Office review: Dr. Marshall Partington - Kirkland, WA

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This office is a big headache. I was supposed to...

This office is a big headache. I was supposed to have my BA done with him. But they cancelled my surgery. At my first consultation they said that it was free but they turned around and charged my insurance for the fee. At that first consultation it was a little rushed and it seemed as if they weren't that interested with my questions. At the Pre-Op appointment I was totally rushed due to the Doctor was in surgery. I wasn't aware that I was not going to meet with him. Instead I met with some type of nurse, but not an RN. I had lots of questions, but she was rushing me because she had to get back to the surgery room. I was told at my Pre-Op appointment that I would be meeting with the Doctor to answer some final questions or concerns that I had. Instead he had scheduled a surgery the same date. I was literally in and out that day in 10min. I was going to cancel my surgery in all that day.But I was really wanting this procedure done to make me feel complete. So I went through with it still. 2 days before the surgery I had called multiple times to the office and emailed 3 different people with in that office. To let them know that I have still been smoking and if it was ok to still proceed with the Surgery. I had gotten no phone call back or email till 2 days after the surgery was cancelled. They then said that they will be reviewing if I would get a refund or not. But I didn't sign anything in regards to losing my money. The only thing was I knew I wouldn't be getting back is the deposit. I get an email 3 days after that stating I would be getting only half of my money back. I asked why? There were no services rendered so I need all of it back. I also informed them that I know I would not be getting my deposit that i put down before the preop back. And that i didn't see anything that I signed within the forms that I wouldn't be getting all my funds back if surgery was cancelled. I also let them know that they cancelled the surgery and not myself. The office manager or coordinator Mandy Mills emailed me and said that was all that I was getting back was half and that this was the end of the refund sitiuation. I have emailed numerous times. but no response. They are very unprofessional! I wouldn't recommend him or his office to anyone! Just very bad service. Oh and I don't see why I was never able to speak to or contact the Doctor myself. I always had to speak to someone else. They are money hungry!


I have gotten the rest of my refund back. I guess it took for me to write this review for them to refund my money back. Or maybe they just got tired of me emailing them every week. Or maybe they just seen that they were at fault? I don't know. But I'd just like to thank for refunding my money back.
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