Mini Tuck with Lipo - Belgium

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After having four children (the last a c-section)...

After having four children (the last a c-section) I was left with an uply over hang of skin and a loose tummy. I work out (I am a runner) but yet nothing I was ever going to do with my personal trainer would have changed the look of my "mummy tummy".

I had consultations with 5 doctors over the space of 18 months until I found the doctor that made me feel the confidence to go ahead.

I travelled to Belgium (I live in England) and stayed for 5 days.

I am so happy with the results so far although I was not prepared for the pain. I think it is more painful than my c-section but maybe that is just because you forget exactly what pain was like?

I am 6 days post op and already I am delighted with the results - I can only imagine how much happier I will be when the swelling goes down.

I wasnt after a super flat tummy so opted for the mini tuck instead of a full tuck as I didnt want my muscles stitched or my tummy button moved. The cut went just as wide as a full tuck, which is ok with me as I know it will fade with time.

I was on the slim side to begin with so this procedure was to mainly get ride of the loose skin and lipo out any fat deposits from my upper abdominal area.

I sure once the swelling goes down (and I finally use the bathroom!) then my tummy will go even flatter :)

I am still in a lot of pain but I am sooo happy that I finally did this - my Doctor was amazing!

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My Doctor was kind, caring and professional. He answered my questions by email before the procedure and never makes you feel like you are being a bother. His work is excellent and I will be going back next year for more work if I can (breast uplift, implants).

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