5'11,160 Lbs, 26, No Kids, 445 moderate profile, 34B Preop. So Ready for Boobs! Bellevue, WA

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Hello all! I have been reading reviews and...

Hello all!

I have been reading reviews and frequenting this site for about a year and have been thinking about a BA since I was 19. Well I am 26, living with the love of my life and will soon be engaged, and recently decided to finally go through with a BA! I went to two consults and my second one, with Dr. Sepehr Egrari, blew me away. I will be requesting time off work for late Sept or early Oct and once that is secured I will be booking my surgery date. I have a couple questions for you lovely ladies:
- for those of you that had the opportunity to use vectra 3D imaging, how accurate did you find the pictures to your actual post op results?
- my doctor recommends the use of exparel Pacira, which is a local anesthetic that is injected into the muscles and it's supposed to last 48-72 hours. It's optional and costs 400 dollars, I was wondering if this is worth it? I would love to save 400 dollars but will pay it if it helps with the pain/discomfort considerably. What do you ladies think?

Can't decide on size

Need insight on size ladies! I am torn between 445 and 485 moderate profile. I know I don't want over 485 and feel more comfortable with 445, but I don't want to regret not going for the bigger size. I don't want huge boobs I just want them to fit my very tall broad frame. It's just difficult because ccs looks so different on everyone.

Preop done!!! 11 days away!

Hey ladies!

Had my preop appointment today, it was great! I have been feeling nervous and the night before the appointment I didn't sleep well, but the staff is so kind and competent and obviously extremely experienced that it made me feel better. My fiancé really liked everyone too and he feels good about it too. The only question I have left in my mind is size (still). I called my mom to let her know the plan, I'm staying with her for 3-4 days after surgery, and she brought up (again) that she's thinks I'm going too big. Two of my aunts got BAs around 10-15 years ago and she is just going by what they got and thinking I will be huge with 445. I feel confident in the decision and trust my dr but I still can't help but worry about it. I just don't want to be too big. I somewhat politely told her I don't want her opinion and hopefully that will be the end of that. Other than that feel great! Just want to get it over with. What postop supplies and bras would you guys recommend? So excited/nervous!!!!! ????

36 hours to go!

I can't believe it's almost here!!!!! I'm getting so excited! There are definitely nerves there but as it gets closer I am mostly just so stoked to have boobs soon! I got a sports bra for a week after surgery when I'm able to switch from the surgical bra that is super comfy, hopefully it fits! I tried on the knockout bra in my current size but didn't really find it comfortable so I might go back when I'm feeling up to it after surgery and get one, or another zip front one. Funny story, in the knockout bra in my current size, a 34b, I didn't even fill out half the cup lol so ready to not have that problem anymore. I took a couple preop pics in Victoria's Secret as well, the pictures really made me realize even more how disproportional I am with my natural boobs. I can't wait!!!!

I did it!!!!

On the other side!!! Dr ended up doing 445 moderate profile smooth. The worst part was just the nerves and anticipation but now I feel good! A little sore but it's really minor, they feel HUGE right now but I know that's the swelling and the many layers of gauze. I ended up going with the exparel injection and I'm glad I did at this point, no real pain but sore in my arm pit area. It was scary walking into the OR and laying down on the table but once they put the IV in I was out and woke up with no nausea or pain! I feel like the size will be perfect once the swelling goes down ???? The dr doesn't want me to ice, which is fine it's just different than what I've read a lot. Still can't believe I did it! I will post pics after they take of the bandages! Hope everyone is doing well!

I day post op pics!!!

They took off the bandages today and it felt awesome to get those off. I'm already loving the way they look and they still have a lot of drop and fluff to do. The size is perfect so far ???? On the way to my appointment I got super nauseous and fainted while in the car, fainting has been a chronic issue for me on and off. My BP was super low 80/60 when I got there. But the dr didn't seem too concerned, just to call if we had any other issues. So far so good!

In love with my boobs already!!!!

The past three days I have been in kinda significant pain, about a 6/10, but today I woke up feeling awesome!!!! No pain just the tightness. I had been taking 2 Vicodin but today I'm switching to Tylenol! Still swollen for sure but feeling so much more like myself! I even had a moment of boob greed this morning but then I took the bra off and took update pictures and that feeling quickly went away, I think they fit my frame perfectly. And they still need to fluff and drop! So excited for that! I'm just sooooo impressed with my surgeon and grateful for the support of my fiancé (who has been incredible for this whole process) and my parents for their support as well! Feeling awesome! Happy healing ladies!

Boobie Blues

Hey ladies,

I was told by so many people including my Dr. That at some point I might feel a little depressed and I woke up today feeling very over being in pain and having to ask for help for silly things like opening the freezer. My boobs are still up at my collar bones practically, although the pain has gone down significantly.
I am also getting worried about returning to work this Thursday, I have an incredibly active job in a skilled nursing facility as an occupational therapist and I don't know if I'll feel ready by then....I'm looking for a new job, in fact went to an interview on Friday that went great, my boobs felt like rocks by the end though. I just know with how much I hate my job and how physically vulnerable I feel it's going to suck ????

On a happier note now that surgery is behind me I'm getting more into wedding planning. I need to start trying on wedding dresses but I want to wait until they are dropped enough to look semi normal. So my question for you ladies is when do you think you could have handled getting in and out of dresses and when did your boobs finally start to head south where they are supposed to be?

Thank you so much everyone for the support, this community of strong, likeminded women has been amazing!

9 days post op

Don't feel like they have changed much, still tight and high. Appointment today to learn massages, hoping that helps them drop because they are still up near my collar bone. Feeling better about work because I'm not going back until Monday now.

Slowly but surely dropping and getting softer

Hey ladies!

I'm at day 14 post op tomorrow! Going back to work tomorrow too, also putting in my two weeks notice! Soooo stoked to be leaving my current job!!!!

As far as the boobs go I'm very happy with them so far. They feel very proportionate to my frame and I feel like I can downplay them pretty easily. That was extremely important to me that I could hide them so people like my future in laws don't suddenly notice I have huge boobs. It helps that I was wearing padded bras before.
I am getting impatient for them to drop and get softer because I foresee them looking so great once they do! It's crazy how much patience goes into this process!

Hard day with increased pain

Being back at work has been hard, I'm having increased pain today from all the activity. I'm constantly on my feet walking, bending over, kneeling, using my arms, reaching for things, it's been exhausting.
My bra was rubbing against my skin and caused a little rash by the end of the day, it felt like fire ants all down the lower half of both boobs.
This has been a easy recovery in lots of ways, but it takes sooo much patience. Any tips for getting through the first month? I'm feeling emotional and worried about causing a complication from how active and my job is.

Oh also I took off my steri strips. Feels like the incisions look good so far.

So emotional! Anyone else feel like your emotions were all over the place around 2 weeks post op?

I've been feeling sooo emotional, I went into work this morning and could not stop crying, which is definitely not normal for me. They sent me home and I'm taking tomorrow off too. I felt like I just hit a wall and I couldnt do that job anymore. It's been so bad I've considered going back on SSRIs, I was on them for 5 years and just went off then a couple months ago because I've been doing great. My fiancé has been amazing and wonderful but he is worried about me. Anyone else feel very emotional and fragile after their BA?! When did you start to feel like a normal human again?

Things are looking up

Today is much better. After three days back at work I realized that my job was just too stressful and active at this stage in my recovery and it set me back significantly, I only had a week left anyway so I informed them my last day is going to be Monday just to finish up paperwork. And they were understanding. I also pushed back the start date for my new job so I have the chance to recover completely. Such a relief!
I am loving my boobs more everyday, the massages are helping a lot. The anxiety/crying spells are better today, but I've had bad insomnia the last two nights, waking up between 4-5 with super tight boobs and not being able to go back to sleep. That's been rough. But hoping tonight will be better. Trying to stay positive and focus on how much I love my boobs so far!

Coming up on 4 weeks

Things have finally gotten easier, feeling almost back to 100%! Sleeping well, anxiety is under control. This week I went to Victoria's Secret to try stuff on and it made my freaking week!!! It's soooooo awesome having boobs! I told the VS sales girl I just had my BA a couple weeks ago and she measured me at a 34C LOL!!!!! Totally inaccurate, but for kicks I tried one on and it was wayyyy too small, I'm actually wearing a 34dd or 36d right now. I got a strapless bra to try on with wedding dresses this weekend and ended up getting a 36D, it was the most comfortable, I'm sure my size will change. I'm going to take it back after. To all you ladies having a hard recovery, it does get easier! Thanks for the support, this site is so awesome!

4 weeks post op

Officially 4 weeks after surgery. Feeling almost back to 100%. In love with my boobs! They are exactly what I wanted, look subtle in clothing and not the first thing you notice about me, friends and family can't even tell unless I tell them. But they are still large enough that I don't feel all boob greedy lol trying on wedding dresses and being able to fill them out was amazing! Happy healing ladies!!!!

7 weeks post op

Hey guys! Officially 7 weeks post op tomorrow. Feeling back to 98%. I got fitted today at Victoria's Secret and started with a 32dd, but was popping out of it slightly so I got a 32ddd! lol it's crazy to think that's my size now. I also tried on some fun lingerie, which was super awesome. I never felt confident in lingerie before, so it was amazing!

Loving life with boobs! Things are back to normal.

My advice to the tall ladies out there, your body can handle more ccs go for the bigger size, I'm glad I didn't go any smaller. My first consult dr was recommending 375 and I feel like that would have been too small.

Cleavage on New Years!

???? love my boobs so much! Never in my life have I had visible cleavage, even with crazy padding. ????
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr Egrari has been incredible throughout this whole process! He is always 100% honest about his professional opinion which I totally trusted with all his experience. He is so calm and reassuring and makes you feel safe and cared for throughout the whole process. His staff is also wonderful! Everyone made me feel so comfortable and like a priority. Shout out to Madison their patient care coordinator who was so easy to talk to and super friendly. Overall I am so happy with my decision to have Dr Egrari perform my surgery and I would recommend him to anyone!

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