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Hey ladies !!! I always told me i'm going to...

Hey ladies !!!

I always told me i'm going to start my review 1 week before my surgery, so let's do it.

First of all I'm from Geneva: So please forgive my english !!

All doctors are amazing and faboulous here reglementation is very strict for surgery AND EXPENSIVE the less you can find for a breast augmentation is at 5200$ in university hospital and 7400$ in a private clinic.

There are so many great doctors abroad so why should i pay so much ?

To find my surgeon i wanted to mix High quality and proximity. So i found SARA ULENS IN BELGIUM . I ve read one review of her on this site and many else in european forum. Im going confident but of course stressed because its new.

I turned 22 years old two month ago and i tolf me now or never.
Fortunately salary are high in switzerland so it was easy to get my money. In two months. No loan no debt.

So 6th of november i had my consultation with dr Vrambout he told me hes not sure i could go over 400 cc"s: So with my amazing boyfriend we stard watching comparing picture of girls who seem had similar breast as me and we agree that it could be very good on me but i wish i could have 435 so let hope.

Im 5"11 and thin

In thid clinic you are not suppose to book before you pay and there is like 2month on waitinglist but I wasnt able to take a leave before 6th of november, so i had to supply linda to let me book my surgery before i had my consultation and ensure her that i ll bring the money ( 1000€ deposit ) the day of my consultation, otherwise ill have to wait january 2014 even february 2014.
She so nice and trusted me.

In Beaucare they provide you your surgical bra, your painkiller for free ( i mean you pay 2650€ =3400$) so im not caring about that.
After the operation they discharge you after 2hours. I chose to stay in a hotel very close of the clinic and from the airport. And im travelling back to geneva the day after its about 1.20hour flight from here. My ticket cost 46,50 to go and return together ))

I also booked a flight for a bra and new clothes shopping session in LONDON the best city for shopping (to me) 10 days after my surgery

Ok girls thats is for tonight go back to sleep ))


Ok no way i just can't sleep.


Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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