Breast Implants to Improve My Shape and Feeling of Being a Woman! - Bellevue, WA

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Naturally less than a 32A having breast implants...

Naturally less than a 32A having breast implants to improve to a 32C. I will be receiving silicone gel implants with the incisions being made at the base of my nipples and the implants being placed under my muscle. I am Looking to enhance the size of my breasts ultimately enhancing my feeling of being a woman. I have always been self conscious about my breast size although I played competitive sports all the way through college and being a D1 athlete it was almost a benefit to have a small chest, nothing getting in the way. I have since graduated, ended my softball career and have decided that now is the time to do what I have always wanted. I am 22, turning 23 two weeks after surgery. I am 5'8.5" weighing 120 lbs and try to stay active and as in shape as possible although looking forward to relaxing while healing!

I had my pre-opp appointment on Friday May 3rd and...

I had my pre-opp appointment on Friday May 3rd and I am so excited to follow through with surgery in two days!! At my pre-opp we discussed all the paper work I will be signing, the medicine I have to fill before surgery, what will be happening the day of and the day after surgery, and double checked the size of implants I want and the doctor stepped in to review the procedure. When the doctor came in he recommended we inject some Botox into my pectoral muscles to help loosen them up so they won't be pulling up while my implants are trying to heal, and the healing process may benefit from the injections. I agreed to the Botox and he injected small amounts into my pectoral muscle in four different areas on each side. Just a little sore immediately after the pokes but I went on about my day just fine.

Today I have filled all of my prescriptions, signed all of my papers and confirmed my surgery appointment. I have a countdown on my phone that I keep checking, I am a very impatient person and I cannot wait to have this operation! I added some post opp pics!

Heading to my surgery!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe it's...

Heading to my surgery!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe it's time and I couldn't be more excited. My mom and my sister are taking and picking me up and they are great supporters, my mom being a fellow breast augmenter and my sister being an aspiring breast augmenter. My sister is having me blaze the trail and report back, she's about 1 1/2 years younger and still in her collegiate athletic career.

I just took my post opperative medication, ranitidine and metoclopramide both of which help for stomach acid and indigestion. These because my doctor told me some patients tend to cough while under and this is to prevent that. I am checking in soon, wish me luck!

Surgery was a success!! I expected pain, but...

Surgery was a success!! I expected pain, but boy-o-boy was I in some pain when the anesthesia wore off and my pain meds weren't kickin in. I am about 8 hours post-opp and feeling much better than I did when I first got home. Once my hydrocodon started working I found a comfortable position laying down as straight as possible and fell asleep for about 3.5 hours. I woke up, sat up straight and ate some graham crackers and started feeling much better. My lovely sister has had to assist me in using the restroom because pulling my pants down and back up hurts a bit. I continued to sit up for a couple more hours and since I have been walking around and even ate dinner with my family.

If I was to try and compare the pain to something I would try and imagine doing 900,000 push ups then being punched in the sternum a few times. No sharp pains just incredible soreness but very tolerable. The only thing I dont like is that I cant take a deep breath, feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Even with the pain I still think it's worth it :)

Tomorrow I have my post-opp appointment and have been instructed to leave the gauze and ace bandage on. I have quite a bit of blood accumulating on the gauze but it seems to have stopped and the doctor said that is to be expected. I have uploaded a picture, excuse the blood but I thought I'd try to be as informative as possible for anyone reading this looking to have the opperation. I can't really tell how big or small they are yet but I'm being patient untill they heal more because I read stories of women freaking out before they have settled. I will update soon with the exact size, profile and shape of my implants as the numbers and info have slipped my mind. Looking forward to getting better each day :)

Just walked out from my day after post-op...

Just walked out from my day after post-op appointment and I am so happy with the results. I went with 300cc high profile gel implants and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday I was very worried they were too small and I wouldn't like the end result but today at my appointment he removed the ace bandage and I got a good glimpse of the actual size! I think my worries yesterday stemmed from them being all taped up and strapped down. At my appointment he removed the gauze around my nipples, removed the band and moved them around a bit just to feel how they were healing. A little uncomfortable but tolerable. He changed the steri strips over my stitches and put the band back on, which has to stay on for another week. The only thing that is weirding me out and is actually kind of funny is the fact that my nipples are so pointy and facing down because of the swelling. The Doc said that will go away, thank god :) today I plan to try and move around a little more as tolerated with a couple naps here and there, taking advantage of this down time. Updated pictures coming soon!

Picture without gauze posted! If anyone has been...

Picture without gauze posted! If anyone has been wondering what the clear plastic things on my nipples have been I do have my nipples pierced and have in clear flexible bars in so that nothing hard and heavy affects the healing process. My doctor was awesome about my piercings, he took them out for me before surgery and put them back in for me! I'm so glad I get to keep them :) I originally got them pierced to "decorate" my tiny boobies but I've grown attached to them and want to keep them until I have kids and make the decision to breast feed! Now they're decorations or my big boobies :)

Very early day 3, I think sleeping on my back on...

Very early day 3, I think sleeping on my back on top of only one or two pillows makes waking up very painful. I woke up at 4am being the most sore since arriving home immediately after surgery. I've read many reviews by women saying that sleeping upright has helped and I believe this is something I will start doing because after just sitting upright for a while now I feel much better. Today I also think I will attempt to ice my pectoral muscles and the sides of my breasts. I am most sore down the sides of my breasts running down into my armpit so why not, icing couldn't hurt!

This site has helped me a lot. Reading other people's stories who are going through or went through a recovery period similar to mine helps remind me that everything is going well and that full recovery WILL happen because right now recovery seems like a looooong process but in retrospect it won't be. As I mentioned earlier I'm an impatient person, its only day 3 (at 5am to add) and I feel great so that's very helpful to remind myself of. Also, thank you for all of the wonderful comments this site provides for a great supportive community :)

End of Post-Op Day 4 and I feel great!! Day 3 went...

End of Post-Op Day 4 and I feel great!! Day 3 went very well, I kept myself busy making little crafty decorations for Mothers Day and even did a little sewing. I iced the sides of my breasts and nipples twice and it surprising felt real good, not incredibly cold as I would have imagined. I iced the same spots twice again today and even went to a movie and dinner with my family. I have full range of motion with my arms again (slowly) and finally took a bath!

I've noticed that my right breast is hurting less than my left more quickly and I figure it's because I'm right handed, so I've been trying to be ambidextrous! My nipples are also still very swollen and pointing down, my sister and I like to joke that they look like noses but it'll only be funny for a few more days because I'm hoping that subsides soon!! Also, today I've noticed that I'm hearing noises coming from my breasts. This may sound absolutely crazy but at times when I'm reaching up for something I hear a small noise that sounds similar to my stomach growling or digesting. I'm assuming this is just fluid from the swelling moving around and settling and that its totally normal but when I mentioned it to my mom she gave me the weirdest look as if I took a few too many of my hydrocodons! Haha. All in all I am absolutely 100% happy with the size and the way they look so far, I couldn't be more thrilled. My stitches still look pretty gruesome under the steri strips and I'm still pretty sore from time to time but everything is looking up and getting much better each day. I can't wait to be healed so I can buy some new clothes and try on some new bras :)!!!

1 Week Follow up Appointment

I had my 1 week follow up appointment today and I felt great! I stopped taking my hydrocodon and muscle relaxers Wednesday and have just been on IB-Profin when needed and didn't need any at all tonight!! I finally get to take off and leave off the ace bandage that sat across my chest and it is such a relief! At my appointment my doctor felt around a bit and then removed my steri strips to trim some loose ends to my stitches and clean up the scabing. He then replaced my incision sites with fresh steri strips and sent me on my way. At my next visit he said we will discuss the massaging that I will perform on my own. For now, I am healing more each day and I feel great :) I had the urge to try on my new swim suit top today and I couldn't be happier, I finally have the boobs I've always wanted!!
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