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Hi All, I am 30 years old and have a 15 year...

Hi All,

I am 30 years old and have a 15 year old son (I was a very young mum). Me and my husband have been together for 17 years and happily married for 13 of them. This year we went to Vegas and renewed our wedding vows. We have an amazing relationship and I would be lost without him.

Right about my body!
I am roughly about 9 ½ stone which is 133lbs and I am 5ft 2. Over the last 6 years I have lost 5 stone and put a stone back on. I a recovering from an eating disorder and doing pretty well. I am not sure if my saggy and fat stomach is due to having my son so young or losing weight but I hate it! I also suffer from Polycystic ovaries and Bi Polar and all the meds I am on make it very hard to lose weight.
I have no confidence or self-esteem. I will not let my hubby touch my stomach or even put his hands around my waist I feel too embarrassed by it.

I had a Breast Augmentation just over 2 years ago and went from 34B to 34DD and I love them, but don’t feel complete. I have wanted a tummy tuck since I was 15 and actually went to a consultation when I was 20 which was an awful experience. I went to the Harley Medical Group in Manchester and they made me feel so low I came out crying : (

I have now gone with the same surgeon that done my Breast Augmentation. Her name is Sara Ulens and she works at Clinic Beaucare in Belgium. The surgery is costing me £3950, my flight are £230 (Me and my Hubby) and the hotel is £300 for 4 nights. So my big day is November 22nd at 08:00 and I am so excited and scared at the same time. I am more worried about the recovery time as I was hoping to only take a maximum of a week off. I only have a desk job, so figured I wouldn’t be in much pain as I long as I took my meds. I am having an extended Tummy Tuck with lip on my hips (I hate my huge hips).

I love this site and ready all the stories from other ladies that feel exactly what I do, wondering if I am selfish for spending this money on myself as it could pay for an amazing holiday with my family, or pay off some of our debts, or do some decorating. I am also worrying if the results are going to be as good as I see on other people and If I am going to look any slimmer and really if my husband will still find me attractive with the scar, I can live with it and I am hoping he can too as he is very squeamish. I do have starch marks which will all hopefully be removed as they are all under my belly button.

I am hoping I will be able to wear my dresses without my tummy sticking out and me looking pregnant, and be able to wear jeans and pants without me pulling out my top from my role of fat or tucking my fat into my pants.

Anyway, this is my story and any tips, advice anything really would be much appreciated.

I will upload my before pictures in a couple of days.

Happy Healing for all you ladies that are recovering and good luck to you who have their surgery date booked.


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