, I was seen by another Dr. who told me to have the implant taken out which I did by Dr. Y. I was only put under local sedation for the implant removal and could hear and feel the screws being taken out of my bone. It was awful. So after all that, I'm left with major scarring and emotional issues. I went into to have my teeth cleaned the other day and about had a panic attack lying in the chair with someone working on me in that area. I was flashing back to having the implant taken out...Anyway, I feel bad posting this review because I think Dr. Young tried and cared but there were multiple missteps and instances where I think he was less then truthful. He definitely lets his ego get in the way as well. Nobody cares that you got the best score in the nation on the written exam if you don't use common sense and slow down. Plastic surgery is a big deal and when it goes wrong, it can change your life.

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