37 Years, 34a 120 Lbs/5'6. Getting 340cc Moderate Classic, Mentor - Bellevue, WA

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Like many, I've appreciated everyone's detailed...

Like many, I've appreciated everyone's detailed accounts and photos on this site, so I'm adding my own.
Like many, I'm actually pretty ok with my body, I just get frustrated at how clothes fit and think it would be fun to feel more sexy and feminine. I figured I might do this someday after having kids, but at 37 & no kids & finally have a little financial freedom, I've decided to go for it.

Tomorrow is my big day. Having them done with Dr. Rand in Seattle. I only had a consult with him. He was really nice and seemed very confident and capable. Can you imagine talking to dozens of women, week after week, about breast implants and seeming genuinely interested in each case/person?

I've been nervous about the size (340 was as small as he would go, given a bw of 13). I had seen accounts here with great results at like 200 & was hoping for that.

In the end, I just sorta trust the doc. He's seen a lot of boobs! I hoping for no more than a c; I'm active and don't want big boobs getting in the way. They reassured me that with moderate classic profile and my body shape (thin, but broad shoulders/ribs) these won't be 'big'.

I'm oddly not nervous about the surgery... I am nervous about the new boobs being really obvious and me being really obviously recovering from a surgery.

Here area couple before photos- jeez, can't believe this is like my last day with these boobs :/

Ill keep posting updates on the recovery and size etc.

Day of Surgery

About the surgery ---
Everyone seemed very competent and while we (patients) all are going through something totally bizarre for us, the staff (nurses, anesthesiologist, PS) are all completely at ease. So that helps. Once I walked into the OR, I was like, holy sh**, this is really happening. Within minutes, I was out cold and unaware of anything until everything was over and I was in recovery.

Recovery was probably the most uncomfortable time, coming off anesthesia and feeling pretty uncomfortable, like others mentioned, it is tightness that sucks. They gave me some oral pain killers (percoset) and a muscle relaxant (valium) and that helped really quickly along with just a little time to stabilize.

At home, I pretty much just propped myself up on pillows and snoozed the rest of the day. They sent me home in a 34D bra, assuring me not to be freaked out by sizes. They don't look like Ds, and are pretty swollen, so I won't worry too much. A D was my "too far" line, I'd hope that they settle down a bit.

Overall, pain is low unless i try to reach or move in certain ways. I'm trying to stay on top of meds and metamucil for the day.
Just to keep matters interesting, I forgot my phone at home (flew quite a distance to see this surgeon), so I will post a picture once that arrives by overnight mail.

Day post op

I don't think I mentioned that I did under the muscle. I was worried that this would be harder to recover from and have a worse impact on my activities.. time will tell. Rand pretty much only does unders, via inframmatory fold.

I can't honestly complain... still rather minimal pain. Just pressure. But I'm taking it easy. The meds I"m on make me incredibly woozy and sleepy. I'd say that it has been imperative that I have a little assistance, particularly when leaving the house. I feel woozy and dizzy and out of it. My boyfriend has been a champ. I'm kind of a tough chica, and i think he sort of likes taking care of me :)

I'm hoping to start scaling back to tylenol today, we will see. I think I can handle a day or 2 of limited #2 and bloating if it means I feel pretty minimal pain.

Did my post-op appointment, which was about 8 minutes, everything looks good.
I have to say, I'm pretty relieved to have minimal frankenboob. I thought it would be really bad for me because I do a lot of upper-body activity (yoga, climbing) and I figured those muscles would be really tense and angry about this.

So far, everything is smooth. I like my new boobies and can barely remember version 1.0. My boyfriend, while trying to be kind about boobies V.1 is clearly pretty stoked. My doc and his staff have been tremendously efficient, kind, and supportive. Dr. Rand strikes me as a true artist and perfectionist. Which may come across as a "I know better than you" -- but lets be honest, he does. He has seen hundreds of before and afters!

Still a bit bigger than I was hoping and surgical bra (my buddy for 3 months) isn't the best at concealing... makes them a little pointy. So, may have to do a little scarf shopping this weekend.

Thanks for the support everyone.
2 questions: Can anyone tell me about how quickly they were able to drive? I hope to be off narcotics in a day or 2 and in about 1 week, I have to drive out to get my dog from the boarding facility (1 hour each way) without help. I'm super nervous about that.

Day 2 post op

Just quick update. My phone is still MIA, I guess in Memphis (WTH???). So pictures forthcoming.

I'm in almost no discomfort, I think I took half a dose of valium and percoset around 4 am and I'm going to try to downgrade to just half doses of valium and tylenol so that my system can regulate a little more normally.

I hope that isn't a stupid decision, but I'd sure like to get through the bloat stage.

Overall, I'd say things are going surprisingly easy... I mean, I'm not doing very much, so maybe I'm a bad example. Worst thing is probably just feeling a little uneasy and dizzy. I don't want to take a wipe out, so I'm being a bit tentative.

Thanks for the support and comments. Honestly, I'm just kind of bored, so it is nice to hear from people :)

Post opp day 2

Not much to report, trying to back off Meds so I can get back to normal. Here are a couple pictures.

Clothes to conceal post op bra/new boobs

I'm mostly chilling at home, but I think I'll go shopping this weekend. My boobs are maybe a C (from an A) and I often wore push-up bras.
My surgical bra, which I'm supposed to wear for 3 (!!) months makes them a little pointy.
Anyone have advice on clothes they wore to minimize appearance of new boobs, particularly when confined to a less than ideal surgical bra?
Haha, I the meantime, if I don't don't do # 2 soon, all anyone will notice is my bloated belly :) so maybe I shouldn't worry!

Day 5

So overall, I think recovery has been surprisingly easy. I was very worried that I'd be In obvious discomfort, sporting huge swollen new boobs, making it impossible to be discreet. That doesn't seem to be the case for me.
Days 1-3 I basically slept and took pain Meds and slept more.
But by day 4, the issue has been trying to not be active and not overdue it because I feel mostly fine.
From day 2, I've had no issues getting clothes over my head (I'd heard it was nice to have button front shirts bc lifting your arms can be uncomfortable.. But I basically have No button/zip shirts!). So reaching or moving my arms hasn't been an issue.

Basically been off pain Meds since day 3, mostly bc the bloating was so annoying that it wasn't worth it. Even days later, and taking Metamucil regularly, nothing was happening so I took a mild laxative and I'd argue it wasn't mild... Extremely painful. I'm not sure I'd recommend that. I think if I could give any advice, it might be to start Metamucil a couple days before surgery?

My left side is more swollen and I'm getting zinging pains there. From reading all you guys' accounts, I'm not worried about it.

I scheduled a whole week near the surgeon, in case of complications, but I know I'd have no trouble working Monday.

When did you ladies settle into ago at bra size? I gotta wear this matronly surgical bra forever, but it would be nice to buy some that were more fun...

Excited to feel less down/sleepy!

Well, I thought I was having the easiest recovery ever and was pretty excited about that... But I've probably been too active as a result and swelling seems to be peaking now... When I was hoping it would be getting better. So that's been a bit of a bummer.

I also came to an unfamiliar city for the procedure, so I could probably do better about going for walks.. But the area where I'm staying isn't very walk friendly. I'd recommend that you really do try to do regular walks... My ps recommended 3 a day. Otherwise I just sort of sleep all day and that is making me feel lazy, cooped up and blue.

And finally, not to sound like a whiner, but I've had a heck of a time sleeping through the night, needing to get up and take more Tylenol around 3 or so due to zinging pains and general pressure.... Even w 3-4 nights like this, I still haven't thought to put the dang Tylenol by the bed.

So it's ups and downs! I still am happy w the surgery & results, but like others have noted, it comes with some low points. Because it is elective and we often keep it kind of private, I feel a little unsupported. I feel weird talking to the few friends that I've told about discomfort or feeling blue because I imagine their thought would be 'you did this to yourself!'.
So just appreciating this forum where I can see others going through the same ups and downs and feel a little less crazy!

Getting back to reality

Got home yesterday after a stupid long day of traveling and was pleased with how ok things have been going without the help of a buddy.

Things that went well: had to drive quite a bit and while lots of turns can be be a bit strenuous, it is totally doable.
I work at an office and did my first full day back, no Tylenol and no problems. Just mildly aware of muscle soreness, like a workout.

Things that are a bit challenging:
Reaching really high shelves is tough. Turns out chopping vegetables uses lots of pec muscles... So reconsidering my grocery list :). I have a pain in the butt dog and we went on a walk.. At one point he lunged at something and that was painful and kind of made me reconsider walking him for a while :/

What else? I measured my own bust and it is coming out at 34 B, which surprised me because I'm wearing a 34D post surgery bra and I definitely feel like they look like a C or D from various angles. But I wasn't really in this for notably large boobs and I think they are plenty large.. Particularly compared to version 1.0!

Mondor's cord. Ew!

So, in tons of research, I never came across this, but apparently I've developed this. The name sounds terrible, but it's like inflamed veins beneath my breasts that look and feel like inflamed tendons. It is a little painful and I look forward to calling my doc Monday and asking for advice.
Anyone else get these? How long did it last? I'd take apoc, but the thought of intentionally making them cordy kind of grosses me out!

5 weeks post, smooth sailing

I'm a little over 1 month& things are great. Boobs are settling in to a much more natural location. As a straight woman, I realize I honestly don't know what real boobs feel like :) so I can only speculate that they are maybe starting to feel like real boobs.

I found that after a couple weeks of being worried it was super noticeable, I'be concluded that no one really notices reasonably well concealed boobs. Which is funny because it also made it clear that no one really noticed how small I was before. I felt like I had a sign floating over me that said 'flat as a board'. So I guess it took a ba to let me be more ok with my pre ba body. Oh well!

I feel pretty great and I think I'll try to start going back to yoga and doing light rock climbing. i think my doctor only recommends limiting jogging, which is fine you me. I hate jogging.

Only 'concerns' at this point are that my left was higher after surgery and still higher and less natural looking. It is hard to get in photos.

Happy healing everyone!
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