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Hi everyone, I have been reading all your very...

Hi everyone, I have been reading all your very helpful reviews for months now. It is comforting to read all your experiences. It gives me a very real expectation of my surgery reading all your different experiences. I am currently on my two week liquid only diet which is ok. To be honest I have done liquid only diets many many times before so it's no big deal. Getting very nervous about my upcoming surgery. I will be going to Belgium to gave it done and am worried about the pain. My mum is coming with me so that's nice. Well think of me on the 13th ( lucky for some, I hope!!!) with love and thanks x

8 days post op

Hi everyone,

Well, I made it! Hospital in Bruge was nice, well organised, clean and modern. I saw the nutritionist then had my consultation with my surgeon. Waking up was ok, they gave me some pain relief and I slept the anaesthetic off for most of the day zzzzzz the gas pains and the burning sensation from the stomach acids were the worst thing really but very painful. I took some Rennes and it helped. So the day after surgery I was allowed water and had to have some yogurt, wasn't the nicest thing to eat but they needed to check that all was working as it should be and that there was no blockages. I was discharged the day after surgery back to the hotel. It all felt a little quick but I managed it. At the hotel I found it difficult to get comfortable in bed so didn't sleep well. I was given some pain relief to tablets that dissolve under your tongue. I took one and was almost instantly sick! Needless to say I have not taken any pain medication since, nor have I needed it. I found the first 4 days are the worst but after that you get stronger and feel more able to do things each day.
I think I am being super cautious as I am still not eating/ drinking too much. I am really struggling to get any protein shakes in me, they just make me gag. So, I am eating about 1 table spoon of high protein yogurt for breakfast, chicken and veg stock I made for lunch, approx 6 ice cubes that I defrost and some sugar free jelly. For dinner I will have broth again and a bit more yogurt and jelly. I try and drink as much water as I can, I think I am up to about 1 litre. I am worried I am not having enough, not enough protein. Any advice around if what I am eating and the amounts would be greatly received!!

I seem to be healing well, the gas pains have gone but if I eat or drink anything I burp and have hiccups quite a lot too, has anybody experience this and does it go away. I really hope so, I am back at work soon and don't want to be burping all the time!!!

Well I have taken my fat pictures so will pop them on soon.

Will update in a week or so, take care out there lovely peeps! X

Pictures pre surgery

Here's a few pics but my really fat ones are still to come, just need to figure out some IT stuff out!

Three weeks out

Hi everybody,

Well I'm pleased to say so far so good! I'm on the baby food stage (
mush). I have been mostly eating lentil soup and eggs. Still working hard to get in as much protein as I can. It's really hard trying to get in sooooo much. I'm still not up to 60 gas yet but getting there. My wounds are healing well, although I have not managed to pluck up the courage to sleep on my stomach yet, I hope I still can.
I need some suggestions and ideas for foods to try in this mush phase. I'm taking it slow but I'm getting a bit fed up with eggs and soup. For lunch today I had tuna, a triangle cheese and some low fat salad dressing, whizzed all that up with a blender, it was ok. Can we have cheese or is that something that I should. Stay away from given its fat content? Finally found some protein shakes I don't mind and managed to drink a whole one this morning, although I think I drank it too quickly as I spend the next half hour on the toilet, oops. I am loosing wring from my face so far which is nice, not having so many chins is much nicer. Not noticing in my clothes much, however they do feel more comfortable so that's good.
Hope your all doing good out there, take good care until next time xxx

No more back boobies!!!!!

Hi all,

Well today marks six weeks since my surgery. Wounds are healed but still tender. I still have not laid on my front to sleep yet. I used to love sleeping on my tummy but now I'm affraid to. All has been going ok. I have been living on lentil soup, cottage cheese, avocado, yogurt and apple juice as part of the mush phase. I did think that I would try Tara Dahl, an Indian lentil based dish, nice and sloppy, however.....this was the first thing that my stomach said "no way". As things had been going well I started to question whether they had actually sleeved me or not but after I had rated a bit of the Tara Dahl I realised that they had. I felt hot and sweaty, light headed and sick. I hated it. Needless to say I won't be having that for a while. I think it was just a bit to aromatic for me at this stage. So I have found a protein drink that I don't mind, it's a juice based one but unfortunately I don't think my stomach likes that either as about 40 minutes later I have to run off to the toilet. Anybody else had this? Does make it a little hard at times to get my protein in.
It's been so good to notice the little triumphs along the way, for example, going down a clothes size, now being able to remove my engagement ring (not that I want to, but I can now!) and best of all by back boobies have pretty much gone whoop whoop!!!! It important to appreciate the non scale related benefits I think.

I now need to progress to eating soft things I have been looking on Pinterest for some ideas.

Including the pre-op diet to now I have lost 32lbs. I started at 225ish and I am 5.1 . It's nice that people are starting to notice. Most of my family and friends know that I have been sleeved. I was lucky that everyone was very supportive.
I now need to think about exercise. I can't afford to join a gym so I think I will pick up my walking and do some DVDs at home as a start then look for classes like Zumba locally.
I am currently at a stall, I'm trying not to let it impact on me too much. I really need to stop weighing myself each morning. I'm sure that if I can increase my water and protein intake and exercise more then I will get past it, I hope so.

I have been very lucky that I have not felt hungry at all since surgery. Has anybody else experienced this and the hunger has come back? I hope it stays away forever as it makes this process so much easier I'm sure. It would be interesting to hear if this feeling comes back and at what point from other peoples experience.
Well that's it for now, hope you are all well and getting on ok. Until next time cheerio xxxx

The stall, groan

Hi all, I have well and truly stalled. It's so frustrating when the scales don't do anything. It's about a week and a half now. I'm trying to increase my water intake which is still low and increase my protein. It started so well. I know I shouldn't but I get on the scales each morning and nothing changes. I keep telling myself that this is normal and that the weight will start coming off again soon but it's hard to believe when the scale does not move.

If anybody else has any suggestions as to how I can get the scales moving again I would be very greatful of any advice you can give me.

I might start posting some pics of my meals as I do not have the support of a nutritionist I don't really know if I am eating too much or not enough!!!

Thanks everybody. Trying to hang on in there and be positive xxxxx
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