Male Rhinoplasty & Cheek Bone Graft. Belgium, BE

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So, I thought I would start my blog as its only...

So, I thought I would start my blog as its only two days until my surgery.

I am a 31 yr old male. I have struggled to come to terms with my nose for as long as I can remember and have always felt very conscious about my hollow cheek bones. It is fair to say, I have inherited my maternal families cheek bone definition which Is flat and somewhat hollow. I have had filler treatments to the cheek area but this isn't a long term solution in my opinion. I have also had filler to the bridge of my nose but again, this lasts maybe 6-8 months before it needs 'topping up'. My nose has a visible hump on the bridge and my nostrils are largely visible front on. I am having a dorsal hump reduction with tip refinement.

I have seen three surgeons, regarding my cheekbone and nose surgery but have opted for the surgeon that I walked away feeling most confident. I haven't gone for price, I can afford for a British surgeon and hospital feels, I have instead chosen a surgeon who I felt most confident about.

Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen who is a Belgian surgeon was by far the best surgeon I visited. He took his time and I even think my appointment rolled over by about 15 minutes which I was more conscious about than him I think. He didn't rush me and I felt he was thorough. He listened to what I wanted and what I liked about Dr Noorman was the fact he used his hands to touch my face to feel what he needed to do (the other two surgeons didn't do this).

He drew diagrams and took photographs and explained in great detail what needed to be done to achieve a more masculine and aesthetically correct appearance. After the consult, he documented everything and left me to come home to consider.

Needless to say, I made my mind up. I felt confident and truthfully, he shown me so many before and after photos of his clients that I was impressed by this alone. I booked my treatment with Marije his secretary the following week and paid my deposit to secure my surgery.

Since then, Marije had been excellent. She had called and emailed me many times to confirm further pre-operative consultations and to negotiate details in preparation for my surgery on the 6th April.

Now, I realise Dr Noorman is a specialist craniomaxillofacial surgeon who is expert with male to female feminisation surgery. But, my partner is a Max Fax surgeon himself and he felt Dr Nooram 'knew his stuff'. He attended the consultations with me and he immediately felt Dr Noorman was the one.

That said, we leave for London tomorrow evening and then the Eurostar on 5th April to Belgium. I have my surgery on 6th.

I won't lie, I'm so bloody nervous! But, I'll keep you updated. I thought I would do a blog as there doesn't seem to be much out there for guys going through this and there isn't much out there for cheek grafts either. Maybe this will help..

So, please wish me luck and I promise to keep you updated! ????

On our way..

So, we are on our way to London and catch the Eurostar tomorrow for Belgium.

I won't lie, my nerves are settling in. Mum and my partner both tell me "you're lovely the way you are" and although that's nice for them to say, it somehow makes you feel they don't support what you're doin. Also, my partner who is a surgeon himself is trying to prepare me I think for the "changes". He tells me how I'm going to look different, but I can't somehow grasp this! I simply think it will be so subtle only I will notice the difference??

Anyway, that said, I meet with Dr Noorman tomorrow for my pre operative consultation in Brussles. I'm assuming this is to just 'tie up the loose ends' so to speak..

I'll let you know how I get on..

Just arrived in Belgium..

Okay, so we have just arrived in Belgium via Eurostar.

Firstly, it's Eurostar all the way for us.. We loved it, far better than flying!! So quick and easy and none of that airport rubbish you have to deal with!

So, we are here for the week following surgery tomorrow to chill out and relax. My advice, don't hesitate to book this place!! We are staying in a chalet Witt its own lake! And better still, we are 20 minutes from the hospital and clinic. We have really made the right decision where it comes to accommodation!! Amazing!!

Right, we will pop to the supermarket now to get the groceries. Just wanted to share with you how amazing this alternative to a hotel is!

The day has arrived..

Well, it's 5.30am and today today is the day I get my nose and cheeks operated on.

I'm nervous beyond belief!

I need to be at the hospital for 7am and surgery is at 8.

I hope and prey this is the right decision but I will let you know the outcome later today.

Wish me luck!

What was I worrying about!!

Well, I'm out of hospital and the villa now relaxing.

Today has been amazing in that everyone had been so helpful and caring and Dr Van Der Dussen was so calming and relaxing. He held my hand all the way and and made me feel completely safe and relaxed.

So, I arrived at Sint Jozef hospital at 7am this morning, was booked in and taken to my own private room within minutes. My Maria was AMAZING! So attentive and supportive, just what I needed. What made me feel comfortable is she also said, if she was ever to need facial surgery that Dr Van Der Dussen would be her first and only choice and she said he is an amazing surgeon who is an expert at what he does.. That made me feel much happier!

Dr Van Der Dussen then arrived in my room at 7.30, discussed again my surgery and said he would take as long as it took to get the result! He said "I don't rush these things he said".

I then got wheeled on the bed to theatre where I met the anethatist who was again really nice. He had a laugh with me and I loved his sense of humour! I must have been sent to sleep around 8.15 and woke up at 12.30.

Felt fine, no pain, completely comfortable other than a dry mouth! I was then taken back to my room where I have been all day, chilling out and sleeping! No pain, no sickness, really feel good considering.

Dr Van Der Dussen then came to see me around 16.30 and said everything went well. He is happy with the results and thinks I will be happy also. He said he had made subtle changes to my cheek bones as he doesn't want me to look life a different person and has reshaped the nose which so far, looks really good through all the dressings! He discharged me and so I'm not at the Villa relaxing by the log fire!

I will keep you updated..

11 days post surgery!

So. I wanted to let you see my nose 11 days post surgery! So far, I am very happy with my nose! It is more than I wanted and wished for!! I know it's going to change more due to swelling but I just love it and hope it doesn't change much more!! DR Noorman has really done an amazing job on my nose! Especially when one surgeon wouldn't touch it as they were convinced it would be worse! Even at this point, I would trust Dr Noorman implicitly. He has really given me the nose I have always wanted!! I have uploaded a before (day of surgery) and after (11 days). As for my cheeks, that is a different story at present. I'm still swollen and this gets better/ worse daily! Depending on lots of things. I notice if I sleep upright, I swell less the following morning! I will update you on my cheeks when as time progresses! And I can evaluate them fairly and properly.

Some pics!

Excuse the bruising around the eyes as this has a long way to go yet. The bruising is taking a while to disappear around the left eye in particular.

The final results!

So, it's been three months since my surgery and I have never been so happy! My nose (in my opinion) is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I wanted a masculine Roman nose and I have one! As for my cheeks, they are very subtle but again, in happy! I didn't want fat cheeks or to change my face too much and Dr Noorman has listened and given me very subtle changes!

Don't hesitate to consider Dr Noorman for your treatment. I have so much confidence in him and will recommend him to anyone considering facial surgery!
Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen

So far I think Dr Noorman knows his stuff! He's by far the best I have seen after seeing three surgeons in total. Ultimately, I want a to feel confident about my surgeon and I feel that with Dr Noorman.

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