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I currently wear a 32DDD, but even in that size I...

I currently wear a 32DDD, but even in that size I still bulge. Odds are I haven't been sized properly, so I resort to wearing tight sports bras. I am 20 and have wanted a breast reduction since I was around 15. I have a small frame and weigh 120-125 lbs now. Having over-sized breast since a young age has hindered me in many ways. I can't express how badly I want to proceed with this surgery. I want to go from a DDD(if not larger) to a SMALL B, and this is only for the sake of my significant other. I would prefer to literally have nothing, an A cup. My insurance (Cigna) has approved the surgery and at this point the only thing in the way is finding the right doctor. If people from this area could please provide some input, I would greatly appreciate it. Links/sharing your actual results or experience from doctors in the area would be great. I have come to accept scaring obviously, but what I can't accept is poor results. I have spent the last year looking endlessly for a doctor who's work I feel comfortable with, yet something always discourages me. A bad review, a bad looking result, bad business practices, countless things. There will be 10 people saying how great their experience and results are and then 1 person sharing an absolutely not acceptable experience/results. At times I convince myself that it could be the patients fault, such as they are older/overweight/poor skin/smoker and that's the reason the for negative results, and that I would be different but I can't gamble on that. At other times I see things that are clearly the surgeons fault, such as not removing the correct about of tissue to balance breast, poor incision and stitching around nipple, bad nipple placement, etc. I have also seem many cases where doctors didn't remove as much tissue as the patient requested. Some doctors I have spoken with tell me that they don't advise me going to such a small size as they "don't think I'll like it". I can't express how infuriated I would be to go through all the pain and scarring to be left with still having moderately large breast. The stress is overwhelming and I can't seem to find a doctor I actually trust. Not to mention there seems to be no form of accountability when it comes to plastic surgery and that makes me even more uncomfortable. I can't continue to live with my chest like this, but I am so exhausted with not finding the right surgeon. I can add pictures later if that would help, but not sure if needed. Thank you for any input or help!
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