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This site helped me so much, that i have decided...

this site helped me so much, that i have decided to do my own review, especially because they are not a lot of reviews about any other countries... i live in Belgium and i have decided to got the Wellness Kliniek in Genk which has fantastic reviews and is one of the best in Europe...
i made an appointment with Dr. Verdonck and I really liked him, he explained everything to me and he took his time. He is also one of the best rated cosmetic surgeon in Belgium and he only specialises in breast augmentation .... he uses the MIBIS method (Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery - The MIBIS method is ideal in order to minimize the length of the incision, so as to keep the scar as small as possible . The MIBIS method is carried out with the aid of a special surgical devise which ensures that the incision , in order to bring in your breast implant, will be less than 3 cm / 1.2 Inch in length.)
He also uses Monobloc SoftOne prostheses which are the new generation of implants.
They are safe, soft to the touch and do not leak!
Monobloc SoftOne prostheses are made from (high) cohesive silicone gel. This medical gel, with its thick sticky consistency, sticks together even if the prosthesis is dissected. Which made me very comfortable choosing this type of implants..

On the appointment Dr. Verdonck told me that the max i could go for was 350 cc due to my small frame... and the results that i was looking for is extra high profile...
I was having really difficult time choosing between 225cc and 350cc because i didn't wanted them too big on me... when i was breastfeeding i had a C cup and i wanted them slightly bigger so at the end i chosed 350cc... i made a deposit and reserved a date...


i didn't know how to feel, in one way i was really excited and happy but in another way i was really scared because i've never had an operation before or anaesthesia ... i've arrived at the Kliniek at 8am with my husband and the nurse checked all my details and escort us to my room, where i prepared for the operation...
we waited there about an hour and then a nurse came to pick me up and we went upstairs where my surgeon marked me and answer any question that i still had and to confirm the size....
after i went to the operating theatre where they prep me up, and i still had mix feelings, i just couldn't believe this is actually happening.... then the anaesthesiologist came and i was out in 3s!
i woke up sore and shivering but otherwise ok.... couldn't believe it was over.. when i arrived to my room i started to feel the pain so they gave me something stronger... i could eat and drink in the next 30 min didn't feel nauseous at all....
Dr. Verdonck came to see me and gave me prescription for my pain killers (ibuprofen 600mg, paracetamol 1g and antibiotic)... he also asked how i was feeling and that everything went well, he said that i need to have this bandage and chest band on for 2 weeks 24/7, no shower for upper part.... both of them are really uncomfortable, i don't know how I'm going to manage 2 weeks...
in the next hour we went to the hotel, where i took another dose of painkillers and just rested...
my husband actually managed to hit me with his elbow in my left breast!! i wanted t kill him... i was sore a little bit more afterwards and was really pissed off...
during the night i slept for about 6h, which i thought was quite good...

what do you think about the size??


on my first day i felt sore but ok, really difficult to get out of bed.. mostly i just relaxed and watch movies with my husband but in the afternoon we've decided to go for a little walk and i wanted to go to the Kliniek to ask some more questions...
the nurse checked me because i said that yesterday my husband accidentally hit me in my left breast, but everything was ok, i was so relieved and i could actually see that i have a cleavage :) which was nice...
so after 2 weeks, i will have a post op consultation, where my stitches and dressing will be removed and i will need to wear a sports bra for the next 6 weeks. i can also start doing massages and using scar gel....
after that we went for little walk but returned quickly to the hotel because i was starting to feel sore again...


i woke up sore but the pain was manageable... slept for about 6h as well... i let my husband prepared the bags while i rested, because we need to take the train back home (3h).... before train we went to the store to buy some snacks and because there were a lot of people we needed to walk a little bit faster to catch our train = not good i felt really sore in 5 min and all the way to our home was really uncomfortable even when i took pills ...
i arrived home and my 2.5 year old and 1year old were waiting for us.... i forgot about the pain in the next 1h but then my 2.5 year old hit me with his head in my left breast by accident!! omgg the pain.. and i was thinking really ?? left breast again!!
during the day it was really difficult of not picking them up, because both of them love to be in my arms but my sister was here until we put them to bed...
during the night i woke up because i was quite in pain i had a burning sensation in my breast especially my left one, i couldn't even put myself up from the bed to take a pill i needed the help from my husband...


i woke up 6.30 and the burning sensation was back.... i was in quite big pain, i couldn't do anything, this was the worst pain since i had surgery, i think yesterday i did too much, (the train, the kids, didn't rest enough). i can't believe it was only my second ay from the surgery, i don't know why but for me it was like a week has passed.... i am trying to do nothing today, and taking pills nonstop... i just hope that my left breast will not have any problems due to my husband and my baby?? freaking out a little bit... the surgeon said that if my breast doesn't swellow double in size or i don't have any liquids coming from my dressing, all is good... but i still worry...
i can't believe also that i will only see them in 2 weeks!! i wonder how they are already ....


so i woke up yet again super sore and my left breast was really painful.... its so painful that i can't get out of bed, the burning sensation is super strong...
during the day i can only feel pressure in both of my breasts (its similar feeling when i was engorged with milk), but when the evening comes I'm just terrified of the morning... i've sent an sms to Dr. Verdonck and he called me to see if i am OK and if i have any extra swelling or a fever or liquids coming from my stitches.. because i don't have any of this symptoms he said that everything is ok and that maybe i should sleep a little bit inclined for a few days and not on my back to relieve the pressure in the morning and that it will be better in the few days and that i can call him anyday and anytime...i just can't believe he called me on a sunday, he is super nice and you can see he cares about his patients...
omg 10 days to go and i will see my boobies :))) also i've decided that today I'm gonna try to sleep on my couch and hope the pain will not be as strong as other days.
during the day I'm quite active, playing with kids and helping to dress them up, can't do much which is really annoying, especially because my 1 year old has a 39 degrees fever so he isn't feeling well and because i cannot hold him its really tough for me, i try to cuddle him on my lap when I'm sitting, but its not enough :( so sometimes i feel quite stressful and upset i cannot soothe him properly...
i think he realised i cannot hold him because now he goes to his dad all the time, he needs to carry him nonstop, which in one way its cute...
i just want to feel better soon, that i can pick them up


so i slept more inclined than usually this night and it was less painful to get up from the bed... I'm still taking pills for the pain...and i just felt super tired today, i had a little nap when my baby was sleeping.. and today I'm going to bed early... its so annoying i can't show any photos of my new boobies but I'm counting the days: 9 days to go!!
its so weird that some surgeons recommend a sports bra or no bra at all or this compression bandage....
anyhow I'm thinking of buying this two sports bras after my 2 weeks.. what do you think???


so nothing changed much, i still need to take pills, especially in the morning, today i removed my blue bandage, my skin was so itchy underneath i could take it anymore.. mu husband helped me washed and then we went to the bra store to buy a sports bra because i didn't know what size to order... omg during the walk i could actually feel my implants it was really weird... when we arrived to the store i was really in pain especially my left breast and nipple and i could see that left one was still higher than my right.. the lady measured me 75 C but i could not fit it at all... at the end i could only fit 85D but the band under my breast isn't tight as it should be, i think i would need 80D but she didn't have it, so i needed to satisfy with this one, hope it will not interfere with my healing????
as soon as i came home i bought Lipoelastic PI Extra New post op bra and it should arrive on friday.. hope this one will fit...
but i feel so much better without the blue bandage, but i worry about this stupid bra that dopant fit properly, what do you guys think?? it will be fine for 2 days??
since the operation i am soooo bloated its crazy, i feel so fat, i know i still didn't loose the baby weight (7kg) and i just don't feel right... i really ned to start exercising after 2 months.... otherwise I'm in love with my size they look so nice without a bra in a top, everything i always wanted :) can't wait for the to drop completely


so because my sports bra doesn't fit properly my boobs hurted more than usually and the end of the day i had enough and my husband sewed my sports bra (yes he can sew and i can't) that it is more tight and what a relief when i put it on, he did an excellent job..
i still have a morning boob and my left one is still higher and have zingers than my right... today i could actually walk up straight for the first time with no pain/tightness... can't wait for them to heal completely

just received my Lipoelastic PI Extra Postoperative Bra!!

just received my Lipoelastic PI Extra Postoperative Bra!! and it is soooo comfortable, I'm really happy with the purchase


so tomorrow i will get stitches removed and i can see how the scars are looking... since yesterday i don't have really bad pain in my left breast, when i want to get out of bed i still get the burning sensation at the side of my boob and it goes to my nipple but no where near when i was scared to stand up, because the pain was just awful... i can also see the left one dropped a little bit and maybe its due to that, that my pain got manageable... so happy with the results can't wait for the 3 months mark..
gonna post some photos of my scars tomorrow and progress of dropping :)


so i have just received my Lipoelastic PI Unique post op bra but it is the wrong size!! they sent me 70C instead of 75C.... i have contacted them and they will send me the right size today which is great :)
i will also show you how my incisions look later this evening...
I'm completely off my pain medications, my left boob still gives me sometimes a burning feeling but its not something i couldn't endure... and i don't feel so sore anymore at my left arm which is really good because sometimes i couldn't even move it.. feeling better each day and loving the results :) also you can see that my left one dropped nicely, soo happy


the nurse said that the incisions are amazing and they are I'm so happy :)
i took a shower and i can start massaging them as well

just received my correct size lipoelastic post op bra :)

just received my correct size lipoelastic post op bra :) and talking about the fast shipping, i emailed them yesterday i already receive it today :) its so comfortable, love it

some photos in my old bikinis :)

some photos in my old bikinis :)


hi ladies, i have been feeling a lot better for the last couple of days... i don't have any zingers anymore in my left breast and this one dropped so nicely as well I'm so happy.... sometimes i can still feel some tightness especially when i want to get out of bed, but otherwise no pain.. i started to lift up my kids as well and didn't experience any discomfort at all YAY so happy... just if they brush against my boobs I'm still super sensitive and tender but i am just so glad i can lift them... can't wait for the 3 months mark

3 WEEKS POST OP and sooooo happyyyyyy :)

so today its 3 weeks and i am feeling almost completely back to normal, the only thing i can't do is to reach something that is very high up... i love how my boobs look now, they are dropping and getting softer :) i will also start to apply scar gel on my incisions

a few pictures :)


i can't believe it is already 4 weeks :) I'm still very happy with my results, sooooo because didn't experience any pain or burning sensations for almost a week, i thought I'm going to try to sleep on my back and not inclined last night... well huge mistake, i tried to get out of the bed and the burning sensation in my left breast came back!!!??? i was disappointed by this and actually just really pissed off... so i still need to sleep inclined... left one is just not co-operating hehehe.... i still need to be patient... on top of this both of my children have a fever and i have a really bad cold, i can't remember the last time i was so sick... hope we will get better soon
i also have this urge to go bra shopping... so i keep need to remind myself that they will change and i need to wait, but seriously cannot wait for new lingerie :)

1 MONTH and almost 2 weeks post op

sorry ladies for being absent but i was really feeling ill, otherwise im so happy with my results, can't wait for the summer time.. sometimes i completely forget that i had them done, they really starting to feel like my own :) getting softer and dropping really nicely. i do not do massages, i just can't find any time to do them, do you think they are really necessary???? because im loving my results already
i dont feel any pain, my nipples are just a little bit more sensitive but thats all... i am still sleeping inclined, im sure maybe i could be on my back now, but i really dont mind anymore sleeping like this...

BOOBGREED (almost 2 months post op)

so for about 2 weeks now i am having boobgreed, i mean they look super nice i like the shape and everything i just wish they were slightly bigger.... they look exactly like when i was breastfeeding and i knew i wanted them bigger than that.... so im feeling a little bit disappointed... in some pictures and outfits they look a perfect size but then in all the rest they just disappear i think... maybe i am thinking like this because i dont wear any bras and im sure with a bra they will look slightly bigger, but i wanted that effect without a bra...
Dr. Verdonck said that 350cc is the max that i could go ( originally wanted 400cc)..
so i went online and checked the difference between mentor and monoblanc:
mentor UHP 350cc = diameter: 10,1cm ..... projection: 5,2cm
monoblanc UHP 350cc = diameter: 12cm.... projection: 5,2cm

so im sure i could go bigger with the mentor implants...
i will see how im going to feel in the next couple of months but i am pretty sure that in the future i will go for 400-450cc....
but still super glad i did this, look so much better than before!

otherwise im feeling super, nipples are no longer extra sensitive, i can sleep on my back or at the side... im putting silicone scar gel on my incisions and they are healing nicely..


hello ladies :) well its been officially 2 months post op :) can't believe it....went a little shopping today.... i don't have a lot of choice where i am and they have like 95% only super pushups, and every time i tried a push up bra, it didn't look good, maybe they still need to get softer for that kind of bras, but i don't mind, i like to be braless during summer....
still wish they will be slightly bigger but i am happy anyway...
i also started doing my exercises today, so hope i will be in shape for the summer..

PHOTOS IN CLOTHS + incisions

so just a few photos of how they look in clothes and my incisions.... in some photos I wear the sports bra I just bought yesterday (pale pink one) and in some I am braless

Almost 3 months post op

I have been feeling great, I really like how my breasts look, it was the best decision EVER... hope all of you are doing great xxx

5 MONTHS UPDATE PHOTOS, feeling confused

Hi ladies I havent been on for a really long time, but I couldn't see any changes so I am gonna show you how they look now. Still have mix feeling about the size, sometimes I am completely happy with the size and sometimes I still wish I went 400-450cc.
Until now they were 100% identical but today I have noticed that my right one is slightly lower than the right, I am not sure if the left one will dropped too, but I am kinda sad because I really like the position of the left one, I didn't wanted them to drop further... that is why I wanted uhp..
so confused at the moment


I just want to show you some photos where my boobs looks huge and other photos where they look normal, its just crazy what an angle of your camera can do...


Sorry I havent been on the site for such a long time, but my laptop was broke and needed fixing..
Still very happy with the outcome but still wishing they could be slightly bigger... I absolutely loved when they were 3 months post op.. they looked bigger and I had more upper pole...
Belgium Plastic Surgeon

absolutely loved him, made me feel very relaxed and took his time

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