Salamafied! 2nd mommy makeover and feeling great! 2nd BBL scheduled for my 2nd BBL in May w/Dr. Salama!!!!

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Hi, BBL ladies just wanted to share my journey...

Hi, BBL ladies just wanted to share my journey with you. For all the woman wanting to do this procedure and can afford congrats to you. Why not treat yourself.... I've wanted to get this done for 3years to young now I'm in my career at 25 I think I might aswell dame it lol... Let me just say I did a lot of research on doctors and found some talent, especially in my area the mecca Dr. Salama, Dr.Mendieta crazy all were great. The only issue was Dr. S is booked and Mendieta wanted to charge $100.00 just to see you naked, certainly not what I expected wink*** sign money all the time for him. So I chose Dr. Jimerson cause his after pictures are amazing those ladies definitely end up with DONKS!!! I'm scheduled for a Dec surgery so excited to finally be on my journey. Jimerson will give great results I had my phone consult with him in Aug's I was very skeptical and apprehensive at first because I waited and waited for the entire day for a phone consult to only speak to his receptionist. That's not the initial impression I wanted especially if I'm giving you all this money, and trusting you with my life I digress. Moving on I'm glad I choice Dr. Jimerson just can't wait to up load pictures for you ladies I have to figure out how to do it on IPhone or through my computer. I'm also getting my boobs done but not by Dr.J I'm doing it with a local doctor who's specialty is breast so I'm very happy I will also post pics of that also thanks feel free to ask question. Luv BBL club.

Hi, BBL ladies  everyone who had their...

Hi, BBL ladies  everyone who had their procedure and whose about to, recovering well wishes. I just wanted to thank you ladies again for sharing your amazing opinions good and bad about these doctors, you couldn't begin to comprehend the gratitude. By sharing you're allowing women such as myself to make informed decisions about the  doctors ... I know that some of the fat absorbs but I've already invested to much time and energy with this so I most follow through , I forgot to mention that I'm 5'2 and 186 wow not good can you imagine NO BUTT lol. That's were my BBL dream comes in signing off  bye BBL ladies.

Hello ! BBL club I just hired a woman to take care...

Hello ! BBL club I just hired a woman to take care of me not bad I'm grateful for that also I'm so nervous and the surgery is two months away.... Geese I'm a bit nervous about my clearance results so I'm hoping and praying everything comes back fine but "god is good , all the time". I also called Monica today and requested all the additional areas to be taken out, I realized that one BBL lady is right.. about the extra stuff unless it's really necessary being that he can only pull 5,000 anyway. Thanks  beautiful day ladies stay blessed.

Hi, ladies I hope everyone is doing well still...

Hi, ladies I hope everyone is doing well still trying to get my pictures posted up please if you have any advice please give it. I've tried everything but I'm actually posting the first picture that was sent to Dr. J and I've lost like mad weight using weight watcher's ladies if you have shed some before surgery they are so awesome, truely I've been through so many diets and none of them seem to work I highly recommend it.

Ok so I'm really falling in love with salama...

Ok so I'm really falling in love with salama booties I hope dr. Jimerson does me justice but I will get a retouch from dr. Salama in April for more lipo for sure and and a bigger butt lol so I thought about it alot I want a more pronounced shape and I know it's crazy but I want that ghetto booty for sure. I just hate that he was booked for this year which sucks hard body but I'll see how great Dr. J is first but I booked my date with salama for next yr, for more lipo and may be a BBL again Thanks BBL ladies.

Listen BBL ladies at the end of the day the reason...

Listen BBL ladies at the end of the day the reason for this procedure is to build self- confidence  and for some it's to become video vixens.   Regardless if your doing it through  cheap illegal  injection or expensive surgeries, your doing it nothing  is promised.  Furthermore no matter how religious you are with the doctors orders by doing all that is requested sometimes you end up being one of the unlucky  few... I'm gonna remain optimistic and  hope for the best.
Before I undergo any procedure I'll make sure to educate myself on how, this type of procedure will gradually change overtime: things to avoid months after surgery; activities. Let's not forget these doctors are  in this business because it's a lucrative business, they aren't therapist and  they can't  help  with self-esteem issues lets be quite-frank here. Also I 'll be posting photo's  for both my new butt by Jimerson  on the same day as my new breast by Dr. Salzhauer on  Dec, 21st Wow Finally getting the complete package. Haven't been keeping up with any of the stories or this site but well wishes to all you ladies past and present have a photo shoot promoting my album and working as a nurse ain't easy but I got to do it Martin voice ( I'm about to blow up) LOL   
Till then BBL ladies !!!!:-) peace and love.

Hello ladies, Surgery went well no...

Hello ladies,

Surgery went well no complications owe that to the" ALMIGHTY king". First off I must say you know the devil places obstacles in your way when, you attempt to accomplish anything. Trip went left from the beginning : Missed flight, spilled water on my IPhone 4 so you know that's a done deal; last but not least my fiancés father had a heart attack. Nonetheless there you have it folks hindrance all through out OH !!! not to mention the $500.00 I was charged for the additional operating room time. Hints... The missed flight which my bank refunded all back " Let his good grace. Be my glory", always give time for the Mr. miracle to do his work. Everything slowly got back to normal but I had to cut my vacation/ surgery trip short to tend to my babies family, he's ok just no more good country cooking. Eventful trip with lots of pump and circumstance to say the least. Finally thrilled to have a silhouette that's for sure all the drama in the world , couldn't express my gratitude for this surgery. Definitely going for a second round of aggressive liposuction and bbl due to obvious fat lose, breast surgery post-ponied for January 21 because PS advice me of severe fat lose if I'm on my back for a prolonged period for surgery 4-6 hours. Thanks to all the ladies inquiring and well wishes I don't read anymore lol my obsession slowly faded as surgery date got closer.

P.S sorry for not responding back, with all the fun and excitement as you can see. Thanks a million again still uploading pics after swelling of my butt and breast surgery.:-)
Extra expenses : 2,091.00

Emergency Flight : Air Tran still didn't make it in time due to accident on 85 1hr traffic jam
6:20 am flight $ 455.00.

AVOID SPIRIT -Air at all cost the worst you think your getting a deal online but they stiff you with the baggage fees.

Not to mention: Poor customer service, no common courtesy once a mistake is made, disgusting lines 1-2 hrs long to reschedule a flight what a ridiculous sick joke. Again hints... the DOUBLE AND TRIPLE booking of flights BBB needs to shut them down immediately, I hate to see anyone unemployed but their days are numbered that's for sure.

Mind you the next available flight was get this !!! the next day at 9:45pm Monday night , when my surgery was scheduled for 9:00 am Monday morning joke joke joke joke..... Taken off line three times only to end up in ground zero not to mention, a couple of close encounters of fist flying not by patrons but from flight attendants, after providing false information about flights when questioned WOW.

Love you North Carolina my old college state can't wait to move back. The hospital was so great to my future father in law, airport was so courtesy and extremely helpful.

I wish you all "god speed".

I know everyone is curious about the rating that I...

I know everyone is curious about the rating that I gave Dr. Jimerson. I just can't rate him because truthfully I never saw him afterwords. My goal is to never speak negatively of anyone, unless its necessary and I'm being attacked so to all you future miss new booties good luck with your surgery. Dr. Jimerson is highly skilled but for my second revision in six months I WON'T be using his expertise. He did a great job and wish him much success on his future endeavors.

Ladies' definitely get excited and for the women who had difficulties after surgery. Remain positive because that's the only way to overcome your hurdle. Listen I'm a glass half full type of individual , always continue on because it causes your health to dwindle if you don't.

Again I'm so thankful for the procedure. I literally changed my entire closet in a week with form fitting clothing. Absolutely NO more padded pants; I gave away all of my Brazilian jeans LOL I tried them on and boy were they to tight!!!!.

And the stares from men are hilarious to say the least my man is starting to escort me to and from places. Like everywhere I go, I already have big breast but never had the butt to match. People thing my boobs are fake because my gut is no longer there, which is so weird my butt is huge my boobs look amazing in clothing now might reconsider they surgery NEVER Lol .

I can't even step foot in a store without attracting attention. Christmas Eve I went to a shoe store to purchase things for family. My boyfriend was on the opposite side of the store and this guy comes up to me, mind you I'm wearing my ring and tells me to "call him" and walks off. Certainly I would never entertain that so I called him back and told him I'm taken. He's insisting so my man seen it apparently comes up calls my name and states" She told you. Already that's my wife. WOW my butt is getting me in all kinds of trouble now but my man is so secure he finds it hilarious ONLY if its just the eyes LOL.

Ok , ladies have great day!!!!!!!

Again, ladies' I haven't had my breast surgery yet...

Again, ladies' I haven't had my breast surgery yet. I'm going to post pictures when I'm ready so you'll see the progression. The reason for my second BBL is because I had a lot of fat alone on just my back 5,000.00, which took up most of the stomach fat being taken out. For that reason I'm just going to undergo and second BBL to ensure all the areas are done being that my back is no longer an issue. Once my stomach is liposuctioned why not just utilize that fat, for a second lift and put it to use so that's the reason for my second BBL and due to obvious fat lose after the swelling subsides. Also my results weren't that great because I chose not to do a tummy tuck which sort of altered my results. Round two will certainly be big for me I'm packing all the punches with this one, looking forward to the outcome and the excitement of being bigger and bodacious.

Thanks ladies' have a great day!!!!!

Lol just realized I cropped it wrong oh well. Good...

Lol just realized I cropped it wrong oh well. Good luck looking at it, I'll have to get one of the Real Self managers to fix it sometime this year. Will update again in a couple of weeks this time correctly. Still trying to get my SX location changed have not been able to Real Self what's going on? LOL

Happy Healing to future Dr. Jcurve's members!!! :-)

Shout out to "Monica" @ Jcurves thanks for trying...

Shout out to "Monica" @ Jcurves thanks for trying talk me out of my claim. I'm going to still file BUT nice 
try!  Really??? Love you guys though:-)

Butt is still there ladies'. No reason to be...

Butt is still there ladies'. No reason to be alarmed it's all good. Again, I just underwent a nip tuck and breast lift w/aug. Disgustingly gorgeous I will post pics soon. I'm going to wait until swelling subsides to post.

This is for all the ladies' inboxing me about new...

This is for all the ladies' inboxing me about new pics. Still had that stomach then WHEW!!! so glad that ugly thing is gone and enjoying my new boobs as-well. Needed so much liposuction but wouldn't work with that awful skin hanging. If your interested here they are!!!

Salamafied! Mommy Makeover and 2nd BBL

Well, I haven't updated my review in a couple of years... So I figured why not ! I had my second mommy makeover with done my the man himself Dr . Salama. The first mommy makeover wasn't performed by Dr. Salama and I seriously "regret" that decision. Cynthia convinced me to switch for my second and BOY am I glad I did!. Being I'm scheduled for a 2nd BBL with Dr. Salama in May '15. The first was w/ Dr. Jimerson . I'm still healing ready to get back to work but grateful. Thanks to his whole staff I have half my body back and no more fat!!! !!!
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