23 Year-old, No Kids, Healthy but Stubborn Belly Fat That Doesn't Want to Leave - Belgium, BE

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Hey ladies! I'm going to do stomach and lower...

Hey ladies! I'm going to do stomach and lower belly liposculpture next week, and I am excited but terrified at the same time. I have decided to keep it entirely secret, even from my boyfriend (we currently live in different countries, and I am seeing him in less than two months from today, so I hope to have enough time to unbloat by then!) only my mum knows since she is going to help me pay for the procedure. I wanted to do my flanks too (or love handles) but mum had a good point when saying that I'd lose a lot of shape if I did that too, so I'm just going to focus on working out that area a little bit more to be more toned, and embrace them :) Going through this alone is quite scary, but I can do it, because this is something that I have always wanted ! So I want to share this story with you, and hopefully help those who wish to do it in the future. I did a lot of research on what to do pre op and post op, which I will share with you as soon as I start :) Since my body changed at the age of 16 I've always had a problem with it, particularly my belly and love handles. I went from being very skinny and being able to eat what I wanted to suddenly installing fat in those mentioned unwanted areas. I was overall quite bloated back then, not overweight but still. I hated my body so much in the past that I developed an eating disorder, to be more precise bulimia (when I was 16), which lasted until I was 19. I have been going to the gym regularly over the past five years, in addition to eating well (fruit and veg everyday, protein, limited amount of carbs, healthy fats, seeds & nuts ect). BUT, that goddamn belly won't go away! The bulimia obviously didn't help at all, I was lucky that I was never overweight with the amounts that I ate sometimes... My belly has always made me feel uncomfortable, at times when I look at myself in the mirror I just want to cry, at times I feel disgusted by myself. I am happy with the rest of my body, i'm not skinny but I do like my curves, my full C cup and waist, but then there is the belly and love handles ... So here I am! I want to post photos but I'm afraid that someone I know will find them and recognize me, but I will try and find a way to do this !
On Friday it will be one week until my operation, so until then I'll try and post some photos, and keep you girls updated with how I am preparing my post-op. I have eliminated salt from my diet since a few days now, it increases swelling. I did have pasta today though which had salt (a friend cooked it), but I'm not really dwelling on that to be honest as long as I'm careful the remaining days. Anyways, I have a European Law exam this Friday, so I will get back to revising!
Before I go, just to give you a rough idea about my size, I am 1m65 and weigh around 56 kilos, so yeah, healthy weight, stubborn belly :(

Photos of before (well, now :) )

Hey there! So as I promised yesterday I figured a way to take photos of myself in a way that I won't easily be recognized (a little paranoid I know I know haha... but since this is completely secret I'd rather be safe than sorry! ). As you can see my tum is not flat, and on the picture where I am showing my profile it was taken in the morning so I wasn't bloated, but seriously sometimes after eating a lot/ bloaty foods I seem pregnant if I don't hold it in! I also wanted to show you what I wish to took like, with a picture of me holding my tum in ( looks good huh, wouldn't be able to pull of crop tops without that technique, it's a killer though on a night out and I'm always afraid to sit down). My wish pic is also included, which is realistic to some degree :)
Anyways today I met up with a friend to ask her if she could drive me to the operation next week, since I am not allowed to travel after in order to get home (at first I honestly thought that I was just going to take the train home). She is thus the only person here in Belgium that I know who is aware of the operation, I am both thrilled and relieved that she accepted to drive me to the clinic and back! It's at 8 in the morning, poor gal...
Tomorrow it will be exactly one week from the operation. I have stocked up on a few things already, notably arnica montana, bromelain, probiotics and whey protein for after surgery when it may be difficult to eat. All the mentioned supplements seem to have healing properties and may speed up recovery. That is great because my biggest fear at the moment is post-op bloating and bruising... I'll let you know when I start taking them & how many i'm taking pre-op and post-op :)
Have a lovely day x


Hey ladies. So today I got some bad news, the person who was going to drive me to the hospital on Friday won't be able to anymore, so I'm pretty much alone on this now. I need to be there at 8.am, the bus ride is about an hour from where I live so I don't even know if there are buses that early... Further, I am scared because the clinic sent me an e-mail specifically saying that I needed to be accompanied by someone. So yeah, I'm freaking out a bit. Post-op I could stay in the clinic, but that is going to be expensive, and again, I'm going to have to travel alone the next day when I'll be able to leave, which will most certainly be a painful experience. I'm getting very worried about the whole thing now, and I feel really alone. I won't give up however, because I really want this.


Great news! I decided to tell a close friend of mine about my operation, and asked him if he could accompany me to the clinic, so I won't be alone when I get back after that either yay :) I haven't told him what it is exactly yet but urged him to keep it secret and I will tell him face to face, I have to admit that I am nervous about his reaction.
Otherwise, I met with Dr Damen today and he made me feel very confident about the whole thing. He seems very professional and I was comfortable around him which is great. He correctly assumed that I had been a bit bigger in the past, due to the Fat located around my tummy . He also said that I was a perfect candidate for lipo so that also reassured me :) so I am pretty excited about Friday now !! The staff there was very lovely too and they sell compression garments which is awesome. Tomorrow I will start taking my supplements , I'll post pictures and explain how I am going to take them x

Operation tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day! I am super excited and Nervous at the same time. I started taking probiotics, arnica Montana and bromelain yesterday, and I will continue to do so for another two weeks post op. I'll take pictures for you guys tomorrow :)

I did it!

Evening ladies, post-op here! I am super exhausted so won't say much other than I love anesthetics and boy I wish I had some now for the pain haha. No seriously, the operation went very well, I passed out after ten seconds and woke up confused "is it done already?!", and then couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes. Anyways, I was surprised by how unbruised I was earlier, though I am a little bit more now. In regards to swelling, my pubic area has gone mad! Earlier I felt a funny numb feeling down there, so went to check it out and boy is it swollen! Worried, I called the clinic, and they said that it was normal. Anyways we shall see hopefully it will go down a bit tomorrow. Meanwhile I shall post some photos I took today, I didn't remove the bandage on the scars though because I'm too scared atm haha that can wait... Good night and more updates tomorrow!

Wierd skin

Morning everyone. So today I had the courage to take my bandage off and change it, I was happy to see that there was hardly any blood. However, my skin looks super wierd and I'm worried. I have very sensitive skin, when I sit down on the grass for instance I get up full of Wrinkles which stay for quite a while, so I hoping that this is what this is ... I posted a picture, what to you think ? I'll call the clinic later and post pictures of me without the bandage which I took earlier.

Pictures for the lrevious update

Photos without bandages and compression garment taken this morning

So as you can see it is pretty swollen, especially around the public area haha super wierd... The scars seem high compared to others that I have seen, but I did both stomach and lower belly lipo so it's maybe because of that ? Anyway, still happy with the result despite it being far from final. I'll keep you updated :)
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