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Hello My nose story is I used to have a lovely...


My nose story is I used to have a lovely nose. Nice, straight. Never bothered me (see pic), and then boom, it all changed 3 months ago when I fell off my mountain bike (see pic) (October 2014). After 2 weeks of looking like a cabbage patch kid, the swelling went down and I got my nose realigned by the NHS. They basically stuck some forceps up my nostrils and pushed my septum back in place. Nothing glamorous but now I can breath, which is a bonus. The NHS doctor then told me the news - I would have a bump. I had also torn the skin on my nose and had it surgically glued back together which added to the bumps height (see pic).

So I was left debating what to do. I did some research and decided to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon: Dr Noorman van der Dussen at his Belgium Clinic. I chose him because he had so many good reviews online.

That appointment was a couple of weeks ago (January 2015) and this was my experience: I was excited and apprehensive about the appointment. His offices where very modern, and clean and I had to buzz to get in. I was greeted by a surgeon in green scrubs (complete with face mask, which was hanging off one ear) and took my seat in reception. I was the only person sitting in the reception area, and I could hear someone else upstairs. I waited for about 15 minutes. A lady (Dr Noorman van der Dussens secretary) then came and greeted me, handed me a clip board and asked me to fill it in. It had the usual questions: name, address etc, and some strange ones like: "how long do you spend staring in the mirror each day?" I handed the board back to the receptionist and was led upstairs to meet Dr NvdD.

First impression where good. His office was nice, modern and big. He greeted me with a smiley face. His receptionist then handed him the clipboard, which he looked at briefly. He then looked up at me and said: "yes, i can see the hump, and you also have raised (some technical word for the sides of my nose)." He then came over and started feeling my nose, prodding and pushing. He took out a sheet of paper (see pic) and drew on it, stating doctor terms I didn't know. "If I removed that (insert technical term), and moved that (technical term) then we could do that (technical term)."

I just want to point out now that he never asked me what I wanted. Never: why had I come to see him? or what exactly bothered me about my nose?. He never asked for the history of my nose, which I thought was pretty important as I only broke it 3 months ago.

After he finished pressing and pushing my nose, he sat back in his chair with a completed look on his face, as if the consultation was drawing to a close. I was stunned. I decided if he wasn't going to ask, I had to tell him. "I only broke my nose 3 months ago," I said. He was startled as if this had never occurred to him. I asked him how long do you have to wait after a broken nose and realignment before rhinoplasty. He said usually a year, but it my case 6 months. I felt suspicious about this. The consultation had lasted about 10 minutes at this stage, and yet it seemed like Dr NvdD had finished. I had to ask for the price. I had to ask what happens next after this consultation, and the answer was this: You leave here, we will email you some dates, if you agree you transfer us a deposit and we book you in. I asked if they need to take pictures of my face which we can upload and I can explain what I want. Dr NvdD said he doesn't do anything like that. I asked if he wanted to see pics of what idea I had in mind. He said no, he didn't need too. At this point, I was in disbelief. Is this the way all consultations go? Dr NvdD started packing up my file. I have now been in consultation for 15 mins. I ask if I get anything, a diagram of his proposal perhaps? A quote? Anything I can go home and mull over? No, he said. I had to specifically ask his receptionist to email me the pencil drawing. I finally asked about non-surgical rhinoplasty (ie filler). Dr NvdDs short reply was a wave of the hand and "no, that's not what you want."

Ok consultation over, I got up to leave. The receptionist showed me downstairs. Passing the desk, I took my card out to pay. "Oh, sorry we only accept cash," she said.
Only cash? What? - Yes, I actually had to leave the doctors, cross the street and go get cash out of my bank account to pay them. That was the weirdest part of the whole thing. No receipt.

This was my first consultation and I cannot decided how I feel about it. Dr NvdD was nice, his secretary was nice, his offices where nice, but something was just off, and for me personally, if I am going to have someone anywhere near my face with a knife, I want to be dam sure their the right person for me.
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