Booked a Date Mummy Makeover ! 340cc - Bella Vista, AU

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I saw two dr both were lovely and took every care...

I saw two dr both were lovely and took every care to make me feel comfortable ,
I did however decide to go with Dr Ben Norris
From face and form at norwest private
( as oppose to Dr Gavin Sandercoe )

The main reason I chose dr Norris was because he seemed to be able to calm me which is difficult to do , but I left his room feeling excited and sure I wanted to do this.

My pre op is on the 31st
He had me home with a 340CC round moderate this was more me pushing for moderate but I'm getting mixed comments from friends to go high profile or slightly bigger I love how this size looks but would appreciate advise from people not so close to me.


Ok lol so now moderate 375 cc

I'm so excited had my pre OP,
I really like my PS he knows me so well and I have to say it again calms me.
Cannot wait to post my post OP photos

Thanks to Isagenix I manage to lose my baby weight,

Isagenix almost one year later
Time to get my tummy tuck and boobs
I'm so ready for this!

Flab tummy and small bombs even in padded bra

Had my op yesterday morning !

Well it's all over , cannot really see any thing because of my garment but I feel happy and glad it's over l.
Very little blood in my drains and my pain is manageable no word than a c section just burning pain and heaviness on chest ???????? all good

4 days post op

Swelling yuk!! I feel huge although everyone tells me it will go I just hate the fat feeling I feel ????
I still have not taken off my binder so cannot see anything as yet , I do love my boobs though I know they are meant to look odd for a little while so I was expecting worse but I think once the swelling goes down the size will be perfect
Walking heaps!
Drinking heaps !
Please puffiness go away!
I think they will remove my TT drains today
Honesty I'm so so scared I'm scared about taken off my binder cause they tell me I might feel very lightheaded I hate this feeling I'm scared if I look horrific right now I feel scared ........... But I will update again tomorrow or tonight

Attached to my binder

Ok so the numb all over tummy region makes me feel sooo bizarre to the point that having a shower and feeling the water wash over my body but no sensation in in tummy made me pass out !
Anyway using ENJO fibres to removed the bacteria off my skin chemical free cleaning so you just need a bit of water with the body glove.
I will try every night to work my way up to having a shower it just makes me feel squirmish.

On a lighter note my even though my weight has gone back down to normal I know the swelling still needs time to subside but feeling more positive everyday

Hard spot lumpy hard bumps TT

So I have done very hard lumpy sections on my tummy , it feels so strange especially wear my body compression garment pushes in on the side wear the zippers are ???? it hurts a bit but mainly I'm worried it won't fix itself ,
My PS is away and so is his secretary so need to wait till Wednesday week to see what it is exactly ????

Loving my mummy makeover

10 weeks post op

Dr Ben Norris Asked me all the right questions Made me feel extremely calm , Gave me a great visual of what to expect but also time to think about it incase I change my mind. After about 15 min in I knew this doctor was the right one for me my fear and doubt turned into excitement ! I look forward to my pre op appointment in a few weeks

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