41 Yo Post Wls Lower Body Lift. Bellevue, WA

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After finishing with several consultations I have...

After finishing with several consultations I have chosen a doctor and committed to a surgery date. I am both excited and terrified if I'm being truly honest, but can't imagine not doing this. I am curious for inside and opinions about things to have on hand helpful tips for recovery etc. I will update as I go along I am finding it so helpful to read other people's experiences and want to offer the same.


Taking a big deep breath and adding my before pictures. I am 2.5 months out from a LBL and a breat reduction and lift. I will happily take any and all tips and tricks. Looking forward to the day when I have after photos to share.

Getting closer

About six weeks away now. Got my preop blood work done this week and beginning to make a list of things I will need/want after surgery. Suggestions welcome. Planning to rent a lift recliner for sure. Took some more before pictures. Lots of anticipation here.

Less then a month away

The date is getting closer and closer. I am finding myself pretty anxious and nervous- with a little excitement mixed in. I am wondering if my pants size is likely to change after surgery? Also thinking about an event I have that is about 5 weeks post op and wondering what I may be able to wear. Lots of details are being sorted out. Kid and puppy care. Starting to plan on the break from work. Wondering how much time people took off and what was realistic?

More before pictures

I'm trying to take pictures so I have something to compare to. More prep, more nerves around here.

20 days out

Bought a bikini / which in and of itself is a first. Took some before shots - want to be certain I will have something to put on after to see a true side by side besides the naked pictures the surgeon will take. A little kinder than stick on panties. Found myself
Watching body lift surgery videos on YouTube today. Very graphic, yet informative.

Three days out

So close. Just a couple last photos.

On the other side

Surgery was the 25th. I've got a couple photos with markings from the doc but not much else yet. More to come. This is quite an operation, but it's certainly exciting.

Drains out!

And a couple quick postures. Need to figure our how to do a side by side.

Post op 2.5 weeks

Some small Issues won't skin closure on my backside and under one breast. Breats look uneven in photos but I am guessing that is swelling. Pain in steady but manageable and I drove for the first time today. Fatigued and wntinf my feet up after being out and about for a couple hours. Adjusting to the body is the most challenging part. I really don't recognize what I see on the mirror it is so dratically different. Interestingly I still pick out flaws very very quickly.
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