Pre Op Photos Before Aug 18 350cc Sub Muscular HP - Bellevue, WA

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Just some photos for comparison and for others to...

Just some photos for comparison and for others to follow my journey as promised!

In just 16 days I'm going in to get 350cc sub muscular HP breast aug! It's unreal how fast my date is approaching and it honestly doesn't seem real. Breast aug has been something I've discussed off and on for more than 6 years and I've finally decided why not... I'm working, I can afford this, I'm gonna do this for me!

Currently aside from feeling like this isn't quite real I feel a real sense of calmness which is bizarre to me because in my 27 years of life I've never even had a stitch, broken bone... Nothing. I'm sure this calmness will fade quickly morning of surg!! :)

Anyways my goal for this... A full c. Talking in CC is so different to me it's like common let's talk regular boob talk I'm used to... What CC is gonna get me the C I want ha. But I've come to understand all us girls are different. Some of our twins point in, some point out, some and spaced real far while others close. Heck, some rant even twins! Along with my pre pics I've added my boob wish photos... Please let my boobs look like that !! Yeah, yeah I know I'm not expecting to come out of the surg room and look down to see " holy cow, just like my boob inspiration " a girl can dream though!

A little more info on me pre op... I'm 27 years old, no children, married to a hunk of a husband... Oh yes and currently a 34b, 5'4, 118 lbs.

My biggest concern ( other than the surgery making my boobs all funny looking ) - crossfit. I LOVE crossfit. It makes my morning to be honest. I love the competitive part of it, I love the challenges, my crossfit family, the strength and endurance I've gained and continue to gain,etc. I've never been a runner... I'm now a runner, a good one! Thank you crossfit! I'm worried after surgery that recovery will take forever, not literally! but I just don't want to be out of the gym long. I've worked hard to get to where I am. I can't imagine sitting on the couch for 6 weeks watching it all go away. I plan to walk and stay as active as I can, and as active as my ps will allow of course to help speed up recovery.

Thanks for listening, and stay posted if you care to. I plan on checking in with updates after my pre op after my surgery.. The whole process pretty much.

Updates review of my journey to boobville

Sorry for the delay in updates ladies.. I actually tried a week back but somehow the post got deleted and it was so long I didn't feel like rewriting it at that moment. I'm going to briefly go over where I left off till now and try to go over the major things I've been experiencing throughout this whole journey.

The dreadful days leading up to my surgery:
Let's just say I was a bit of a basket case. All I could think about was my worries and wonders relating to my upcoming surgery. Are they gonna be big enough, are they gonna be too big and fake looking, am I going back to work too soon,etc,etc, etc. anything possible to worry about I did. And in turn this caused me to get barely any sleep so let's just say when surgery day was here I was so relieved to just " get it over with "

Day of surgery-aug 18 7:00am
I was happy. To have my surgery early because like I said i was tired of being a ball of nerves. So I woke up put on my comfiest zip up and sweats and headed out the door. I was a surprising calm up until I was walking into the surgery room knowing this is it.... This is it. I went in great, nurse was really sweet ( I think she could tell I was nervous ) and once the anestiologist asked me " you ready to get sleepy?" I replied with yes and then a " whhhhoooa" which sounded a lot like slow moton to me at that very moment.
Next thing I know I'm awake in recovery and I feel ok. Doped up but not a whole bunch of pain. I got a bolts of meds before they pulled the iv and off I go.
The main thing for day one was in fact staying on top of meds because when I didn't... Or as the day wore on and my anestia wore off my boobs were so achy and tight. Luckily I had trouble keeping my eyes open at all throughout the day. No nausea just sleepy and achy.
I woke up later to eat dinner and go for a walk around the block and then back to my recliner ( I highly suggest a recliner for your post op healing ).

Post op day 2-
Sore achy and suuper tight heavy chest. Feels like you can barely breath but the Xanax helped. I also hunk icing and ibuprofen helped me a lot. One other particular annoying thing was the bloat. I felt pregnant and huge. My stomach wasn't that big but at this point you already feel like crap. Can barely move, breath, etc the last thing you want is too feel two times your belly size too. To solve this problem I took ducolax frequently the first week. Thank you ducolax!

Days 3-5
Everyday my boobs are feeling a little better. No need for meds ( besides ibuprofen and ducolax ) still really tight though obviously they have dropping and fluffing to do... Lots of it. Everyday I wake up hoping this is it I'm gonna touch them and they will feel like a real boob.... Nope not yet. I'm being patient though it'll happen.
One thing that freaked me out a little... My boobs have been so numb. Can't really feel much sensation at all. Luckily for realself .. You guys have saved dr sattler many many calls. Any worry I have had I come on here and what do ya know there has been a bother boob girl who had the same worry.
Another thing.... Morning boob... Owe seriously no joke. It woke me up every night until like day 9 and it aches bad.

Day 5:
Went back to the gym. My doc said it was okay just no upper body obviously. So that means no crossfit. That'll have to wait. I did 35 minutes stair,aster then some lunges and squats. It felt ok I was still a little worn out so I knocked the level down a bit and I'll say after working out my boobs do feel tight. But honestly the gym is one more thing that makes me feel like normal me so I'm happy to be in there sweating a little.

Day 10:
My post op appointment went well. Was cleared to take off that breast strap thank goodness. He said they will soften and fill out in the lower poles. Drop into the pocket but all else is well. Good healing girls! Keep it up!!

Days leading up to now ( post op 15 days )-
Like I said before everyday I feel a little more " normal " the sensation in my boobs is slowly coming back but due to that I feel the implants in there more. Because my skins still tight it feels pretty foreign for sure but when I start to get a little worry I just pop my question into this sight or read some reviews from other girls and remind myself to be patient. It helps. My boobs are softening little by little and they still have a ways to go. Overall I am stoked and can't wait to be able to dress them up and just enjoy them. At this point I kinda just leave them alone and do as I'm told to help them heal.
I'll post again when I have something new but here's some updated pic anyway.

When I say 350cc... I got 375cc.

Just wanted to clarify size I got.

23 days post op

Just thought I'd post a quick update. No real big changes but they are starting to feel a lot softer and seeming to drop. My left boob is sitting slightly higher than my right but I'm sure it's just a little slower to drop. Pain is minimal. Just small pangs and aches here and there. My breasts are still pretty numb but sensation is changing and coming back very slowly ... Hopefully full sensation will return eventually. I posted a couple pics. They don't look a whole lot different than the last but my skin is finally loosening and not so tight and stretched.

Post op day 31 updated pics

Short and sweet update. The girls are doing well. Getting softer and feeling more like "real" boobs every day. They look more natural too. I'm excited for them to keep changing. The numbness seems to still be lessoning or at least I don't notice it as much so I'm pretty sure it's going away which is great. I took some photos of my scars and those too are looking good.
I've been wearing normal bras here and there because I was cleared to do so by my doctor but I've found my boobs get kind of achy if I wear them for long periods of time and I find myself happy to put on my post op bra or sports bras and believe it or not that chest strap that I was so happy to be rid of is actually something that I look forward to when my boobs ache. When they ache they feel tight and when they feel tight they feel high so out comes chest strap and in my head that's the reason my boobs are looking and healing well!
Next week is my 6 week post op which means I might get cleared foracrossfit but honestly it makes me kind of hesitant because I just don't know if my chest is ready for it and I don't want to go there and look like some wuss cause I can't do a pull up. I know that sounds dumb and it's something I need to get over but I just know I was at peak fitness performance before my surgery and I know it'll take some time to be back to that place. Anyway.. New pics updated. Take care girls!!
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

He's made me feel comfortable thus far.. And he's big on crossfit and clean eating it makes me feel like he might understand what it means to me to get back in the box and resume my fitness level and even excel.

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