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3 years ago I had my first surgery. I had a big...

3 years ago I had my first surgery.
I had a big nose and a small bump.
Up front it didn't look as bad as it looked like from the profile.
I was always insecure about my looks as I was always a chubby teenager.
I finally took the big step after seeing the 3rd doctor and finally chose the last one.
I am located in Belgium, Antwerp. I chose Dr. Van Look who is a qualified and recognized plastic,reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and as I understood, one of the best in Belgium.
I asked for a smaller nose and nothing more - very natural.
The doctor told me there's nothing to worry about and that he will give me a nice and natural looking nose. Ofcourse, that's what they all say, but lets face it; you need to hear it to not freak the hell out.
So in less than a month we scheduled to surgery and there I was; ready to change my face and start a new and fresh future.

After the surgery I had a really really hard time recovering from the anesthesia.
It took me more than 30 minutes to finally open my eyes, and I was really cranky.
I had a lot of pain; those who say that they didn't feel any discomfort what so ever are big fat liars lol.
I lost a lot of blood and I was in so much pain I couldn't bare it.
After 4 days I was a bit better, the bruising and the swelling weren't so bad, but my skin was kinda weird looking with small zits. :/

A week after I finally got to remove the cast and I was pretty shocked...
I had a really wide and fat nose all of a sudden..... I had a big and narrow nose but nothing like this..
He told me everything will be fine and it will all heal and the swelling will go down.
I knew he was right because my sister had her nose done as well and her nose was worse than mine after her cast went off..

So I gave it time, obviously my little niece had to hit me the first day my cast was off so yeah... And I didn't sleep with the cast on the few weeks after, even after he told me too :/
But now it's been 3 years since and my nose is now still wide, and even wider when I smile so I tend not too smile as much which sucks because a woman should always smile. My right side has a small indentation that looks as if someone hit me ( maybe that's because of what my niece did when my nose was still numb and kinda still broken? )

My left side looks nice and small; but up front it looks still kinda big and wide..
I went to my doctor a year after and told him I'm not fully satisfied with it.
He told me I was crazy, that if he looks at my pictures from a year i'm a different person.
He told me that he didn't even touch my nostrils and that because he touched the other parts, it looks wider..

Anyways I took his advise and went to other doctors to see what they think.
I went to 2 other doctors, one of the best in Israel who told me as well he doesn't think there's much to do and even if he does, it won't be so much different but it might be more feminine.
Also, my septum is really blocking my breathing and one side is completely blocked thus i can not breathe properly which is causing me headaches every day.
So the doctor in Israel told me it would cost about 6500 dollars for a revision, which is not normal... My first rhinoplasty cost about 4000 dollars so how is that possible?!

I decided to think about it, and not just because of the money but because he wasn't giving me a good reason to choose him, he thought there isn't much to do and wasn't so enthusiastic..

Its been a year after the consult in Israel and I decided to go the my first doctor and ask him what he might change if i do decide to do this operation.
He told me that if i touch my nostrils I will have permanent scars on the outside of my nostrils and it might grow larger because of the scar tissue.
He said he will change the tip, that is really big and fat and it will change the wideness automatically. He will make sure the septum wont block my breathing and will make the slope of the nose straighter and make sure it will look smaller.
He also said that if I was a new patient who never had rhinoplasty with my nose as is, he would advise me never to do it.
The first 6 months after my nose looked quite good tbh, but then it changed and got a bit bigger, and he explained me that if i wouldn't had my surgery 3 years ago my nose would now be so much bigger than at first, because my whole face has changed and my bones grew? Or something in that area lol. That also the reason my septum is this way because the bone grew.
I read about him a lot again, to see if he really is the best of the best, and I couldn't find anything bad, I honestly read wonderful things about him and also that a lot of women from the U.K go especially to him because he is so qualified.

I decided to do the surgery, I went to A LOT of consultations, ( 4 or 5)
going tomorrow again before the surgery.
He told me he will not change me to much because in the last 3 years ''I have blossomed into a gorgeous woman'' which in a way is true, I do look so much better than I used to in every way. I lost 14 kilos since and well, now I'm and adult and back then I was just turning 18.

But the scary thing is, my entire family is telling me not to do it because they are afraid of the result. Because the doctor said he wouldn't touch much but I am still determined that I am not 100% comfortable in my skin and want to smile and be happier.
We have a large community of beautiful and skinny women and I still feel like the ugly duckling.

I also decided that I am going to have a liposuction in my inner legs, thighs and my lower buttocks. Just because after the weight loss I still have some fat that will not go away after so many diets and working out.
He will also take a little bit of fat and inject it into my lips just to make them a bit larger so I can be natural and not draw my lips with a pencil every frigging day lol.
I think that injecting fat is better than a non natural product no?
He told me that the only down side is that I might not get to change it afterwards.
But I actually really trust him.

The nose job is covered by the insurance and he isn't charging anything, I only have to pay for the hospital fee but that's the price including the lipo and lips.
So I think the price is reasonable.

Any thoughts? I will post a few pics, though i dont have the old pics of my nose before the first surgery.
I know many of you will say I look just fine, but up close my nose is too wide for my face and I look really masculine and because I have a big head and eyes, everything ( except my lips) is TOO big.
I'm a person who loves fashion, clothes, make up etc. And I kills me that I cant do my hair and make up a certain way because my nose is the only thing that stands out.

I'm exited though, I really hope my luck is turning for the better now and I might really like the way I look!

Sorry for the HUGE text :)
Comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

xoxo Monica.

So I had my rhinoplasty last week and the cast is...

So I had my rhinoplasty last week and the cast is finally off!!
It looks better tbh, it looks smaller and finer, it's still a LOT swollen, and I'm sure that it will turn out to be good!
I can finally breath PROPERLY!
But the pain was really unbearable, i have never had tampons in my nose and also not so many stitches.
I haven't slept for 2 days and when they finally took out the tampons.....

I vomited so much blood and I was really nauseated.
Also, right after surgery it took me like an hour to recover and I felt really sick.
I vomited once ( a lot of blood too ) so they told me to stay in the hospital for another hour.
I forgot to mention I had liposuction too, my outer-inner thighs, my love handles, under buttocks and ankles.
I lost a lot of blood there too, so I vomited a few more times, so they told me to stay the night and they put me on an IV.
That night was horrible, got a cold and had to pee every 20 seconds pulling my iv with me.
I ended up staying till 6pm in the hospital because my blood pressure was really low.
Now my nose hurts from the stitches that won't come out...
My legs etc are killing me, im so bruised I look like i got hit by a truck, i cant really move and the bodysuit i'm wearing is so annoying.
Overall, I will never have lipo ever again. The pain is just too much for me and the bruises are scary! ( i have a cream for it but still )
The nosejob, i'm happy overall!
It could be worse than the first time and it's not especially when people are so scared after a revision!!

I hope the pain goes away soon, as I want to get out of my bed as soon as possible and start working and shopping for new pants!!!

My nose is still really swollen much more than...

My nose is still really swollen

much more than i remembered it to be... I am going to my doctor in a week.
But it looks better.

the liposuction is the worst pain ive ever experienced in my life tbh.
the bruises are fading away but still very big.
My back hurts a lot, still wearing my garment. I find it easier to be with the garment as my back hurts without it.
I'm still swollen but you can see the difference already!
What i do find annoying is that he didnt touch my ankles and now they are too big for my 'new' legs.
What alternative is there besides lipo?
i can not go through with lipo and anesthetics again .....!!

I will ask my doctor next week as i am getting my lips done as well.
I'm still in bed though after 2 weeks. I have dizziness and almost fainted in the shower a few days ago.
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