Silhouette Lift with PRP, Serbia

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I have had three previous procedures with Mr...

I have had three previous procedures with Mr Sforza. All have been excellent. I consulted him about a Silouette thread lift and he asked if I would be prepared to travel overseas for treatment. My first thought was definitely not but when he explained that he would do the actual procedure in Belgrade and all after care is at his UK based clinic I decided to consider it. The procedure is carried out overseas as it is not covered by his practice in the UK and is in fact considerably cheaper, even taking into account the cost of the flights.

Flight are now booked and I will be there for just 36 hours. All accommodation etc is provided. I'm interested to hear from anyone else who has had this combined procedure and I will comment further once mine has been carried out.

Silhouette Lift with PRP, Serbia.

I'm one week on today from the procedure. I still have some bruising, especially under my eyes and chin, but I can cover them with makeup. My face also feels slightly swollen and bumpy. But I have to say the texture of my skin feels wonderful. I'm still looking forward to seeing the full results when the swelling and bruising are gone but so far I'm very happy. The changes are subtle but fortunately I took a lot of photos before I went to Serbia and I can see the improvement. I'm getting a few odd sensations from the threads occasionally but I'm assuming those will calm down with the healing process. I'm hoping to post before and after photos shortly.

Update on threadlift and PRP in Serbia

The odd sensations have gone but I still have some bruising and one small bump on my jawline so no photos yet. I'll wait until after my visit to the PS on May 12. I've looked at quite a few reports on thread lifts and some on PRP. Obviously thread lifting has moved on since it first appeared and I must say I'm very happy so far with my results. I think anyone considering this, especially combined with PRP, has to bear this in mind: this is NOT a facelift, neck lift or blepharoscopy. Changes are subtle. BUT, my skin is plumper, smoother and firmer, my under eye area is also smoother without being pulled tight, my neck is not crepy or wrinkled, I have no jowls and minimal laughter lines. I had all of these problems previously... A tiny amount of botox has dealt with minor frown lines and a fat transfer has taken away any hollowness I had. I feel as if I've lost ten years and I couldn't ask for more!
Mr Marcos Sforza

He has done previous procedures for me. I'm very happy with all of them. He is very caring and thoughtful and does not promise what he can't deliver.

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