26, 5'4", 120lbs - CoolSculpting for Arm Fat Reduction - Bellevue, WA

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So - You can see in a separate review more of my...

So -

You can see in a separate review more of my story and that I just got SculpSure done on my abdomen, about 2 weeks ago. My concern areas are: #1 Arms, #2 Abdomen, and #3 Flanks. I went in for a consultation for SculpSure after a consultation for CoolSculpting because I had heard from various people that SculpSure was better. However, I only could find SculpSure results on everything but arms so I did SculpSure on my tummy and went in this week for CoolSculpting on my arms. I've seen some pretty amazing CoolSculpting arms before and afters, but this area is harder to find since it is off-label for most of these machines.

This should be an interesting comparison to see how effective each one is, however, not entirely accurate because I got treatments on different areas.

I'll review the actual center later, but here is how the procedure went. I was pretty worried about the pain levels after seeing reviews, but I think that helped me as I expected the worst and got...nothing near that. They situated me on a chair and got the pillows in the right places.

Next was putting the gel sheet (it was so cold!) on my right on and then turning on the machine. It felt just like you'd think it would feel - a cold suction. It was painful at all, they situated my arm nicely so I think that really helped in the comfort factor. They told me that I needed to let them know if my ring and pinky finger started to tingle so they could move it off of that main nerve. It did. They moved it, but it still tingled and eventually went to sleep. No big deal.

Relaxed and just read on my cell phone for 60 minutes and then it was time to pop off the machine and the dreaded "massage." Again, not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was so relieving. It was uncomfortable, but just felt like someone pushing on a tender bruise for a couple of minutes. I recommend trying to talk to whoever is there to take your mind off of it, that was helpful. My hand and fingers started to come back from numbness after that and it wasn't too bad.

Next was left arm, same as the right except for some reason, massaging on this side was a bit more uncomfortable. Maybe because there is less fat?

Procedure over, totally easy, and I'm a baby when it comes to pain. Will be 100% worth it if it gives me the results I want.

Arms are pretty tender and sore today but was still easily able to work out. Just feels numb and bruised. They are both pretty swollen and bruised in a couple of places but I got some arnica gel so I'll try that out.

I'll include some before and during photos, but my stats are:
Right Arm: 11.5in at largest area
Left Arm: 11in at largest area

I am working out daily, eating clean, and drinking a ton of water - I hope this will speed up and maximize my results. I'll keep you all updated! Wish me luck :)

Day 6

Tomorrow marks a week since I had CoolSculpting on both upper arms. I must be one of the lucky ones because I've had no problems whatsoever. Day after treatment was a bit sore, tender to the touch and numb, and then just gradually getting better as the days go on. A little swelling but definitely no swelling after the first 2 days. Almost full feeling back and only tender when I really pinch, which I think would be tender regardless or not of having the treatment.

No results yet, as expected, trying really hard to be patient and not look too much so I can really tell if there is a significant result. So hard not to obsess!!

I worked out everyday since the procedure no problem, drinking a TON of water, and eating healthy.

I did use Anrica gel, maybe that helped? I would definitely recommend.

There is still a dark bruise on my right arm, but doesn't hurt.

I will check back in at week 2. Really hoping to get some early results :)

Almost 2 month update!

So, I started seeing results at the 3-4 week mark and the best results at 6 weeks. I think doing Barre exercises helped tremendously too, but I know for a fact no matter how much I worked out or toned the fat I see reduced is definitely from CoolSculpting. My advice to anyone - weight train, eat squeaky clean, and drink at 90oz of water a day to supplement your CoolSculpting. I am still 1 month out from the 3 month period, so I hope to see some more results. I definitely see more of a result in my left arm, but hopefully my right will catch up since that was the one I was really wanting to shrink. On 6/1 I went in to get my lower abdomen and flanks done as well. I think I will write a separate review for that.
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