Watch out - Fcare Vein Treatment! - Belgium, BE

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Following rhinoplasty, I had a lot of small veins...

Following rhinoplasty, I had a lot of small veins surging up on my nose. My doc treated them with a device which is similar to veinwave, called fcare systems evrf. Seven weeks later I am full of red/brownish marks and new veins have also shot up. I have later understood this device is not entirly safe, so if you get your veins treated, check what machine is used. this machine is produced in belgium and has received warnings in the usa. maybe this can happen with any type of vein treatment but my opinion of this one is not good. has anyone else used this machine pls reply


I have since tried veinwave and though this did notgive me marks, it doesnt help either, the veins come back.
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