Young Female Getting Rhinoplasty in EU for Bulbous Tip! Belgium, BE

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I'm a an early-20s female and been wanting...

I'm a an early-20s female and been wanting rhinoplasty for a while. This summer is perfect for me in timing, and so I have decided to finally go through with it.I'm adding some before photos, with my eyes missing, as I do want to keep my privacy, and l don't plan on telling many people that I've had a rhinoplasty operation.

My problem with my nose is that the tip is very large and bulbous, and I am quite a petite female. My other facial features are also not that big, so the nose really stands out, particularly when I smile. It really really annoys me, particularly in photos. All I wanted was a tip refinement to make it smaller. I also wanted my nose straightened as it has a slight slant, but actually, I had a consultation with Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen who noticed that my whole face is slightly slanted, only by 1/2%, and that if he straightened my nose, the rest of my face would be more noticeably asymmetrical as now there is something straight to compare it to. (very good point I thought), so I think I have decided to go with him and have my date booked for June the 18th!

I'm terrified of 'twilight' sedation, but oh well. Will try upload some more photos and will keep you guys updated. RealSelf has been so useful for me in making my decision, so I hope maybe this will help others.

Anyone have any recommendation for packing?

I'm thinking - gauze/baby wipes/U shaped cushion/easy clothes/arnica cream… can't think of many absolute necessities though. I'm going to be staying in a hotel so I really need to have my stuff ready before I leave as I don't think I will be leaving the hotel room.

Has anyone been out in public with their splint on before? Not sure if I would like everyone staring.

Just paid!

I am so excited, and actually not scared at all. I thought I would be more worried. I've wanted this for so long and so happy I plucked up the courage to do it. Going to order lots of books as I'm holed up in a hotel room for at least a week! Any recommendations?

All packed, Eurostar tomorrow!

Getting the Eurostar tomorrow so that I can check into my hotel the day before surgery. Would rather check-in before having my cast on etc! So excited! Have packed so much Arnica, protein shakes, soft foods and straws haha. My friend is now coming with me for the first 4 days so will be nice to have someone stay with me :-) Arrive in Antwerp around 1pm so will be nice to see the city first before being a hermit in my hotel room for the rest of the week! 1 day to go!

Last photo of my old nose!

Surgery tomorrow! Took one more photo for comparison with after. Nervous but so so excited!

It's done!!!

It's finally done! Dr Nvdd was so sweet and comforting and clarified everything before. Twilight anastheatic was lovely, didn't feel a thing and didn't feel sick after waking up. Cannot wait to see the results, I can see through the cast and I love the look of the tip already. Not really in any pain at all, just feels like a headache in my nose of that makes sense? Haven't taken the super strong pain killers, paracetamol is really enough at the moment. :) so happy it's over, now just to recover.

Day 2

I'm not in pain, but never fully considered how much breathing through my mouth would hurt my throat. During the night I wake up about every 2 hours because I have to drink water, or eat a throat sweet. Not really sleeping properly at all, but thankfully, I only have one more night with the tampons in my nose and then I can take them out! Cannot wait. So thankful I read RealSelf reviews before I left the UK saying bring straws because straws have been a lifesaver.

Day 3

Finally the tampons are out and I can breathe through my nose. Never realised how much I appreciate breathing through my nose until this moment!! Hopefully will sleep much better tonight. Taking the tampons out actually hurt and was absolutely disgusting but had to be done. My nose looks much smaller as a result though and I can finally start to see the shape of the tip. 3 more days until cast off!

Day 4

So day 4 has been the nicest so far. Because the tampons came out yesterday my cuts seemed to have scabbed up overnight (I had closed rhinoplasty). It's such a weird feeling to feel giant scabs inside your nose but from the outside your nose looks completely normal! Can breath which is great and don't need any pain medication either so day 4 has been good to me! Just two more sleeps until my cast comes off! Thank god, because my hair is super greasy as I haven't been able to wash it since I had the operation! Taking my cast of Thursday morning and then heading straight for the Eurostar to come back to the UK! My mum can't wait to see my new nose!

Day 5 - Thoughts

This post is partly driven out my boredom, but also by the fact that RealSelf has been such an emblem of advice and support to me on this journey. After my rhinoplasty journey is finished (which to me is Day 7, the day I travel home) I don't plan to log on a lot as I can sometimes become a little obsessive over things. As I found myself, there are not a lot of Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen reviews on here, and purely for that reason, I know that people will come across this review when researching him and I feel that I should give all the advice I have to those people after my experience. Apart from my cast-off photos, and a goodbye, this will be one of my last posts on this website. I'm going to address the problems I've been through during this journey, in the hope that it will help others make their decision when they come across it.

The first battle I faced was the idea that I knew I was generally attractive, and when mentioning a rhinoplasty surgery, my friends and family would continually repeat that it was 'unnecessary' and that I am 'already pretty'. I had my first rhinoplasty consultations at age 18, and these types of comments were the exact statements that when it first came to booking my procedure, I changed my mind last minute, thinking I was over-doing it or over-reacting about an insecurity that didn't really exist. Yet here I am, doing the exact same thing I wanted to do 3 years ago. I believe that in reality, if the insecurity exists to you: it exists. It doesn't matter whether people think 'your nose isn't that big' or that 'you're already attractive' - if you want to change something and it's within your power to do so, do it. I remember when I got braces (purely for cosmetic reasons, not health) and no-one ever questioned me on having cosmetic braces to make my teeth straight. Yet isn't this the exact same thing? Yes, one might require going under anaesthetic but having my braces put in, taken out, and tightened over three years was incredibly more painful than this rhinoplasty experience. For some reason, people seem to divide what they approve to be acceptable procedures and what aren't. I would say if the only thing stopping you is other people, continue on your own path. If I did, I would have done this years ago. Moreover, by ignoring your own wants because of temporary comments by others, your want will inevitably pop up again later in your life when those people aren't there to express their views anymore.

Another problem I faced was justifying the large sum of money required. Is it really worth it? I would ask myself. After consulting some London surgeons and being quoted around £8000 I was seriously doubting this operation: that cost is almost one year of university fees. Was it necessary? Was it worth it? That’s what led to my search outside of the UK. Even flying all the way to California from London and having surgery with a surgeon in Los Angeles was cheaper than staying in my own country. That’s when I truly realised UK prices were ridiculous because there is simply no need for UK surgeons to price themselves so high when top-rated US surgeons do not do this. It’s not a question of standards, I consulted two top US surgeons whose before-and-afters trounced UK surgeons I saw: yet they were almost $3000 cheaper. As long as you research properly and are prepared for the journey ahead, I would completely recommend travelling out of your own country for rhinoplasty, and that’s how I led to finally deciding on Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen.

The thing that has plagued me most during this journey is lying. I have only told my mum about this surgery and a couple of close friends. The only reason I can tell my mum is because she has similar insecurities and totally understands me. I feel extremely bad and guilty about lying to other close relatives and close friends. I cannot write the lie I told here as that would give it away if they ever happen to come across this review, but lets just say, when you’re going to ‘disappear’ for 8 days abroad, you can’t just make any old story up. I felt deeply deeply guilty. But, the more I think about this the more I think there is nothing I can do. Why do I feel guilty? Because I know they would disapprove. I don’t want to spend my life justifying why I spent this money, why I decided to do this and why I wanted to do this. They key thing is that it is my money and my body, and if I knew they would be supportive, I would not have any qualms in telling them, but why would I tell someone something I know they will give me hell about? It is not my responsibility to persuade them that it is a good idea: essentially, this is my body and my choice, and it is their responsibility to respect that. Unfortunately, in reality, people are will always disapprove and have no problem of telling you, and others. Thus, I’ve kept it a secret from many people and will continue to do so. Cosmetic surgery is blasted and vilified so much in the media that I know many of my friends and family will have negative views on it despite having done no research, knowing any statistics or really knowing anything about it at all other than the horror stories presented in the media. When the public perception changes, maybe then I would feel I can be more open, but today is not that day, and so this will remain a secret.

I hope this review, and my story helps anyone deciding in the future. I will come back to post my cast-off photos but then, I will have to say goodbye to RealSelf

Day 7 - Cast off!!!

Today I took my cast off; and I almost threw up. Nothing prepared me for this, but when I looked in the mirror and didn't recognise myself it actually really freaked me out. It's like a dream where you look in the mirror and someone else stares back at you which is kinda scary. I had to lie down for a while and breath deep, cannot believe how much it actually affected me! It's because it felt like a foreign object on my face.

After I got back up, and looked at my nose more and felt less nauseous I do love it. Dr Nvdd has done a fantastic job, and even though it's still swollen it's such an improvement. I'm so happy I chose to do this and cannot wait to go back to the UK today!! Probably won't log on to RealSelf anymore that often, but all I can say is this a good ending: although I wouldn't have expected anything else from a skilled surgeon like Dr Nvdd.

Btw, sorry for the weird black eyes, but had to be done!

(almost) 2 weeks post op!

Very happy, just thought I'd put some progress photos up.

Swelling has really gone down today... about 2 1/2 weeks post-op

I have never felt better about my appearance in my life.

1 month and a bit post-op!

A comparison pictures and some more swelling-gone-down pictures :)

2 month post-op!

I went on holiday to somewhere with a super hot climate and did notice a lot of swelling, but overall, all good!

Update!! Finally - 3 months and a bit

I am still so happy with the results. My nose changes everyday, and I'd hate to give the opinion to anyone reading that everyday it looks as good as it does in my photos. Those are just taken on good days, but even on 'swelling' days, I still love it! Every day I often see differences, and I'm so happy I went through with it!!

Portrait No-Smiling Photo

A lot of people have been asking to see a portrait, non-smiling photo. Sorry it has taken so long, just been crazy busy. I know this isn't the best quality but I hope you can see what an amazing job Dr Nvd has done! I am just under 6 months post-op currently. Only now am I getting feeling back in my nose!

8 month update

just to keep you guys informed! finally have full feeling back in my nose.

Direct before-after photo at 9 months

Hey guys,

So i had an email saying that one person couldn't really see the difference without a direct comparison photo. I travel a lot so it's hard for me to get the exact same pose in the exact same lighting to make a direct comparison, but I made a before and after and hopefully that helps anyone looking at this to see the subtle difference I had.

It is a SUBTLE change but I think has made a massive change to my face :). Also, no I have not had teeth whitening, I just never took care of my teeth as a teenager lol. Now I do.

Feeling finally completely back all over my nose, sometimes there's swelling more on one side than the other but otherwise still very happy!:)

Oh my god I've passed the one year mark!!

I've only just realised I've had my new nose for a whole entire year. I've got to say, this was one of the most biggest and riskiest decisions I've made in my life, and yet it's one of the best.

One thing I didn't realise, I haven't had nose hair like all year as it was growing back, and now it's growing back its so itchy!! (ew I know TMI but better to know). I have to stop myself from itching!! But otherwise, I am SO pleased with the result.
Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen

I would recommend Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen to anyone. He is an extremely caring and cautious surgeon who won't give you a nose that will fit someone else face; but a nose that is perfect for you. From start to beginning he made my rhinoplasty experience easy and smooth. I'm so thankful to have a skilled surgeon, and seeing his before and afters he is avery skilled surgeon. He does just what is necessary to make your face beautiful, not giving you 'this nose' or 'that nose'. The clinic was very professional, everyone spoke English and he consults in London which is great. Price was good compared to the UK and I couldn't recommend him more.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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