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I have always had large breasts. Rashes under my...

I have always had large breasts. Rashes under my breasts, shoulder indentations, lots of neck and head pain, and currently take 3-5 muscle relaxers a day to feel...okay. I tried therapy for a month. When I went in the first time, they said the top rib had been pulled out of place from tension...therapy didn't exactly hurt...but it didn't really help either. I spoke with any and every one about a possible br. And finally got a consult. June 21 is my consult date and I am beyond nervous and excited. I'm so scared the insurance will say no. However j have decided if that is the case...I I'll still do it..and pay as I can. Currently I am 5'4. 185...and yes. I tried losing weight.. the ladies stayed the same. And wear a 38 DDD, or 40 DD. I want SMALL. A 36 B would be perfect. But we shall see what they do says. I had a man ask...if I thought having smaller breasts would make me feel less feminine or less attractive. After restraining from ripping his head off...I the opposite.. I would probably never feel sexier than I do after the surgery. If anyone has advice or comments...I would appreciate it. You ladies are a blessing!


So my consult is Tuesday. I'm beyond anxious to get there!!! But. To keep my mind occupied. I would love some input. What questions, comments, and topics should I bring up in the consult?
Also...anyone know here have bcbs IL? Any good review on this insurance?

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Hello again!! So I had my consult with the PS today. Prior to my appointment I had gotten a letter from my doc, physical therapist, and an x-ray record of my neck, so that...combined with what the doc felt was pretty typical symptoms made for an open and shut case. She said I as a good candidate and she felt I would have no issues getting approved. Here is the down part. I have to have 6 weeks of recovery. Having only been at my job 6 months...I fear I will have a hard time getting off, my mom will have a hard time getting off to help me...and they said I could be approved in as little as 2 weeks. Ladies, I'm scared. I was so focused on this portion of it all..I didn't even realize there was all of the background difficulties to worry about. Short term disability was not on my radar before. Any words of advice?

I'm approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm approved for my surgery!! Now just to pick a date! I'm beyond ecstatic!

October 3 = pure joy.

So my day has set! I'm nervous!! Super nervous actually. After seeing all of these stories I'm afraid of all the things that can go wrong. I do have some questions PS says that due to the different's hard to give me an estimated size...but that she doesn't want me to go too small..naturally I was sad to hear my fear will be that I end up too big and went through this all for nothing. She said she goes by grams removed. So how do I know what to buy ahead of time? And what questions should I all ask at my preop appt?
Thanks for all the support!

Pre op prep list

Hey ladies...since I am getting antsy.. and still have about 2 months...I was wondering...what all things do you suggest buying for the surgery day and recovery time??

28 days until the big day!

It's getting close. We are 4 weeks until the big day. Getting nervous. Maybe I'm more conscious but seems like every night when I take off my boobs hurt for a while. I hope that stops!

Anyways. Any advice or things I need to buy before surgery?? Needing some reassuring advice/love from my inspirations on here!! Thanks!<3

It's done!

So it's over and done with. Had it on Monday. I was home by 2-3. I am having pretty much pain. Definitely been constipated from the pills...and of course...can't stand to see them yet. I was going to attempt the shower it's been since Sunday...but hyperventilated and almost fell over. Seems the feeling of not having compression on my scars is too much for my mind to handle. Anyways...any advice would be great. Feeling like each day is a lifetime long!
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