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Well my New Years resolution this year was to take...

Well my New Years resolution this year was to take care of myself and one of the things on that to do list was to fix years of bad skin care (falling asleep with makeup on :/ , smoking, acne). Applying foundation is great at evening out the colour, but I have large pores that makes me want to run and hide in bright light.

I read this site's reviews on peels and microdermabrasion before starting my treatments and figured as I found the reviews helpful, I'd document my experience.

For the next little while I'll be going for a chemical peel every 2 weeks and will probably throw in the odd microdermabrasion treatment. 3 weeks ago I started with one microdermabrasion session. The esthetician I saw told me that it's good to have micro first to 'prepare' the skin for the peel and let it penetrate a bit deeper since the top layer of dead skin cells is gone first. I had absolutely no downtime and my skin felt soft as a baby's bum :) They gave me a Retin A night cream to use daily afterwards and said that would help minimize pore size and again, help prepare my skin for the first peel.

My first peel was 2 days ago and I was a bit nervous of the process (too much looking at pictures of peels gone wrong I guess :)

First they cleansed my face twice, and then applied an acetone gel to clean and sterlize the skin. The esthetician allied the peel all over my face and then after about 30 seconds applied a second coat ( it seemed she applied a bit more to my cheeks and chin which are my problem areas for breakouts). It did sting and feel hot, not unbearable by any means - it was like applying alcohol to a recently pooped stings for a minute but goes away pretty fast. She said after about 2 minutes the sting would subside and it did. Next she applied a cooling vitamin mask and left it on for about 5 minutes. Again this stung a bit when first applied but after about a minute felt nice and refreshing. After she rinsed of the mask and applied a moisturizing cream and I was good to go. I was told not to wash my face for at least 4 hours, stay out of the sun and not use the Retin-A cream for 4 days, just strictly a mild cleanser and moisturizer with sunscreen.

My skin was a bit red and shiny for the first day. The next day I applied a bit of makeup to cover up a few breakouts I'd had since before the treatment, but my skin looked pretty great! I had read on here a few people had the experience that the day after their peel their skin was glowing and 2 days after their skin started the peeling process. This is definitly true for me (glad I was prepared! lol). By last night my chin started peeling (luckily I finished work and had made it home at this point!) It's not red or itchy at all, more of an inconvenience than anything. I'm trying not to pick at the peeling skin (which is soooo hard not to do!) I keep applying a moisturizer and this keeps the apperance of the peeling skin at bay (even though I can't hide my breakouts with foundation, I figure in the long run i'll be happy and will just have to suck it up and go outside without makeup (gasp!)

Well that's where I am with my treatments right now, I'll update after the peeling goes away with results and upload before and after pics!

So it's been 8 days since my first peel. The...

So it's been 8 days since my first peel. The peeling was the worst from day 2 to 4. All of the peeling is gone and I've already had a few compliments on my skin (yay!!!) Also I found the BEST way to 'conceal' the flaking skin is with one of those spray mineral waters. After 2 days I put on a bit of makeup to cover redness but the peeling skin was still really noticeable around my chin, so I sprayed it every half hour with a mineral water spray and no one could tell my skin was peeling!

I've definitely noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin, and I notice a lot of blackheads are so close to the surface now it's very easy to extract them. I have my next peel next Monday....can't wait!
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